Meet Tanner

I’m one special puppy!  Hi, I’m puppy Tanner. I’m a bouncy ball of energy who never meets a stranger. I’m sweet, snuggly, playful, energetic, and smart. I’m all puppy and all the fun, happiness, frustration and exhaustion that comes with it.  I’m a purebred Golden Retriever puppy who’ll keep you on your toes. My DOB is 5/6/23. I’m in that lanky growing stage right now where my legs and tail are growing fast and the rest of me is trying to catch up.  I’m well on my way to being a doggie supermodel!

I was surrendered to AGN after being rescued from a puppy mill. I’m a lucky puppy who is blessed to have the care and love that was needed from the volunteers of AGN.

Personality Traits

I’m fun, happy and always on the move!  I want to play with my furry foster sibling the majority of the time when I’m awake. I also want to be wherever my humans are. I adore my human siblings and love to run and play with them.  Everyone loves me…have you seen how adorable I am?  I have a great personality…super sweet,  silly and a total love bug!   Since I’m such a baby still, my personality will continue to develop and be influenced by everything around me. It will be important to constantly work with me to create a strong foundation to maximize my potential as I grow up.  Force free/positive reinforcement training, along with exposure and socialization is key for me.

I’m friendly, outgoing and love other dogs, including snuggling up with them on dog beds, couches, etc. I’ve always been with either my puppy siblings or my furry foster siblings so I thrive with dogs.  I work hard to initiate play with my Golden foster sibling, a male Golden Retriever and I have a female Golden Retriever friend that I love to play with, also. I have a lot of “puppy-ness” so I’m not well suited for a senior dog. Dogs must be gentle and tolerate my silly puppy play. I need a dog that wants to play and doesn’t mind me crawling all over them.  I love all toys, stuffies, chew bones and balls. I love to chase the ball!  I’m well-behaved for a puppy, but I still like to steal shoes, socks and anything else I can get a hold of, so PUPPY PROOF!!!   I’m an all around joyful puppy so simple things make me happy, especially your love and attention.

I’m just a baby so I’m working on my housetraining. I’m doing great… but you must pay attention and take me out every couple of hours while I’m awake, immediately when I wake up, after eating, etc.         


My crate training is going well. I will go into it with a yummy treat as a reward.  My foster family crates me only for a couple of hours while gone during the day and I’m crated at night. I’ve learned that my crate is my “safe place” until I get old enough to be trusted at night or when alone.  If you put a “Snuggle Puppy” in with me that has a battery operated “heart beat”  that is a great way to comfort me when I sleep.  Also, a Himalayan cheese bone or frozen peanut butter Kong, which is safe and crate appropriate, might help entertain me.  For now, all positive reinforcement crate games, Kongs, etc. should be utilized. But really…if I’m awake I just want to be where you are.  My bladder is tiny so I have to potty about every couple of hours.  If you do not enjoy taking a puppy out to potty every couple of hours, then a puppy is NOT for you. Do not expect me to be house trained over night.  I’m an “infant”.  

Things I need in my Forever Home

The requirements for my adoption are specific since growing puppies require so much time and attention in order to become well mannered dogs.  So, here we go:

1.  Someone who fully understands the needs, time and commitment it takes to raise a puppy. Puppies are A LOT of work!

2.  Someone who is home most of the day because I eat three times a day and have to potty often.  I also want to be with my humans and am in a key developmental stage where socialization and positive training are important.

3.  An active family who will give me lots of exercise as I grow older due to the high energy associated with young Goldens. I have LOTS of puppy energy, and I will grow into an older puppy with LOTS of puppy energy!  As I grow, I will need long daily walks to tire me out, hikes, swimming, playtime with dogs and family, etc.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!

4.  A family who is willing to do formal obedience training with me, starting with puppy class, advancing to basic obedience, and as far as you’ll continue with me. If you’ll dedicate at least one full year of obedience training with me, you’ll have a lifetime of a well mannered adult dog. Formal, positive reinforcement obedience classes are REQUIRED for my adoption. **AGN recommends

4.  Children should be 8 and over and experienced with a dog. I have sharp puppy teeth and my natural instinct is to chew on anything and everything, including fingers and toes. I do LOVE children very much like every typical Golden!

5.  A physically fenced in backyard so that I don’t get lost when I’m out to potty, playing with the family or running and playing with a doggy friend.  No invisible fences.  No apartments. No condos.

6.  MUST have another dog in the home that will play and snuggle with me.  I LOVE playing with other dogs, and I learn from them. My dog companion needs to be a younger/adult dog that will tolerate my silly and sometimes annoying puppy behaviors. I like to run, romp, wrestle and play tug with toys so it needs to be a dog who will share toys with me and enjoy playtime with me. I also crawl all over my dog friends and snuggle up with them. I would drive a senior dog crazy!!!

I’m a GREAT puppy with amazing potential, but it’s up to you to maximize that potential.  My temperament is wonderful so the time, training and commitment you put into me can maximize my potential and make me into the wonderful dog that I’m meant to be.  So…Do you have the energy, time, puppy patience and commitment for me?  Do you love to have a furry companion by your side and enjoy fun adventures? It will be a lot of work, but I’m worth it!  We’ll make beautiful memories as we live our best lives together! 

Luv, Tanner

Photos by Elaine Sears and foster family.