Meet Poppy

Hi, I’m Poppy.  I’m a 6 year old (DOB: 5/15/18) Golden Retriever (likely mix).  I was surrendered as a purebred with both of my parents being Golden Retrievers, but I likely have some herding breed in me. I exhibitsome of the classic characteristics, along with my white blaze on my chest and white on my paws.  Otherwise, I look like a Golden. Yes, I know I’m gorgeous!  I weigh approximately 75 pounds. 

I was surrendered to AGN because my family moved in with their parents , had two small children with another one on the way and could not manage my needs.  I have chronic allergies (like many Goldens) and they could not afford my food and medical expenses.  I came in with my allergies out of control, but now I’m doing great with fish based food, Apoquel daily and an Omega supplement with my meals.  I’m healthy, happy, thriving and ready to find my forever family!


Personality Traits

Sweet, playful, confident, laid back and the perfect combination of “velcro shadow” with a streak of independence.  I have a Golden personality with a bit of herding breed traits in me.  It’s a good combination and would be great for my new family to understand both breeds. I’m not big on sharing my food or toys with other dogs, and prefer to be the “girl in charge”.  I’m a cuddly “couch potato” with bursts of energy, but mellow overall.  I’m easy to fall in love with!

Status with People

Social and friendly with everyone after a couple of greeting barks, with tail wagging.  Good with children.  I lived with two children in my previous home.  Sometimes I would accidently knock them over, so children should be sturdy on their feet.  Most importantly, my ears are sensitive from chronic ear infections, so children should be old enough to NOT mess with my ears.

Status with Dogs

Confident female who prefers to be the “girl in charge” of the pack.  I guard my food and toys from dogs, so should enjoy these separately from other dogs.  I’ll give a growl if my furry foster siblings get too close or try to take my toys  away from me. I’m a good communicator and will give a warning snarl , but I’m not aggressive.  That said, at playtime, I’m the life of the party and ready to have fun with my dog friends who know that “Queen Poppy” is in charge.  I’m in foster with a Golden female and Golden mix male.  I do well with both, but I’m best with a dog that is not too dominant and not too submissive.  So basically, I’m great with other dogs as long as food and toys are not involved.

Status with Cats

Good! I lived with cats in previous home and in my foster home. 

Favorite Toys

Love balls and stuffy toys. I really enjoy playing ball. Just remember…I’ll share my toys with you, but not other dogs.

Energy Level

Moderate to lower energy as long as I get enough exercise.  I’m playful in all the best ways to drain my energy, but my happy place is lounging on the bed or couch with my foster mom. You can count on me to snuggle up next to you for a cozy evening watching TV. 

House Trained

Yes.  I’m accustomed to a routine of going outside on a regular basis to play with my dog friends and potty.

***AGN recommends you train me to “poochie bells” so that I have a clear method of communication that you will hear.***

Crate Trained

No. I’ve never been crated and do NOT need one. I’m a well-behaved, trustworthy, housetrained pup who’s accustomed to open access to the house when my humans are away.  I sleep in bed with my foster mom at night, so get ready for a snuggle buddy! If you don’t want a cuddly Golden snuggled up to you…I’m not the Golden for you.

House Manners

Good, but I’ll jump in excitement for my meals and counter surf if given the opportunity, so don’t leave temptations on the counter for me and then it’s not an issue. I’m not destructive with household belongings and prioritize my beauty rest over any shenanigans that other pups like to get into. I sleep in bed with my foster mom.  

Leash Manners

I’m strong and pull.  My Walk Your Dog with Love harness works well, but a sturdier harness is likely a better option for me.


Like all Goldens, I must have daily exercise to maintain my moderate to lower energy.  Running in the yard with dog friends and daily walks where I can sniff are important.  I need a group of dog friends (without toys or food involved)  that I know and play with regularly.  I get about 30,000 steps a day playing in a huge backyard with my dog friends, so exercise is important for me.

Car Rides

Did you say road trip? I’m great  in the car and ready to go. I’m calm and relaxed.

Basic Commands

For now, “sit” is my best trick. ***I know my name well and AGN asks that you do NOT change it as it’s been my name my entire 6 years of life!***

Medical Needs

I have chronic, severe allergies.  I’ve seen a doggy dermatologist in the past for this.  I’m allergic to chicken, grains (including rice) and have environmental allergies.  I  eat a fish based, grain free food, with added Omega supplements with each meal.  I also get sardines added to my meals for extra taurine. I have chronic ear infections due to allergies.  I’m VERY SENSITIVE to my ears being touched and medicine being put in them because of this.  I’ll sometimes l air snap in protest to tell you it’s uncomfortable.  AGN recommends desensitization training with force free methods to try and make it as painless as possible for me.  With the right food and current medical management of daily Apoquel, anti-histamines and fish oil, my ears are better.  It’s going to take time and a human that’s dog experienced and patient with me.  I’m just scared (like a toddler getting a shot) and my ears hurt!  I need a human that will empathize with that and treat me accordingly.


Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Moderately active person or family who likes to exercise daily by taking walks or gentle hikes. Someone who enjoys being out in the backyard enjoying time with me as I play, throwing the ball, etc. It’s important for me to stay active as I get older. Remember…I’m strong so my harness is important.
  • Someone who fully understands and is committed to my medical needs. Maintaining the protocol that works for me is CRITICAL in keeping my allergies controlled.
  • Someone with normal work hours away from home is fine IF I have a dog companion, and you’ll come home for a lunch break.
  • If an only dog, I’ll need someone home more often than not as I would be depressed at home all alone most of the day.
  • Must be the only confident/dominant, female dog in the home. I do fine with confident males.  I’d be best with a confident, but neutral temperament dog companion who is not interested in my toys or food and accepts me being in charge.  I’ll tell a dog that I’m the “queen bee”. I’m a confident girl with other dogs, so if a dog gets it’s feelings hurt easy, I’m not the dog for them. 
  • Children should be old enough to know that my ears are sensitive and to not touch them.
  • I love running and playing with dog friends in my big backyard, so I need room to do this.

If you’re looking for a true companion who’s full of love to give…a sweetheart who loves the outdoors, walking, playing, relaxing and snuggling,  then look no further! If you’re committed to my needs and understand my challenges, you won’t find a more wonderful Golden girl than me.  And if you have allergies, too….we’ll definitely be the perfect pair!

Luv, Poppy

Photos by Elaine Sears.