Meet Oliver (Puppy)


CUTENESS ALERT!!!  Hi, I’m puppy Oliver. I’m the cutest , smartest and sweetest puppy EVER with baby “shark teeth”!  If you’re looking to adopt an adorable bundle of puppy energy with sharp puppy teeth and puppy breath, then look no further!  I’m all puppy and all the fun, happiness, frustration and exhaustion that comes with it.  I’m a 2+ month old precious mix of cuteness who will steal your heart and keep you on your toes. My estimated DOB is 3/20/24. AGN cannot confirm breed mix, but we think there’s a good bit of Golden with something with a more chocolate coat. I’m a gorgeous color with beautiful white markings. And have you see my darling ears? No matter my mix, I’m something special!

I was dumped on a property all alone. No one knows what happened to my siblings, mom or dad…or where I even came from. I’m blessed to have been found and surrendered to AGN. I’ve been highly socialized with other dogs, children and cats prior to coming into the rescue program. I’m doing great in my foster home, but it’s time for me to find my forever family to grow up with.

I’m a happy, sweet, funny, bouncy, curious, energetic little fella. I’m exceptionally smart! I’m a total cuddle bug when I’m sleepy and a little pistol when I’m awake 🙂  I’m already a tiny velcro shadow and want to be with my person when I’m not running, romping and playing with my furry foster sister or checking out the world around me.  I have a great personality..super sweet, snuggly and sassy!   I’m confident, but things are still new so the occasional unfamiliar loud sound or sight may startle me. Since I’m such a baby, my personality will continue to develop and be influenced by everything around me. It will be important to constantly work with me to create a strong foundation to maximize my potential as I grow up.  Force free/positive reinforcement training, along with exposure and socialization is key for me.

I’m a total social butterfly. The entire world is my friend. I want to explore every ounce of it with my humans and/or my furry foster siblings by my side.  I LOVE playing with my furry foster sister and any other dog that will play with me. She’s a gentle Golden who tolerates my silly puppy play.  I crawl on her, pounce on her, bite on her and she is just as sweet as can be with me. If she corrects me, I comply with that correction. I love stuffy toys, squeaky toys, all types of balls, Himalayan chews, beef tendons and cow cheeks. I sometimes find something I shouldn’t have (like a shoe) and carry it through the house until my foster family switches it for a stuffy, which is just as fun.  I’m an all around joyful puppy so simple things make me happy, especially your love and attention as I crave affection. Oh, and I like to be held and snuggled with when I’m sleepy 🙂

I’m quite impressive for a puppy my age. I’m working on my housetraining and crate training and doing great. Because I’m so smart, I’ve almost got it mastered, but it really comes down to the humans being attentive to my needs. I already go to the door most of the time to signal I need to potty.  Like any puppy, I’m learning my crate, so get ready for me to cry sometimes.  I go in my crate with a treat and sleep nicely, only making noise if I hear fun going on that I’m missing.  It will take positive reinforcement, patience, consistency and time for me to learn that my crate is my safe place until I get old enough to be trusted at night or when alone.  Also, correct crate placement is key as I like to know you’re close and I can see you (especially at night). If you put a “Snuggle Puppy” in with me that has a battery operated “heart beat”  that will comfort me.  Also, a Himalayan cheese bone, which is safe and crate appropriate, will help entertain me.  For now, all positive reinforcement crate games, Kongs, etc. should be utilized. But really..if I’m awake I just want to be where you are verses my crate.  My bladder is tiny so I have to potty about every couple of hours during the day.  I can almost make it through the night already. If you do not enjoy taking a puppy out to potty every couple of hours during the day and at least once at night, then a puppy is NOT for you. Do not expect me to be house trained over night.  I’m an “infant”.

AGN recommends that you train me to “Poochie Bells” so that I can give you clear communication that I need to potty.

Things I need in my Forever Home

The requirements for my adoption are specific since growing puppies require so much time and attention in order to become well mannered dogs.  So, here we go:

  1. Someone who fully understands the needs, time and commitment it takes to raise a puppy. Puppies are A LOT of work!
  2. Someone who is home most of the day because I eat three times a day and have to potty often.  I also want to be with my humans and am in a key developmental stage where socialization and positive training are important.
  3. An active family who will give me lots of exercise as I grow older due to the high energy associated with young Goldens/Golden mixes. I have LOTS of puppy energy, and I will grow into an older puppy with LOTS of puppy energy!  As I grow, I will need long daily walks to tire me out, hikes, swimming, playtime with dogs and family, etc.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!
  4. A family who is willing to do formal obedience training with me, starting with puppy class, advancing to basic obedience, and as far as you’ll continue with me. If you’ll dedicate at least one full year of obedience training with me, you’ll have a lifetime of a well mannered adult dog. Formal, positive reinforcement obedience classes are REQUIRED for my adoption. **AGN recommends
  5. Children should be 8 and over and experienced with a dog. I have sharp puppy teeth and my natural instinct is to chew on anything and everything, including fingers and toes. I do LOVE children very much like every typical Golden!
  6. A physically fenced in backyard so that I don’t get lost when I’m out to potty, playing with the family or running and playing with a doggy friend.  No invisible fences.  No apartments. No condos.
  7. Optional is another dog in the family, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  I LOVE playing with other dogs, and I learn from them.  As long as I have doggy friends and get socialization and training with other dogs, I would be happy as an only dog or with a doggy sibling. If I have a doggy sibling, it needs to be a younger/adult dog that will tolerate my silly and sometimes annoying puppy behaviors. I like to run, romp, wrestle and play tug with toys so it needs to be a dog who will share toys with me and enjoy playtime with me. I would drive a senior dog crazy.

I’m really one fantastic and active puppy with amazing potential, but it’s up to you to maximize that potential.  My temperament is wonderful as a tiny puppy so the time, training and commitment you put into me can maximize my potential and make me into the wonderful dog that I’m meant to be.  So…Do you have the energy, time and commitment for me?  Do you love to snuggle and enjoy fun adventures? It will be a lot of work, but I’m worth it!  The pitter patter of my puppy paws will bring you happiness, joy, unconditional love and a lifetime of beautiful memories!

Luv, Oliver (Puppy)

Photos by Pawzitively Purrfect.