Meet Laney

Hi, I’m Laney! I’m a 7 year old, purebred, female Golden Retriever. My DOB is 7/2/16.  I weigh 67 pounds.

I came to AGN from a vet who took me in when the breeder wanted to euthanize me, as I could no longer have puppies.  I’ve created many beautiful puppies, so it’s time for me to retire, relax and be pampered.  I’m thriving in my AGN foster home and living the life of a queen.  I’m ready to find a family to call my own if you’re looking for a sweetheart who’s a work in progress on just a few things…are you my special someone?


Personality Traits

Sweet, loving, laid back, easy going, gentle Golden girl who’s the ultimate “velcro shadow”.  I crave your affection and attention.  I’m learning the world a little at a time outside of the breeding kennel.  I’m a work in progress on a few things, so I’ll depend on you for positive guidance…I’m scared of hardwood and tile floors, but great with throw rugs and carpet.  Stairs are a bit of a challenge.  I can do a few, but too many scare me.  I’m learning all about house training.  I’m a little “stubborn” sometimes. That means that I’m not motivated enough to do what you’re asking of me or I’m unsure of what happens next, so up your game with yummy treats and praise. I’m sensitive to my collar being held. I’m polite, social and friendly with everyone.  I’m good with other dogs. I’m a doll baby that’s you’ll fall in love with.

Status with People

Love people!  I’m sweet , social and friendly with everyone. I’ve only been around children out in public, but I’m such a gentle girl that I’d likely be fine with older children.

Status with Dogs

Good with other dogs and follow their lead.  I’m neutral/submissive in temperament. I’m good with both genders. I’m in a foster home with three older females and drawn to the other Golden in my home( a rescued retired breeder dog, as well).

Status with Cats

Unknown, but do enjoy chasing squirrels and bunnies in the yard.

Favorite Toys

Just learning about toys, balls and chew bones.  I haven’t mastered playing, tugging, fetch or the fun of stuffies yet, although I have picked up toys and chewed on a few “bones”.

Energy Level

Lower to moderate energy overall.  I’m a great “hang out with you” kind of gal.  I do enjoy running in the yard with the other dogs.

House Trained

Not fully…it’s a work in progress that will require patience, a set routine and positive reinforcement.  I can hold it for about 2 hours, but may have an accident if left longer.  I also do not like to potty in the rain, so will hold it and have an accident in the house if you cannot convince to potty outside.

AGN recommends raining me to “poochie bells” so I could give clear communication that I need to go out. 

Crate Trained

No, I hate a crate. I have free roam of the home with my furry foster siblings. I sleep at the foot of my foster parents bed at night.

House Manners

Good overall, but I do have some “puppy tendencies” so you need to puppy proof. I have know to chew on the edge of rugs, so keep an eye on me and redirect me with force free/positive reinforcement.  I never got to be a happy puppy, so I’m still learning like a puppy would.

Leash Manners

Leash walking is new to me, but I’m making progress. I zig-zag right now. I’m doing well on my  Walk Your Dog With Love harness and walk 1 mile at a time.


Walking is great for me, especially because I’m learning the world while on my walks. Allowing me to sniff is important as it provides mental stimulation.  I also run with my furry foster siblings in the backyard.

Car Rides

I’m good in the car.

Basic Commands

I know my name “Laney” and typically come when called. I also know “Sit”.

Storm Phobia

Mild storm sensitivity and will pant/pace, but not destructive.  I just stay close to my furry foster siblings. Skittish of sudden loud noises.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Lower key family that likes to take daily walks through the neighborhood and strolls in the park, allowing me to sniff and learn as I go. My walks are important as I’m building muscle after lying constantly in a breeding kennel.
  • Someone committed to my house training in a force free/positive reinforcement manner. I cannot hold it more than 2 hours while you’re gone, and I don’t like to potty in the rain. I’m fine through the night.
  • I need human companionship and positive guidance. Someone who is home most of the time to work with me on my house training and continued socialization with the world outside. I’m a work in progress and need a committed human to help me thrive.
  • I’ve never been an only dog as I’ve had dogs around me my entire life in the breeding kennel. I’d do best and prefer a nice and gentle companion dog with a calm temperament.  I’m a follower and learn by watching other dogs. I might be okay as an only dog if you spend the majority of your time with me and provide multiple daily walks, but AGN cannot confirm.
  • A home with mostly carpet and/or a lot of throw rugs would be ideal. I’m uncomfortable with hardwoods and tile floors.
  • I’m still learning stairs and they’re not my favorite, but I’m getting there. I need someone to continue working with me.

I’m sweet, loving, gentle and easy going…the perfect companion! My lower key energy is perfect if you’re someone who just enjoys the simple things in life and takes advantage of each day with your loving companion by your side.  Whatever you’re doing, I’ll be there with you, or not too far away.  I’m one amazing Golden who’s learning new things each day.  I’m excited about my life’s next chapter as I know great things are in my future.

Luv, Laney

Photos by Lexi Rubin.