Meet Cooper

Hi, I’m Cooper.  I’m an almost 2 year old (DOB: 5/17/22), male, English Cream Golden Retriever. I weigh 57 pounds.

I was surrendered to AGN because my family was unable to meet the needs of an active, older puppy needing a lot of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and force free training. I’m thriving in my foster home, so it’s time for me to find my true forever family.


Personality Traits

LOVEABLE TEDDY BEAR! Super sweet, active, charming, happy, playful, affectionate and smart!  I’m your typical young Golden…a bouncy ball of joyful exuberance who’s the ultimate “velcro shadow”. I’m  a little clumsy, a little goofy, and 100% adorable.  I crave attention and affection, and I’m eager to please. I’m full of puppy energy, but settle down nicely as long as I get plenty of exercise, socialization and mental stimulation. Friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends.  I cherish my family and furry siblings…I just want to be wherever they are as being totally alone makes me sad.

Status with People

LOVE all people! Social butterfly who never meets a stranger (human or furry). I adore everyone and want  everyone to adore and pet me.  Gentle with children and lived with three of them in my previous home.  Children should be sturdy on their feet, as I can accidently knock them down with my excitement.

Status with Dogs

Great with other dogs…the more the merrier.  I love high energy play and rough housing, but I take guidance and boundary setting from my doggie playmate if I’m too much for them. I love to run, wrestle and chase. Neutral in temperament. Good with both genders.

Status with Cats

Good with cats according to my previous owner, but will chase them in play. AGN cannot confirm.

Favorite Toys

LOVE TOYS…ALL TOYS! I love my stuffies, but I must confess…I’m a “stuffy murderer” so I’ll need brands such as Go Dog, Tuffy, Huggle Hound, Kong, etc. I love a game of fetch with the ball. I’m working on dropping it for you to throw again..and again, and again. A good way to teach me is to use two alternating balls. When I bring one back, throw the second one and pick up the first one…repeat over and over.

Energy Level

High energy older puppy. I’m your typical young Golden and need lots of physical exercise, mental stimulation and canine enrichment to wear me out.

House Trained

Yes.  When I need to go out, I go to the back door and whine or scratch and bark. 

***AGN recommends training me to use Poochie Bells for clear communication.

Crate Trained

Yes, but do NOT need one. I’m not destructive and have free roam with my Golden foster siblings when the humans leave. 

House Manners

Good manners in the house and not destructive (except for poor, innocent stuffies), but I’m still an older puppy so…puppy proof!  I’m a couch cuddler, and sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in the master bedroom. Sometimes I move to the tile in the master bathroom. I always want to be where my humans and dog buddies are.

Leash Manners

Learning to walk on a leash and getting better with my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness.  I get excited to meet other people and dogs on my walks, so my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is key.  I’m learning the world outside of my home, so working on a little confidence building.  Having a dog companion with me helps me to feel secure.  Remember that I know no stranger, so get ready to make friends!


Older pup with LOTS of energy so must get significant daily exercise and playtime with other dogs. I get two walks per day, and would enjoy hiking. I spend a lot of time playing with my Golden foster sibling and love running “zoomies” in the home and yard.  

Car Rides

Work in progress. I’ve only been on short car rides and getting in is the scary part. I prefer to ride in the front seat, but do okay as long as I’m close to my human and dog companion.  Putting treats in the backseat for me to find will reinforce that the car is a great thing.  The more fun trips I go on, the more comfortable I’ll be.

Special Needs

Like many Goldens, I have allergies (likely food and environmental). The foundation of allergies is inflammation in my body, so what I eat is important, along with an Omega supplement such as Welactin.  Chicken is likely a culprit, so changing my food to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach has helped.  When I flare up, medicated baths are helpful, but food is critical in management. I also have the habit of eating my own poop, which sometimes comes from a dietary deficiency.  Other times, it’s habit.  When I poop, just pick it up immediately and this is a non-issue.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Active family that wants a dog companion by their side and takes their dogs with them most places. Someone who likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walk/runs, hikes and fun outdoor adventures. Someone that has the time and energy for a young dog.
  • Need another young, active dog to run, wrestle and play with as I don’t like being totally alone.  I play hard and need a dog buddy who loves to run, chase, share toys and rough-house.
  • With a dog companion, part time to normal work hours would be acceptable…but I need LOTS of exercise before and after work hours. I cannot be in a home where someone is gone more often than not.  I crave human affection, so someone must spend a lot of time with me.
  • Children must be sturdy on their feet as I might knock them down with my excitement and size. I do love children, but I’m a big ole puppy.
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are REQUIRED as I’m young, have so much potential and am so smart.  This will help us bond, build our relationship and it’s so much fun.
  • A medium/large fenced yard is a plus so I can run zoomies and play chase with my dog companion.

If you’re looking for a young LOVE BUG who’s super sweet, smart, silly and craves affection…I’m your perfect pup!  I’m an older puppy and everything that comes with that, so be ready to commit time and energy to meet my needs.  I require lots of exercise, mental stimulation and force free/positive reinforcement training. I have a heart full of love to share with you!  Let’s make a lifetime of memories together!

Luv, Cooper

Photos by Elaine Sears and foster family.