Meet Grayson

Hi, I’m Grayson.(aka: Gray or Graytato). I’m an almost 2 year old Golden Retriever. DOB: 8/4/22. I’m a handsome pup at 85 pounds.


I was surrendered to AGN for typical puppy antics such as being puppy”nippy” with children, jumping, being excitable, etc. These are things young puppies and older puppies do!  I was treated harshly as a result of this. My “punishment” was associated with crates and general mistreatment.  I’ve now learned to trust that humans are kind. I’m thriving with my foster family, but ready to find my “meant to be” forever family.


Personality Traits

Sweetheart of a pup who’s a big ole “lap dog”, loving, happy, energetic , and fun! A snuggly “velcro shadow” who’s the perfect combination of silly older puppy and laid back love bug. I’m sweetly shy until I know you, but then your best buddy. I’m an active youngster who thrives with love, force free/positive reinforcement training and lots of exercise. I’m super smart and was the star of my basic obedience class. I’m a great older puppy with a lot of love to share!

Status with People

Friendly and sweet with all people.  Always excited to see those I know.  I can be a little shy at first with strangers due to my past.  Just let me approach you to greet and then I’m a happy pup who enjoys attention and rolling over for a belly rub. I’m good with older children, but too energetic for younger children.

Status with Dogs

Good with other dogs. Confident male who loves to play, play, play!  I have four furry foster siblings who I’d run, wrestle and play with non-stop if they wanted. My playful persistence sometimes annoys them. I don’t know when to stop and I play rough. I’m not the best at reading their dog communication, so I don’t comply with their signals to stop playing. I’m like the annoying little brother who always wants to play. Sometimes a human needs to redirect me to other fun things. I’d do best with other active dogs who enjoy playing as much as I do. I assume every dog friend likes to rough-house as much as I do, and not all dogs like that.

Status with Cats

Unknown, but I’ve ignored the cats that I’ve seen at the vet clinic.

Favorite Toys

Love my stuffy toys and chewies such as Nylabones and Buffalo horns. I “murder” my stuffies, so I need brands such as Tuffy, Go Dog, Huggle Hound, Kong, etc. for tough chewers. I love to carry around my stuffy and proudly show it to you when you come home.  I enjoy my Jolly Ball and will play fetch inside with a ball, but typically get distracted by squirrels, etc. outside.

Energy Level

Energetic older puppy that needs LOTS of physical exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment games.  After enough exercise, I relax and enjoy being your “velcro shadow” and couch cuddle buddy. I’m young and active, but also laid back when my exercise needs are met.

House Trained

Yes. I’ve never had an accident in the house. I go in and out a lot throughout the day with my furry foster siblings. I also will go to the door if I want to go out.  ***AGN recommends that you train me to “poochie bells” so I have a clear method of communication that you’ll hear.

Crate Trained

CANNOT BE CRATED DUE TO PAST ABUSE! Have free roam in the house without issue.  

House Manners

Great house manners with free access to all areas of the home. Not destructive. Lover of snuggling with my humans on couches and beds. I either sleep in bed with my foster family or on my dog bed close to them.  If you don’t want a dog to snuggle with on your couch/bed, I’m not the dog for you.

Leash Manners

I’m working on my leash manners. I’m young and strong.  Working on not pulling. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key to reduce my pulling. Allowing me to sniff on my walks is important for mental stimulation.


Older pup with lots of energy, so I must get significant daily exercise and playtime. Love walks and get excited to go! I’d be a great hiking or running partner. I also like to swim and play in the water hose. I’m up for all fun outdoor adventures.

Car Rides

Great in the car and ready to go! I ride calmly and typically lie on the back seat.  I’m the perfect road trip companion.

Basic Commands

Super smart with major potential if positive reinforcement training is maximized. I’ve been to basic obedience training class with my foster mom.  I know:  Sit, Down (Lie Down), Leave It, Shake, Focus, OK, Get a Toy, Wait (for my food), Stay (work in progress), Roll Over (working on it). I’m also working on recall, and with any dog, this takes a consistent practice. **I know my name well, so AGN asks that you do not change it as it’s part of my identity and training.


Storm Phobia

I’m not been bothered by storms.


Medical Note

 I had a benign cyst removed from my left shoulder (possibly from the abuse I suffered). I have no physical limitations from that.


Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Active family that loves exercise and fun outdoor activities with their dog companion by their side. I need daily exercise such as walking, jogging, hiking, swimming and likely could be trained to kayak, etc.

  • Experienced dog owner who understands the needs of energetic sporting breeds such as Goldens, Labradors, Chesapeake Retrievers, etc.

  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time. I could even go to work with someone, depending on the environment. Someone needs to be able to spend a lot of time with me. I need daily exercise, mental stimulation, canine enrichment games and positive reinforcement training. I’m used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings or I go to work with my foster mom at her retail shop.

  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship…plus it’s so much fun! ***I completed basic obedience training at Wag It Better. I could continue there to the next level class or AGN recommends

  • Would be good as an only dog to be the center of your attention as long as you have the time to be my true best friend. I do need regular socialization and playtime with active dog friends that I’m compatible with. No dog parks… that would be over-stimulating for me.

  • If a dog companion in the home, it should be a neutral, but confident dog who is not bothered by my sometimes annoying persistence to play. I need an active playmate who is stable in temperament and can keep me in check with my rough-housing. I’ll likely be the dog in charge so would not do well with an overly dominant dog or a submissive dog. I really need a dog that I can learn from.

  • No young children please. I’ve had a bad experience with young children who followed their parent’s abusive behavior toward me in my previous home. Children should be older, calm, kind, dog experienced, and respect the boundaries of a dog.

If you’re looking for an active furry companion that settles down into a calm and relaxed love bug…one who’s sweet, silly, snuggly, and a velcro shadow with major potential…you won’t find a more fun, happy dog than me. I’m waiting for that special someone who’ll understand that I’ve overcome my abusive past, continue my force-free/positive reinforcement training and socialization, tire me out each day with fun outdoor adventures, and offer me unconditional love and cuddles.  Could you be that special someone to make my dreams come true? 

Luv, Grayson

Photos by Pawzitively Purrfect.