Meet Scout

Have you be waiting for that special furry friend to share your life with…an ultimate companion that will be by your side through all walks of life?  Wait no further, you’ve found me!  I’m Scout…a loving, happy, goofy, active, ball-obsessed, devoted and loyal sweetheart!  I’m a 2 year old, male, Golden Retriever who still  has a lot of “puppy-ness”. DOB: 12/2/21.  I’m approximately 75 pounds.

I was surrendered to AGN because of my loyalty to my human “mom”. I felt the need to be her “protector” in certain circumstances and from certain people. My home environment was creating reactivity and triggers that I’m now overcoming. I’m enjoying life with my foster family, progressing every day and waiting for my “meant to be” special someone to read my bio and fall in love!  I’m a wonderful Golden looking for and experienced dog owner who understands me and my needs, my background, and my communication.


Personality Traits

Big ole goofy older puppy! Sweet, silly, loving, energetic and fun…ball obsessed and ready to hike!  Devoted and loyal to my family and wary of strangers at first.  My “stranger danger” is easily overcome with a stranger giving me high value treats, then I become their friend.  Happy demeanor with lots of love to share once I trust you. I’m vocal with barks and growly noises to play or express concern.  Enjoy fun outdoor adventures such as hiking, playing in creeks, car rides, sniffing and exploring…and my previous owner stated that I like to swim. I’m a work in progress.  I’ve come a long way, but I must have someone patient and committed to my continued progression.  My potential is endless, and I need someone to recognize that.

Status with People

Some initial “stranger danger” that can be quickly overcome with high value treats and then you’ll have a new best buddy.   I just need to trust you, and that happens quickly.  I’ll likely jump in excitement, so just turn your back and reward me with praise when all four paws are on the floor. Slow introductions are key for me to feel safe and secure with strangers.  I might give a bark at first as a result of my fear, but then I’m happy to have attention. I can be tentative of some men, but comfortable with men who are gentle, kind, patient and softer spoken.  Children are scary for me, although I did live with them in my precious home. Children should be older, calm and respectful of my boundaries. I do not do well with loud, rambunctious children running around and teasing me. Loving and affectionate with my family or anyone I know. 

Status with Dogs

I love and adore my foster brother, who is an adult Golden. We play, share toys, and snuggle together. Good with other dogs, but a slow introduction is best. Confident male who prefers to be the dog in charge, so can be selective with my doggie friends.  Not compatible with dominant dogs. I do take correction and guidance nicely from my furry foster brother. I respect him and his stable confidence.  Once I know and feel comfortable with a dog, I’m ready to run, bounce around, wrestle and play.  I can become overly excited on walks when I see other dogs, but I’m getting used to it and doing well. Because I’m ball-obsessed, I guard my ball and this could lead to doggie altercations.  I do share my other toys with my furry foster brother.  My foster family keeps the balls up unless we are playing fetch with the chuck-it (which is one of my all-time favorite things!)

Status with Cats

Not a good idea!  Over-stimulated when I see them and have a solid prey drive.

Favorite Toys

BALLS! Ball-obsessed and love to play fetch.  Trade for treat with me to get the ball as I’m still learning to bring it back and give it to you.  Remember that I guard my balls from other dogs, so keep them put away until we’re playing fetch with them. Kong toys and Planet Dog Orbee Snoop toys are my favorite. Watch me with stuffies as I can “murder” them quickly. I need toys for tough chewers.  I LOVE dog puzzles  and lick mats. They stimulate my smart brain. Canine enrichment activities and mental stimulation toys are important for me.

Energy Level

High energy and still quite “puppy-ish”. Active and energetic outside with my furry foster brother, but will settle down for snuggles inside on the couch when tired.  Need a human that enjoys exercising their Golden in various settings. One of my favorite things is hiking!  I go on an a 3 mile hike every weekend on a 20 ft. long line so I can have the freedom to sniff and enjoy!  

House Trained

Yes. Will stand by the back door.

***AGN recommends you train me to “Poochie Bells” so that I can ring the bells to get your attention that I need to potty.

Crate Trained

Yes, but not a fan. Will go in with a yummy treat.  It needs to be a 48″ crate with an orthopedic crate pad in it.  Once in the crate, I get comfy and sleep upside down in silly positions.  Stay in my crate when my foster family is gone from home, but sleep in the bed with my foster mom or on an orthopedic dog bed at night.

House Manners

PUPPY PROOF!!!  Still do silly puppy things such as counter surfing and checking out everything I come upon.  I love socks  and this could be dangerous for me! I’m food motivated and I’ll put anything in my mouth, so keep the floors and countertops clear. I can only get a hold of what you do not have put up, so keep things put away.  All of this is part of being an older puppy as I’m still just a baby at heart! Just teach me in a force free/positive manner as I’m eager to please. 

Leash Manners

Strong and ready to go, so my Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key!  Whomever is walking me MUST have my harness secure, treats ready and be willing to take an alternative route to help me feel safe and calm if I get over-stimulated or overwhelmed.


Young dog who’s energetic  and needs a lot of physical exercise, playtime and mental stimulation.  LOVE fetch so get your Chuck-It ready.  LOVE hiking and would do great with an avid hiker.  Enjoy water so creek exploring and swimming would be great for me (I haven’t figured out a pool, but would likely learn quickly).  My daily walks are the foundation, but I’m an “outdoorsy” kind of pup looking for someone with the same love for nature. I’d be a good camping companion.

Car Rides

Love car rides so let’s go on a road trip. Working on my drive through manners…Did someone say “Pup Cup”?

Basic Commands

Sit, Shake, Stay, Down (Lie Down), Sit for my meals, Wait, Go to eat.  I know my name well as it’s part of my identity.  It will set me back to change it, so AGN requests that you keep it!

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Experienced dog owner who recognizes and respects a dog’s body language and signals – I’m a work in progress…a good communicator and you just need to know what I’m “saying”. My body language tells all.
  • Calm home environment without strangers coming in and out often
  • Active to moderately active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes and fun outdoor adventures. I need a family that enjoys  exercise, fun outdoor activities with their dog(s) and wants a doggy companion by their side
  • Would be fine in a working home IF I have a dog buddy
  • Have always lived with another dog, but compatibility is critical. I enjoy the companionship of my furry Golden brother, but might be okay as an only dog IF you’re home more oft en than not and most of your day includes me. If an only dog, you’ll have to truly be my best friend and play with me A LOT! No dog parks…I’m not that kind of fella! 
  • If a dog companion in the home, it should be a neutral, but stable dog who accepts me being in charge. My dog companion should be fine sharing toys and have no resource guarding.
  • Young children scare me, and I’m not comfortable with them. Children should be 12 years and older with dog experience and respect the boundaries of a dog
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship. It’s so much fun. I’m super smart, eager to learn, and it’s great for all involved. I’d be great at “nose works” because I love to use my sniffer. ***AGN recommends

I desire to feel safe, secure and loved.  I’m learning to trust those I don’t know.  I’m dealing with some PTSD and progressing each day. All of my behavior, as with all dogs, is to feel safe.  I want to take care of my humans and need to learn it’s not my burden to carry, but that will take some time. So, if you’re patient, consistent, dog experienced and enjoy the outdoors, I’m waiting to start the next chapter of my life with you. I’m ready and waiting to find my forever family who wants a super sweet , young Golden with major potential to share their life with.  Could it be you?

Luv, Scout

Photos by Connie McGee and foster family.