Meet Striker

I’m Striker…AKA: Strike a Pose as I’m Mr. Handsome and Mr. Smiles A Lot!  I’m a 6 year old, male Golden Retriever. DOB: 10/16/17. Don’t let that DOB fool you…I’m like a forever puppy!  I’m a big boned, “boxy” Golden with lots of “floof” at 90 pounds.  I need to lose about 10 pounds to be at my ideal weight, but much of me is truly my “floof”. My floofy coat is going to be gorgeous once it fully grows back in from a previous shaving. 

I was surrendered to AGN because the teenagers were headed to college and my family no longer had the time for me that I deserved.  They wanted AGN to find me a forever home that would give me lots of love, time and attention. Someone will hit the jackpot with me! 


Personality Traits

Personality Plus! Big ole goofball! Sweet, silly, social, jolly, playful and gentle! I’m always joyful. Attention seeking sweetheart who’s the ultimate “velcro shadow”. I want all the attention from my humans and the dogs around me are an after-thought. Some might lovingly call me an “attention hog” because nothing makes me happier than your affection. I’m happy and bouncy, but can also be laid back and mellow. Friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends. I’m a get along with everyone kind of pup! I do not have a mean bone in my body. I have a cute wiggle and a big  charming smile to share with all!

Status with People

Love all people and children! Happy and bouncy so children should be sturdy on their feet. I’m jumpy with excitement sometimes, but other than that I’m super gentle with all children. I’m that fun family Golden that kids love to play and snuggle in the bed with. Friendly and eager to greet everyone with my tail wagging, just wanting affection. 

Status with Dogs

Good with all dogs, both genders and all sizes (even a 5 pound poodle), but I typically just ignore them. I march to beat of my own drum, so not interested in playing with dogs as I don’t know how. I co-exist great with all dogs and maybe will learn to play someday. I’ve always been an only dog until my foster home. I’ll hang out with the dogs, lounge on the couch with them and might run after the ball with the other dogs, but then I just drop it and find other things to do. I share toys, no resource guarding and neutral in temperament. I just get along with everyone.

Status with Cats

Good with cats, maybe with an occasional chase for fun, then ignore.

Favorite Toys

Any toy I can destroy! Yes, I’m a “murderer” of any toy that’s not for super tough chewers, so keep an eye on me while I play with toys. Chews such as antlers, buffalo horns, himalayan chews, giant benebones are great for me. I like to chase a ball, but sometimes “forget” to bring it back.

Energy Level

Moderate energy overall. Sometimes I’m puppy-like playful and sometimes I’m super chill and just want to lounge on the couch.  

House Trained

Yes.  I use a doggie door or either go out on a schedule a few times a day.  **AGN recommends you train me to “Poochie Bells” so that I have a clear way that you can hear to tell you I need to go outside

Crate Trained

NOT needed.  I have free roam in the house.

House Manners

Good house manners. Occasionally, I can be puppy-like so puppy proof. I might decide to counter surf if you leave goodies out for me to get to, so keep your counters clean as I LOVE food!  If food is on the counter, I’m going to put my big paws up there to get it. I’ll happily sleep in bed with you or snuggle on the couch,  but then might choose a cooler surface when I get hot.  I love the air condition vent. Same thing with my orthopedic dog bed…on and off based on the temperature. 

Leash Manners

I’m strong! I can pull when I want to, so a harness that guides from the chest is very important for me (and you). I’d do best with a Petsafe Easy Walk harness or something similar from Ruffwear.  


Walking, hiking…steps, steps, steps is my key to weight loss. I need routine exercise to hit my ideal weight. I also love water so maybe we can go for a swim!

Car Rides

Good in the car.  Jump right in and relax for a fun ride.  Road trip anyone?

Basic Commands

Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Paw. ***I definitely know my name so please do NOT change it. A child named me after a video game. It’s part of my identity just like your name.


Guess what…I shed a lot with this gorgeous coat I have growing back in. I’ll need someone committed to lots of brushing, paw/paw pad trimming and regular grooming. Daily brushing solves a lot of issues with Golden coats and decreases shedding. If you spend 2 minutes a day brushing me, it will work wonders. ***Do NOT shave me as double coated dogs should never be shaved! 

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Moderately active family that likes to engage in daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, swimming, etc.
  • Someone who enjoys spending lots of time with their furbaby…I’m a “hang out with you” kind of fella that loves to follow you around and have your attention.
  • I’d be fine in a working home as long as you’re not gone long hours and could come home at lunch. You’d also need to spend most of your time with me otherwise. I’d prefer someone home with me more often than not.
  • Children would be great! I’d be the dream dog to wrestle and play with. I’m strong and jump in excitement sometimes, but so sweet and gentle in demeanor. I’m gentle with all children. I love them and light up around them!
  • Someone committed to getting my extra weight off to maximize my health. I love to eat, so I need someone to keep me healthy with the right nutrition and exercise. 
  • Someone committed to my grooming needs since I have a beautiful, but heavy Golden coat.

I’m really a great Golden!  You’ll wonder how you spent a day without me in your life because I’ll bring you so much love and joy. I want nothing more in life that to be by your side, showing you unconditional love and getting affection from you.  I’m a goofy, love bug who makes each day a little more special just because I’m a part of it!

Luv, Striker

Photos by Pawzitively Purrfect and foster family.