Meet Grayson

Hi, I’m Grayson, and yes…I have two personalities depending on where I am and what I’m doing. I’m ready to run a mile or walk with you every day or give me some couch time and I’ll cuddle you up. Tuggie is a great way to wear me out!  I’m the definition of energetic puppy sometimes and the definition of a laid back puppy at other times! I’m a 1 year old puppy (estimated DOB by vet: 8/22) Golden Retriever mix ready to have fun. I’m either at 100 mph puppy power or relaxed with a depleted battery. On average, I’m moving about 30,000 steps a day, so I need an energetic and inclusive family. 


I was surrendered to AGN for the typical puppy antics and being “nippy” with children. I have a history of abuse relating to crates and general mistreatment, but I’m learning to trust people. I’m thriving with my foster family and even hang out at the retail shop my foster mom owns. 


Personality Traits

I’m a full blown puppy sometimes, but other times I’m a laid back and relaxed kind of fella! My environment and whether or not my exercise needs are being met are the determining factor. When I’m in an over-stimulated environment, such as playing with other dogs, I’m non-stop energy. If I’m not with other dogs and have received appropriate physical exercise, then I’ll hang out with you in a relaxed state. I put everything I can into my mouth (just like a baby), including all of my toys and chewies, as well as anything that’s in my reach. I’ve not destroyed any furniture or parts of the home, but I have tried “reading” a book with my teeth and I like to dig holes outside. I love all people. I do a good “sit” or “lie down” and allow them to pet me. I’m a very good boy in the car and even go to work with my foster mom at a retail store. I hang out and greet customers, being polite and welcoming all belly rubs offered.  I love following my foster mom around the house and always want to be near my humans. When I’m all played out, I love to get up on the couch and snuggle with my humans.

Status with People

I love all people that I meet. I’m good with older children, but not appropriate for young children. If you pet me for a bit, I’ll show you my belly. I’m a friendly dog with people and am learning good manners in my Kinderpuppy class.  

Status with Dogs

I live with four other dogs and I want every one of them to play with me ALL OF THE TIME (not all dogs love this!). My dog communication skills are lacking, but developing. I come on strong with other dogs and don’t know how to take a break as I would play until I passed out.  I tend to annoy other dogs with my puppy antics or they don’t understand my communication, so I’d be best as an only dog with a lot of human interaction and attention. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like other dogs as I do (too much!). It just means that I’m too much for most dogs because I never got appropriate socialization as a puppy and I assume every dog wants to rough-house as much as I do.

Status with Cats

Would not recommend cats–I was overly interested in the one I met.

Favorite Toys

I love my stuffy toys and chewies. I do like to destuff or desqueak my toys. There are those that I love and still want to carry around the remaining fabric like a lovie. I chew on Nylabones and buffalo horns. I love to play with my Jolly Ball. I enjoy the kiddie pool and water from the outdoor faucet is fun. I went swimming in a pool once, too!

Energy Level

I’m a growing puppy with energy to burn. I’m a high energy puppy that needs lots of physical exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment games.  If you do that, then I’ll be a relaxed, hang out with you kind of fella. My environment plays a key role in my stimulation level. I adapt nicely to various environments. If the environment is highly stimulating, then so am I. If the environment is calm and laid back, so am I if my exercise needs have been met. I don’t know how to take a break on my own from playing with other dogs and that keeps me stimulated, but I’m learning with the guidance of foster mom and my furry foster siblings. I do require a fenced in yard and don’t yet know to not run out the door, so I have to be restrained/leashed when you open a door to the outside. I’m curious and want to take off.

House Trained

YES! I am a very good boy and have not had any accidents. I go in and out a lot with my other four legged siblings but also will go to the door if I want to go out. I was at my mom’s shop and didn’t have any accidents either!

Crate Trained

CANNOT BE CRATED DUE TO PAST SEVERE ABUSE!!! I don’t like being alone behind a gate either.  I either sleep in bed with my foster family or on my dog bed close to them.

House Manners

I have good house manners, but I’m an opportunist. If something is within my reach (magazine, towel, food, etc) I’ll pull it off the counter, take it and may destroy it. Tire me out and PUPPY PROOF because if I’m bored, I search out things I shouldn’t have by doing counter surfing or taking books or magazines off of the table. My home has to be very puppy-proofed. When left alone within a truly puppy-proofed home, I have not been destructive.

Leash Manners

I love walks and am working on my leash manners. I’m excited to go for walks and am learning how to walk with a loose leash.


I need a lot of daily exercise. I enjoy playing fetch or tuggie in my yard, wrestling with my four legged furry foster siblings, sniffing the grass and all the fun, outside things. I’d be a great hiking or running partner, or someone who’s into power walking multiple times per day. If you only take one leisurely walk, I’m NOT the pup for you!

Car Rides

I ride very calmly and do great in the car. I prefer to lie on the back seat. I’m very good at waiting to get out until you have my leash on (just don’t randomly leave the door open for me to jump out and run off).

Basic Commands

I know ‘sit’ ‘down’ (lie down), ‘wait’ for my food, ‘gentle’ for treats, ‘crawl’, ‘paw’ and ‘spin’ and am learning ‘leave it’. I’m very smart and taking formal training classes with my foster mom! I’m also working on recall, and with any dog, this takes a consistent and lengthy time of practice.

Storm Phobia

I don’t appear bothered by storms.

Medical and Special Needs

I had a benign cyst removed from my left shoulder (possibly from the abuse I suffered). I have no physical limitations from that, so let’s go running or hiking! I’ve worn a Thundershirt in the past to help me calm down, but now that I’m older, I’m learning to relax on my own.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Active family that takes exercise seriously and wants a dog companion by their side. Someone who exercises daily by taking lots of power walks (at least 4 miles)/runs, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. I’d be a great running partner, hiking companion, agility, fly ball, etc. If you only walk 2-3 miles a day at a leisurely pace, I’m too much of an energetic pup for you. I need a family that loves exercise and fun outdoor activities. Not kidding here…I’m high energy! I’m adaptable, but definitely need exercise.
  • Experienced dog owner with high energy breeds such as Goldens, Labradors, Chesapeake Retrievers or other high energy breeds that do great with a “job”
  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time as I need high levels of exercise, mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement training. I’m used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings or I go to work with my foster mom. I thrive in this environment because a tired dog is a good dog.
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship…and it’s so much fun! **AGN recommends
  • I need to be an only dog at this time, but I need LOTS of socialization with other dogs to continue improving my dog communication skills
  • Children must be 14 and over as I’ve had a negative experience in the past with children

If you’re looking for a high energy companion who’s a sweet, silly, snuggly, velcro shadow with major potential…you won’t find a more fun, happy dog than me.  I’m waiting for that special someone who’ll understand my abusive past, continue my positive reinforcment/force-free training and socialization, wear me out each day with fun outdoor adventures, and offer me unconditional love and cuddles.  Could it be you?

Luv, Grayson

Photos by Elaine Sears.