Meet Ellie

SWEET AND SNUGGLY ALERT!!!  Happy, super sweet (with a little shyness), loving, cuddle bug looking for a family to love!  Hi, I’m Ellie!  If you enjoy the pitter patter of paws following you and enjoy a Golden who thinks they’re a “lap dog”, I’m your girl! I’m a 2 year old Golden Retriever.  My DOB is 7/18/21.

I was surrendered to AGN when my owner suddenly developed allergies to me. I’m having a blast and soaking up the love with my foster family, but I’m ready to find my forever home.


Personality Traits

Sweet as can be, and the ultimate “velcro shadow”.  I’ll follow you from room to room all day long because I just want to be wherever you are. My tail never stops wagging in happiness. I’m a love bug who craves affection and offers it freely.  I’m a cuddly Golden.  I’ll snuggle up with you on the couch, the bed…anywhere! I’m friendly with everyone I meet, but a little shy at first. I warm up quickly to be your best friend.  I’m an overall amazing girl who just loves everyone and enjoys life with you by my side! I likely lived a sheltered life as I’m learning some basics such as leash walking. I’ll need someone committed to force free/positive reinforcement training to work with me.

Status with People

Oh how I adore my humans! Sweet and friendly with everyone, but a little timid at first.  It only takes a moment to become your best friend and then I’ll follow you around for affection.  I’m good with children. I do jump on people in excitement, so children should be sturdy on their feet. When I jump, just turn your back to me and then praise me when I put four paws on the floor. 

Status with Dogs

Good with other dogs.  Neutral in temperament. Now in a foster home with a Golden and a Chiweenie, both females.  I like to play and adjust my play style well to whatever dog I’m playing with.  The Chiweenie didn’t like me at first, but I won her over. Now we snuggle up on the couch together.

Status with Cats

Good with cats and have one in my foster home.

Favorite Toys

I enjoy stuffy toys and rubber squeaky toys.  I haven’t learned to play ball yet, but maybe you can teach me.

Energy Level

Moderate energy overall with bursts of high energy. I’m young so I must have a lot of exercise.  I settle down nicely inside after running and romping with my dog friends.

House Trained

Yes, but I do NOT give signals so you must take me out on a schedule.

***AGN recommends you train me to “Poochie Bells” so that I can ring the bells to get your attention that I need to potty.

Crate Trained

No.  I’ve never been crated in my previous home or foster home. I have free roam of the house without issue. I just hang out with the other dogs when my foster family is gone.  I either sleep in bed with my humans or go to the couch to sleep when I can spread out nicely.

House Manners

Good house manners, especially for my age.  I haven’t bothered anything in my foster home other than…I like to shred paper if I get a chance. So keep your papers put away.  I’m also a counter surfer, so it’s your responsibility to keep your counters clear so I’m not tempted. AGN encourages you to puppy proof since I’m still young. 

Leash Manners

Walking on leash is a work in progress.  I would freeze in fear at first, but now I’m moving forward, but zig zag.  I’ll need someone that uses high value treats to help me learn that leash walking is fun.  I just don’t really know what to do. Don’t force me, but use treats to lure me and toss in front of me to move forward. With time, patience, consistency and practice…I’m be good at this in no time. I’m already doing well.


Playtime outside with my dog siblings is currently my main form of exercise; however, I’m learning to walk on leash so daily walks and hikes should be in my future exercise routine.  Foster mom is home with us so she takes us out to play about 10 times per day.  This is where my “moderate” energy overall comes from because I get lots of exercise and playtime. 

Car Rides

I’m still learning the car routine, but I ride calmly in the backseat. AGN recommends that you put yummy treats in the backseat for me to find so that I associate the car with positive things.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Someone who truly appreciates a “velcro shadow” Golden as I just want to be where you are
  • Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. I need a family that loves exercise, fun outdoor activities and wants a doggy companion by their side, but wants to snuggle up together when we’re tired.
  • Someone who who’s not gone long hours as I’m used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings. I thrive in this environment because I’m young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training. I also crave affection and cherish human interaction. 
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes highly recommended – this will help us bond and build our relationship and it’s so much fun. I need training and I’m eager to learn.
  • Children who are sturdy on their feet, but younger children will get knocked down with my jumping in excitement.
  • Likely would do fine as an only dog if I get regular socialization and playtime with dog friends, but AGN cannot confirm – If an only dog, you will have to truly be my best friend and play with me A LOT!  You’ll also have to ensure I get enough play time with other dogs as that’s important part of my socialization.  I’ll typically choose humans over other dogs, so as long as you’re my ultimate companion and not gone long hours, I would probably be fine
  • Would do well with another dog in the home that likes to play and snuggle up together

If you are looking for a super sweet, snuggly, “velcro shadow” to be your ultimate companion, you won’t find a more wonderful girl than me. If you’re committed to helping me learn to walk on a leash and feel comfortable getting out and about in the community with you to do fun things, I’m the sweetheart for you.  You won’t find a more precious pup to steal your heart and create wonderful memories with!  Remember, I’m a work in progress on leash walking and excitement jumping, so please do not expect perfection from me. No pup is perfect, but my potential is endless!

Luv, Ellie

Photos by foster family.