Meet Cade

Hi, my name is Cade. I’m an approximately 8 year old Golden mix of unique cuteness…likely mixed with a herding breed as I have herding instincts, but AGN cannot confirm! My estimated DOB is 1/1/16. I weigh approximately 65 pounds.

I was surrendered to AGN when I was 1-2 years old after being found as a stray with no one looking for me. I’ve led a wonderful life with my adoptive family, but I must find a new forever home after 6 years of happiness.  My humans are now working full time with two young children. They feel they are no longer providing me the lifestyle and quality of life that I deserve.  They’ve made the hard decision to put me first and have AGN find a wonderful family for me.  


Personality Traits

Sweetheart of a pup who is an energetic, loyal and loving “velcro shadow”. Cherish my family and bond deeply with my humans.  I live to love my family! I’m like two different dogs in one… My home is my safe place where my personality shines. Social and friendly with everyone inside the home.  Outside the home, I can get a little anxious with strangers (human and furry) as I feel insecure. Once you’re a part of my family, my love and loyalty to you in endless. Eager to please and crave affection.  Cuddly lap dog. 

Status with People

Love all people and children inside my home.  Currently live with two small children. I’m good with them, but it’s a little much for me.  I can be a little anxious meeting new humans outside the home.  Unfamiliar men outside of the home can be a little scary.  They may get a bark from me until I get to know them. Common to herding breed characteristics, I don’t care for random strangers walking into the backyard unannounced and not paying attention to my “stranger danger” signals.  I need to know my humans accept them.  I cherish attention and affection from humans I know.  Will gladly snuggle in your lap for love. 

Status with Dogs

I’ve always been great with dogs, lived with multiple dogs when young, and lived with a male Golden until he recently passed away.  My general love for ALL dogs changed when I had a bad experience with a dog outside the home. I do have dog friends (both genders) that I socialize with. It’s all about compatibility and slow introductions. I tend to be submissive in most cases so domineering dogs are not good for me. I can be “barky” when I see dogs on leash in the neighborhood…this is insecurity and over-stimulation.  

Status with Cats

Unknown, but not the best idea as I love to chase “critters”.

Favorite Toys

Enjoy playing tug with my stuffy toys.  I like Benebones to chew on and a Kong with peanut butter is great.  Sometimes I play with the ball, but get bored after a couple of retrieves. 

Energy Level

“Young” for my age with moderately high energy. I do settle down nicely for snuggles.

House Trained

Yes.  Will scratch at the door or a human to let you know I need to potty.

Crate Trained

No and not needed.  I have free roam without issue.  

House Manners

House manners are good, but I might occasionally counter surf so keep your counters clear of temptations.  I’m not destructive and have free roam of the home.  I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in my “parents” room or sometimes like to go watch over the kids and sleep just outside of their rooms.

Leash Manners

GREAT on my “Walk Your Dog With Love” harness.  I walk right beside you without tugging/pulling.  If I see something that I don’t like, I may lunge and bark, sometimes I’ll do the typical herding dog thing and “nip” at your ankles if I’m triggered.  If you know herding breeds, you know exactly what I do.


Moderately active and get daily walks. I also love to play with my toys and run in my 1 acre backyard. 

Car Rides

Good in the car.  Will occasionally bark.  

Basic Commands

Smart as can be and treat motivated. Get ready to be impressed.  I know the following:  sit, lay down, stay, bring me your toy, go inside, shake off, shake (paw), go to your bed, leave it (sometimes), wait.  Do NOT change my name, please.  It’s been my name my entire life.

Storm Phobia

No, but I will bark at thunder.  

Special Needs/Medical

Cade has Addison’s disease that is perfectly controlled due to the great compliance of his humans.  Addison’s disease is caused by a deficiency of hormones that are made by the adrenal glands. It requires a monthly injection of Percorten.  Please read here to find out more about Addison’s disease in dogs:

Cade also takes daily prozac to take the anxiety edge off, which he just takes right out of his dog bowl when mixed with his food.

Ideal Home stated from Cade’s Owners:

“The ideal home would be a moderately active family that can consistently take Cade on long walks and/or hikes daily, some experience with dog training/leash reactivity, will cuddle him and let him follow them around everywhere, and will let him be a close companion and best doggie friend. Cade loves the outdoors as well as snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie, and needs someone who can be home with him more often than not. He also needs a home with a family that is somewhat comfortable with giving a monthly injection, as well as grooming him and doing his nail trimming at home. With some patience, love, and a little extra support, Cade will be such a loyal, fun, cuddly, and loving blessing.”


Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Moderately active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks/ hikes and fun outdoor adventures
  • Low key and calm household is best
  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time as I’m was used to my family being home with me often. They are surrendering me to AGN as they no longer work from home and it has negatively affected me.
  • I could be an only dog if you are my best buddy, or I could be with another dog as long as we are compatible. A companion dog would need to be neutral in temperament, calm and playful.
  • I’d do best in a home with older children or no children as I prefer a calm environment
  • Fenced in yard where I can run. I enjoy playing outside with my humans, toys or a dog friend.
  • Someone who is committed to compliance with the needs of my Addison’s disease. Compliance of my monthly injection is critical to maintain the great control I currently have of my medical status.  My quality of life and outcome is dependent on your compliance to my medical needs.

If you’re looking for a dog that radiates with love and adores affection; a dog who is loyal to his family (with a few herding breed “quirks”)… you won’t find a sweeter dog than me. I’m waiting for that special someone who’ll offer me unconditional love and understand my need to feel safe and secure. I’m one great Golden mix who’ll bless your life with ultimate companionship.  You’ll never want for snuggles again, as I’ll always be there!

Luv, Cade

 Photos by Connie McGhee and foster family.