Meet Nova

Hi, I’m Nova! I’m a 4 year old, purebred, female Golden Retriever. My DOB is 10/10/19.  I weigh approximately 55 pounds.

I was rescued by a good samaritan from a breeding kennel.  I’d had two litters of puppies and the breeder was done with me.  The good samaritan kept me until AGN had a foster home opening.  I’m now thriving with my foster family awaiting my forever family.  Someone will be blessed to have me in their family!


Personality Traits

World’s best “wiggle butt”!  I love to “sing the song of my people” and wiggle in happiness with my stuffy toy.  I get louder with a higher pitch the more excited I get, but I’m like a touch lamp that you turn off when you touch me.  I just want you to touch me…that’s all! I want is your love!  I’m a super sweet, loving, laid back, easy going, gentle soul who’s the ultimate “velcro shadow”.  I crave your affection and attention.  I’m the ultimate companion who you’ll fall in love with. 

Status with People

Love people!  I’m sweet , social and friendly with everyone. I’ve only been around children out in public with my foster family, but I was very gentle. There were multiple children in my previous home.  I was great with them and love to snuggle with tiny humans.

Status with Dogs

Co-exist fine with other dogs.  I don’t dislike them, but I don’t care for them in my face.  I don’t play with them. I’m a loner.  I’ll give a soft growl to let dogs know they’re not respecting my boundaries. I’m in a foster home with multiple dogs, but I just ignore them.  I’m NOT a playmate for another dog.  I’m all about my humans!

Status with Cats

I lived with a cat in my previous home and did great with it. We curled up to sleep together and would even play a bit.

Favorite Toys

Love stuffy toys (and the occasional shoe or slipper).  I’m so proud to carry around and show my stuffy to you with my “talking” and wiggling.  This means I’m happy and I want you to pet me. I also enjoy chew bones.

Energy Level

Moderate energy overall.  I’m a great “hang out with you” kind of gal, but I need to drop a few pounds so let’s get out and walk! 

House Trained

Yes, I’ll whine to tell you or use the doggy door in my foster home.  I might have submissive/fearful  urination if someone raises their voice around me. This has NOT happened in my foster home as they don’t raise their voices, but was reported in my previous home.

***AGN recommends that I be trained to Poochie Bells so that I can provide you clear communication as to when I need to potty.***

Crate Trained

Yes, but I do NOT  need a crate if you puppy proof.  I’ve spent enough of my life in a kennel.

House Manners

Good house manners, but I’m still learning.  I might move things around a bit, but haven’t been destructive. Sometimes I might get the remote, shoes, etc. so just keep things out of my reach. I’m still learning what’s a toy and what’s not. Puppy proof!

Leash Manners

Leash walking is new to me, but I’m making progress. I’m doing well on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. The more I walk, the better I’ll get. I’m young and need daily walks, hikes, etc.


Walking is great for me, especially because I’m learning the world while on my walks. Allowing me to sniff is important as it provides mental stimulation.  I’m looking for someone dedicated to daily walks, hikes, etc.

Car Rides

The car is new to me. I’m a bit nervous and prefer to be as close to you as possible.  I’m not sure how to get in so right now, you’ll need to give me a boost.  I should be trained to steps that allow me to easily enter the backseat.  I need to associate the car with positive things, so put some yummy treats in the backseat for me to randomly find.  Practice makes perfect, so the more I go in the car with you and have fun, the more I’ll feel  comfortable.  

Basic Commands

I know my name “Nova”. I also know “Sit”.


Storm Phobia

Storm sensitivity and just want to be as close to you as possible, but not destructive. Scared of raised voices and sudden loud noises.


Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Someone who understands that I’m still learning after life in a breeding kennel. I need force free/positive reinforcement guidance,  I’m NOT comfortable with strong voices, so I need soft, gentle communication.
  • Moderately active family that likes to take daily walks through the neighborhood and strolls in the park, allowing me to sniff and learn as I go. My walks are important as I’m building muscle after lying constantly in a breeding kennel and losing a few pounds.
  • Someone looking for the ultimate dog companion to be their best friend in life. I love my people and want to be with them! 
  • Someone who is home most of the time. Someone who works part time, works from home, or retired. I thrive on human companionship and crave affection. I’ve spent enough time alone in my life, so now I’m seeking human companionship.
  • I prefer to be an only dog where I get all of the attention.  I’d be fine with another dog that has zero interest in playing with me.  I’ll co-exist with another dog once I establish my boundaries, but I’m not a playmate for another dog.  I’m a companion for humans!
  • Children would be good as I’m gentle with them.

I’m sweet, loving, gentle and easy going…the perfect companion! My laid back energy is perfect if you’re someone who just enjoys the simple things in life and takes advantage of each day with your loving companion by your side.  Whatever you’re doing, I’ll be there with you. I’m just a sweet, love bug who’s looking for someone to share my unconditional love with.  Could it be you?

Luv, Nova

Photos by Connie McGee and foster family.