Meet Ranger

My name is Ranger!  I’m a 1 year old, male Golden Retriever (likely mix).  My DOB is 1/15/23.  I weigh 47lbs and need to gain a bit more weight. I’m petite for a Golden.  I’m an energetic and cheerful fellow that loves people and other dogs. I’m smart and show an uncommonly high potential to be trained for agility or other activities.

I was surrendered to AGN by some Good Samaritans that rescued me from a situation where I was neglected and treated unkindly.  They knew that AGN would find me the amazing home that I deserve, so let’s get started!


Personality Traits

I’m friendly, confident, and curious. I want to be wherever you are and am interested in every little activity you do. If you open a drawer or cabinet, I’ll stick my head in, out of curiosity. Wherever you go, I’m right there at your feet, intently watching you and seeking direction. My foster mom has fostered lots of dogs, but never has she had one so focused on her, seeking guidance at every step. Although I’m a year old, I’m still very puppy-like, super curious about everything and sometimes getting into stuff I shouldn’t. I need lots of supervision and redirection from my humans.  I’m well behaved in the house, though I love to chew, so my foster home is totally puppy proofed and there are LOTS of toys and chew bones around for me. To ensure that I continue to remain well behaved inside the home, I require a very attentive eye by my humans, reliable routine, and lots of exercise. I love affection and to be by your side nearly all the time. When I get nervous or excited, I have a bad habit of jumping on people and mouthing people’s hands. I can clamp down quite hard, so keep a ball or bone handy to substitute. My foster mom redirects me from clamping her hands multiple times daily.

Status with People

When I meet someone new, I’m a bit timid, but I warm up quickly. I’m good with humans of all ages. In foster, I have been around the 2 year old grand baby that visits my foster home, but sometimes my playfulness and high energy is too much around her. My foster home has a 90 year old great grandmother in the house as well, and I’m friendly with her too. Her walker doesn’t spook me one bit. While I’m good around children, my habit of mouthing hands makes me a poor match for children under the age of 13.

Status with Dogs

I’m excellent around all other dogs and would love to have a dog buddy my age to play with. I play several times a day with my foster siblings (a 1 yr old female Golden mixand a 2 year old female Lab/Golden mix) and especially like to run and play chase. I’ll also wrestle.

Status with Cats


Favorite Toys

I chew daily on Benebones and elk antlers. Having several of these available and rotating them so they remain interesting to me is essential, otherwise I may chew something inappropriate. I can retrieve, but after a few throws, I get bored with that game. If another dog is retrieving, I’ll playfully run after them and take turns retrieving.

Energy Level

High energy.  Indoors I’m calm and well behaved, with occasional bursts of playful energy.  Outdoors, I love to run around in the yard and play. I love to be outside and go on several walks throughout the day, walking approximately 2-3 miles daily. 

House Trained

When I first came into my foster home, I was not housetrained. I learned very quickly and have not made any messes in the house and haven’t destroyed anything while my humans are away (I am free to roam the house).

Crate Trained

NO! I spent too much time in a crate in my prior home, I panic if you try to crate me. I’m so well behaved, you really should not need to crate me. Limiting my access with a sturdy baby gate would be a much better option for me.

House Manners

I have good house manners, though I’ll counter surf. My foster mom has left me for 4-5 hours at a time, and I didn’t make any messes.

Leash Manners

I pull on the leash, so please use the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness that AGN will send with me, as it discourages pulling in the most humane way. 


I need walks of at least 2-3 miles daily, plus play time inside the house and outside in the fenced yard.  I would be an excellent jogging partner, if you’ll be patient and teach me to jog with you.  I’m capable of going much longer distances, so if you are seeking a hiking or running buddy, I’m a great companion.  I’m so smart and eager to please that, ideally, I would have a job of some sort to help me expel my energy. I’d be great to train for agility, lure coursing, etc.

Car Rides

I love to go for rides and will jump into any car door that’s open.

Basic Commands

I have great recall when you call my name. I know sit, down, and touch. I am working on wait and watch me.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • An adopter who has the patience and energy for a young,untrained, and energetic dog that’s mostly puppy.  I require above average attention and effort, so if you’re looking for an “easy” dog, I’m not the one for you.
  • Someone that is committed to patiently retrain me using only positive reinforcement regarding habits such as jumping on people and mouthing hands.
  • No children under 13. Sadly, due to my habit of mouthing hands and jumping up, I’m not suitable for younger children.
  • Force free/positive reinforcement professional training is HIGHLY recommended, as it would build our bond and be so much fun! I need the sort of training we do together, not training where you send me away.
  • I need a family that will walk me at least 2-3 miles daily and also play with me in a fenced yard and inside the house. I need mental challenges and stimulation, in addition to physical exercise.
  • I was evaluated by a professional dog trainer who determined that I have an uncommonly high potential to be trained, so if you are interested in agility or another activity, I’ll be an excellent candidate.
  • I prefer to have another young dog to play with, but that’s not mandatory, especially if you plan to include me as your jogging or hiking partner. Another young dog to play with will help discharge some of my energy, so if I don’t have this, my human must be prepared to give me extra exercise and activity.
  • I don’t want to be left alone for more than 4-5 hours at a time.
  • GPS Collar – while I’m not a huge flight risk, I’m still young and rambunctious, so I need a GPS collar so you can find me in case I get lost. The cost of this is an additional $99 over the adoption fee and includes the collar and 13 months of GPS coverage.

If you’re seeking a dog to be your constant companion and very best friend, I’m your guy. I’m yearning for a human who’ll invest in me, as I have incredible potential. I bring joy wherever I am.If you give me the exercise, routine, attention and affection that I require, I’ll be the most loving and loyal friend anyone could ask for. 

Luv, Ranger

Photos by LJMcGoody Photography and foster family.