Meet Cheerio

Are you looking for the ultimate best friend…one who’ll adore and cherish every moment with you?  I’m Cheerio, your perfect companion!  Sweet, snuggly, a tiny bit shy (at first), and the award winning “Velcro Shadow”!  I’m a beautiful 1 year old Golden Retriever (DOB: 9/3/22).  I weigh only 50 pounds right now and am working to put on some weight.  I should weight approximately 58-60 pounds as my ideal.

I was surrendered to AGN because the other large dog in the home was mean to me. He would attack me and not let me in the house..he was bullying me.  This caused me to be isolated outside and it devastated me, causing anxiety. I just wanted to be his friend and inside with my family. They knew I deserved better so entrusted AGN to find my forever family. I’m now having fun in my foster home with multiple dogs, but looking for my own family to love where I can be someone’s best buddy.


Personality Traits

I’m starved for love and attention right now.  They call me a “needy” Golden which Golden guardians understand my type…another word would be “clingy”. I need to feel safe and secure and that means being with you, touching you, following you, etc. This is a classic trait of many Goldens. I’m super sweet, loving, attention seeking and sometimes nervous/anxious.  I’ll stand up gently on you to exhibit my nervousness. I’m sweetly shy at first, but it doesn’t take long before I’m your best friend.  I need overall confidence building.

Status with People

I like everyone I meet, but sweetly shy at first.  It doesn’t take long for me to warm up to you.  I’m quick to jump on people due to nervousness (this is called “anxiety jumping”).The jumping is gentle and with hesitance. I should NOT be corrected for this, but asked to “sit” for petting instead and given lots of praise for doing so.  I’m good with children and lived with a 4 and 5 year old in my previous home. As much as I love children, they should be sturdy on their feet so I don’t knock them down with my excitement.

Status with Dogs

I’m good with other dogs, but some dogs pick up on my nervous behavior. Remember I was attacked constantly by the male dog in my home, so I’m an approval seeker from other dogs. I like other dogs and want them to like and accept me. I seek approval from some dogs by sticking very close to them. Not every dog likes this. Some dogs I ignore. I live with multiple dogs in my foster home. I would do best with a neutral female who will run, romp and play tug with me…a dog that does not want to compete for attention since I’m starved for human affection. I get along with both males and females, but the young Lab female in the home is my buddy. She and I have great fun together. She’s neutral in temperament and likes to engage in play a lot with me. I can be bullied easily so my dog companion must be non-dominant and one who will engage with me by sharing toys, running and romping.

Status with Cats

Unknown, but I don’t have a strong prey drive so far.  Cats would likely be okay as long as they don’t run from me and will stand up to me.

Favorite Toys

I love to play with stuffy toys, squeaky toys and tug toys. I haven’t learned to play ball yet, but maybe you can teach me. I share toys nicely and play tug with my female, furry foster sister (see video), but have guarded my stuffy toy from the male puppy in the home. I don’t want that little 10 week old puppy stealing my great toy, so I correct him.

Energy Level

I’m active with moderate energy for my age, but this likely will increase to higher energy when I feel totally comfortable. Although an older puppy who plays, runs and romps a lot with the female Lab in my home, I’ll settle down nicely and snuggle up with you when I’ve gotten my energy out. I get A LOT of exercise and playtime. Without this, my energy level will increase.

House Trained

Yes, and I’m trained to a doggy door.

**AGN highly recommends “poochie bells” so I have a clear method of communication if I do not have access to a doggy door.

Crate Trained

Yes. Toss a treat inside, and I’ll go in. I sleep in the bed with my foster dad and the other dogs at night.  I’m only in my crate if everyone is away from home (which is brief). I have free roam of the home with the other dogs, otherwise. I do not like to be separated from the other dogs or my humans so crate placement is key. The bedroom is a good place as it smells like you the most.

House Manners

Good for an older puppy, but you must PUPPY PROOF!!! If things are left out, I will find them. I’ve occasionally counter surfed so keep your counters clean. I’m used to sleeping in the bed with my foster dad and getting on the couch. I need a home that will welcome up on the couch and bed to snuggle.

Leash Manners

I need work on my leash manners. I still pull on the leash. My “Walk Your Dog With Love” harness is critical so I learn how to walk nicely, while also being allowed to sniff.  I need both physical and mental stimulation so allowing me to sniff on my casual walks is important.


Put on your tennis shoes and let’s go!!! Walks, jogging, hiking, swimming and fun adventures are all good for me. My previous owner stated that I like to swim. Just remember that a tired dog is a good dog. I’m an active, older puppy so must get significant daily exercise and playtime. Running and playing with other dogs is helpful to meet my social and exercise needs.

Car Rides

I’m anxious in the car, but good in the car. I need to associate the car with positive experiences so letting me find random treats in the back seat, going on fun adventures and getting a pup cup, etc. will really help me enjoy the car.

Basic Commands

Sit, Down (Lie Down), Paw (for Shake).


Right now, I’m just a dog with some general anxiety due to past trauma and the need to feel safe and secure. I’ve got some mild storm phobia and need to be reassured during storms.  Fireworks, garbage cans and mail boxes are scary for me. I’m not a fan of being alone so another dog companion is important for me for times when my humans are gone.  Much of this will likely wear off when I’m in a stable home environment and gain confidence in my surroundings. Just work with me to help me feel safe!

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Someone who recognizes that my behaviors are the result of the need to feel safe and secure so dog experience is needed
  • Someone who loves a super affectionate Golden who needs to increase their confidence level and is “clingy” with their human in situations that create insecurity. I rely on my human for guidance, reassurance and cues that everything is fine if I’m nervous
  • Someone who wants and understands an energetic, older puppy and all the fun, time, and sometimes frustration that comes with it. I’m a really good pup!
  • Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of power walks/runs, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. I need a family that loves exercise and fun outdoor activities and wants a doggy companion by their side
  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time as I’m used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings. I thrive in this environment because I’m young, active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training. I’m also starved for human attention right now and need someone with the time to give lots of it.
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship and it’s so much fun. Agility would be a great way for me to build confidence. AGN recommends
  • Must have another nice, active dog to run and play with who will share toys with me.
  • I adore children and would love them in my home. Children should be sturdy on their feet and know how to respect the boundaries of a dog
  • I’m used to a large backyard to run and romp with my furry foster siblings so I need space to run and play with my dog companion.

So, if you are looking for a young LOVE BUG who is super sweet and craves affection, I’m your perfect pup!  I’m an older puppy and everything that comes with that, so be ready to commit time and energy to meet my needs.  I require lots of exercise and force free/positive reinforcement training.  I also need to increase my overall confidence. I have a heart full of love to share with you!  Let’s make a lifetime of memories together!

Luv, Cheerio

Photos by Elaine Sears and foster family.