Meet Dolly

Hi, I’m Dolly.  I’m a 1 year old  (DOB: 2/21/23) Golden Retriever mixed with Poodle.  I weigh 52 pounds and still need to put on a bit of weight. 


AGN rescued me from the shelter.  I had been surrendered because my owner was moving, but it’s clear I suffered neglect and possibly some abuse.  I’m missing a portion of my ear and tail.  It’s healed now and makes me “unique”. I was emaciated at only 35 pounds. I’m now at a healthy weight and blossoming in my foster home.  I’m ready to start my next chapter in life with my forever family. Could it be you?


Personality Traits

LIVE TO BE LOVED!  Complete sweetheart, being a bit shy and occasionally startled of new things at first.  Just give me a chance to warm up to you, and I’ll be your best friend once I feel safe. I’m affectionate to my humans and dogs.  I’m silly, smart, snuggly and fun.  I’m active and energetic, and  a big “lap dog” on the couch when tired. I love a good belly rub, so I jump up on the bed and roll over for one.  I’m a “velcro shadow”, but can also keep myself entertained. I’m a typical mischievous older puppy who needs force free/positive guidance.    

Status with People

Initially timid of strangers (sometimes stepping back and giving a fearful bark), but at the same time constantly looking for new people to meet.  Once I know you and trust you, I’m your faithful friend.  I love children. They make me happy, and I’m gentle with them.  I seek them out while on walks.

Status with Dogs

Good with other dogs. I love to play with my dog friends.  I share toys nicely. I’m neutral in temperament and read other dogs’ signals well.  I’m in foster with two dogs, a male and female.  I do great with both.

Status with Cats

Unknown, but likely fine.

Favorite Toys

LOVE toys!  I have a toy bin, and my favorite are stuffies. I must confess…I’m a “stuffy murderer” so I need brands such as God Dog, Tuffy, Huggle Hound, etc.  I like to chase a tennis ball, but really love playing soccer with my humans.  They kick around the soccer ball in the backyard with me and I love it!    

Energy Level

Moderate to high energy overall, but settle down nicely to snuggle on the couch with my foster family and furry foster siblings.  I love to do “zoomies” in my big backyard.

House Trained

Yes, and I know how to use a doggie door during the day.  I had some accidents in the beginning, but had been without food and water for a while.  I’m now doing great and no accidents since those first couple of days. 

***AGN recommends that you train me to “poochie bells” as that allows me to provide clear communication that I need to potty”.

Crate Trained

Yes, I’m in a super huge crate when my foster family is gone.  I’d likely be fine left out of it at this point if the home is appropriately “puppy proofed”. 

House Manners

Learning so PUPPY PROOF!  I’m good for the most part, but might counter surf so keep temptations off your counter and that will solve the problem.  If I do it, just lure me off and reward/praise me when four paws are on the floor. I’m a snuggle of the couch and bed kind of girl, so if you don’t want a snuggly dog on your furniture, I’m not for you. 

Leash Manners

Learning and progress on leash.  I now get excited to go on my daily walks. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key to decrease pulling. 


I get two walks per day rain or shine plus LOTS of playtime and running in my backyard.  My foster family plays with me by playing soccer with me, throwing balls, playing with toys, etc. Then we chill on the couch.  A tired pup is a good pup so significant daily exercise is important for me.

Car Rides

Car rides are new for me.  Getting in and out is a little scary.  Once I’m in, I do fine.  Putting treats in the backseat for me to randomly find with help me associate the car with positive things.  Also, going on fun adventures.  I just need to associate the car with great things. 

Basic Commands

I know Sit and Shake.  I know my name well.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Someone who understands that I’m learning and is committed to working with me in a force free/positive manner.
  • Active family that enjoys the outdoors, is committed to my daily exercise and socialization. I need walks, hikes, soccer playing, etc. each day.
  • Someone who works from home, works part time, or doesn’t work is best as I’m still learning each day. The longest I’ve been home alone is 4 hours. I can’t continue to progress unless someone has the time to work with me on a daily basis.  I need the human interaction. 
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship. Plus, it’s so much fun. Agility would be great for me as it would help build my confidence with new things.  All training should be force free/positive or I will shut down.  AGN recommends 
  • Likely would do fine as an only dog if your home more often than not, and I get regular socialization and playtime with dog friends. If an only dog, you will have to truly be my best friend and play with me A LOT! I would not do well all alone for long hours.
  • Would highly prefer to have another nice, active dog to run and play with who will share toys with me.
  • Children would be great as I’m happy around them and quite gentle.

I’m a wonderful Golden mix who’s had a rough start in life, but I’m learning the luxuries of a loving family and enjoying all the fun that comes with it.  I’ll bring you joy, love, fun and happiness each day.  I’m definitely a sweetheart who’ll you’ll fall in love with.  I’m so special that you’ll wonder how you ever got through life without me by your side.

Luv, Dolly

Photos by Lexi Rubin and foster family.