Meet Cash

Hi, I’m Cash. I’m a 1 year old, male Golden Retriever. My DOB is 7/8/23. I currently weigh 64 pounds, but need to be at approximately 68-70 pounds. 

I was surrendered to AGN because my family had 11 children and didn’t have time for the needs of a puppy. I miss them, but I’m thriving in my foster home. I’m ready to find a forever family to share my endless fun and affection with.  Could that be you?


Personality Traits

Golden Retriever Ambassador Alert! I’m the “Total Puppy Package”! Typical young Golden who represents the breed perfectly, so I’ll likely be a social media celebrity one day. I’m a sweet, snuggly, silly, playful, ball-loving, bundle of energy and happiness! I’m a velcro shadow with endless enthusiasm and joyful exuberance!  I can be a bit unsure of new things at first, but I’m brave and work through it quickly with your kind guidance or by watching another dog. I’m a love bug and lap dog who thrives with lots of time with my humans…walks, runs, hikes, swimming, ball chasing…and of course, cuddling on the couch with you.  I’m a social butterfly who loves everyone and most everything. I’m super smart and aim to please. I have a wonderful temperament. To know me to love me!

Status with People

I’m a social butterfly who never meets a stranger. Everyone is my friend! I was raised with children and adore them. I occasionally jump up on you if unsure about something or overly excited, so children should be sturdy on their feet.

Status with Dogs

Excellent with dogs! I respect the social boundaries of other dogs and understand their body language. I love to run, romp and play with younger dogs, and don’t push older dogs around. I’m neither dominant nor submissive… I’m middle of the pack, neutral. I don’t guard my toys or food. I was raised with another dog my age. I’m in foster with multiple Labs and a Golden. I get along with everyone.

Status with Cats


Favorite Toys

Suffies and Balls! I’ll carry my stuffy toy around in happiness and like to play tug. I can sometimes be a “stuffy murderer” so strong, durable stuffies such as Go Dog, Kong, Tuffy and Huggle Hound brands are best for me. I also love big chew bones such as Himalayan chews. I LOVE to play ball. I’ve learned to bring it right back to you if you call me with encouragement. Then, I’m ready for you to throw it again.

Energy Level

I’m an energetic pup who must have lots of playtime and daily exercise. I’d be a good running or hiking companion for someone. If you like to walk, I’m ready to go, but let’s keep a good pace! Play with me in the yard, and I’ll gladly retrieve a ball as long as you’ll throw it. I’m not always the energizer bunny, though. When it’s time to snuggle or sleep at night, I’m quite calm and quiet.

House Trained

Yes. I had a couple of accidents at first, but great now. I don’t signal when I need to go out, so I either need to go outside on a schedule or use a doggy door.  ***AGN recommends that I be trained to “Poochie Bells” so that I can clearly communicate when I need to potty.

Crate Trained

Yes, but only when my foster family is gone since I’m still an older puppy.  I’m to the point where I can be worked out of it soon.

House Manners

I have good house manners, but puppy proof. I like to pick up things and carry them around, so it’s important to puppy proof the house and keep an eye on me. I’m food motivated and will try to get to food if given the opportunity, so might put my paws on the counter if food is left out. Keep temptations off the counters and it’s a non-issue. I love to cuddle with you on the couch, so if you don’t want a Golden on your furniture…I’m not your Golden! I’m that Golden who’ll snuggle up with you on the couch or get in bed with the kids.

Leash Manners

Like any young Golden, I’m strong and I pull on the leash, so my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is critical.


I MUST get plenty of exercise daily. A tired pup is a good pup! I’m ready for exercise at any time. I love walking and should be allowed to sniff for mental stimulation. I enjoy running romping and playing with my dog friends. I’d be a good running companion. I’m learning to swim in the lake. I love anything that involves being active…perhaps agility, fly ball, nose works…who knows? My potential is endless.

Car Rides

I’m ready for a new adventure if you are! I enjoy riding in the car with my head out the window. I’m always up for a dog buddy to share the back seat with me. We’ll enjoy the ride together in perfect harmony.

Basic Commands

I’ve been taught the following commands with positive reinforcement, but still perfecting them, “Sit”, “Touch”, “Watch me”, “Spin”, “Leave It”.  My potential is truly endless because I’m super smart and attentive. I respond to my name “Cash”, which I’ve had since a tiny pup, so please do not change it!

Storm Phobia

No phobias have been seen.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fireworks, but no panic.

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Someone who wants and understands an energetic, older puppy and all the fun, time, and sometimes frustration that comes with it
  • Active family that likes to exercise daily…lots of power walks/runs, hikes, swimming, chasing balls in the yard, and fun outdoor adventures. If you only walk 1 mile per day at a leisurely pace, I’m too much of an energetic puppy for you. I need a family that loves exercise and fun outdoor activities and wants a doggy companion by their side
  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time as I’m used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings. I thrive in this environment because I’m young, active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED – this will help us bond and build our relationship. It’s so much fun and my potential should be maximized. ***AGN recommends
  • Would prefer another nice, active dog to run and play with who will wrestle and share toys with me. I love to play and thrive with another dog companion as I’ve always been with another dog since a puppy. If an only dog, I would need children to play with.
  • Children would be great as I grew up with 11 of them playing with me. Children should be sturdy on their feet and know how to respect the boundaries of a dog
  • I’m used to a large backyard to run and romp with my furry foster siblings so I need ample space to run and play with my dog companion or tiny humans.

I don’t want to brag, but I could be the poster child (OK, poster dog) for Golden Retrievers…sweet, handsome. playful, social, snuggly, intelligent and energetic.  I love everyone and everyone I’ve met loves me. I’ll bring joy into the lives of my future family. If you have the time, energy and commitment to devote to a special, young companion, you’ll hit the jackpot with me!

Luv, Cash

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and foster family.