Meet Bonnie



Country Girl at Heart seeking peaceful, country living! Playful, energetic Golden sweetheart looking for a forever home with one or more playful, energetic Golden sweethearts to call “fur-family”.  Hi, I’m beautiful Bonnie…loving, happy, energetic and a total “Velco Shadow”, not only with my humans, but also with my Golden foster siblings. I’m a 1 and 1/2 year old Golden Retriever (DOB: 10/29/21) who’s learned to overcome past trauma. Due to that trauma, I only engage and bond with other Goldens, but like all dogs.  I’ve gained confidence each day and continue to impress my foster family with my resilience.  I’m 73 pounds of athleticism.  Every pound of me is full of love and affection! 

Originally, I was crate abused and attacked by other dog breeds.  Later, I was re-unitized and living with my half sisters. We were the perfect Golden trio when re-united, very best friends. Sadly, our human mom became chronically ill and could no longer care for us. She loved us and made the difficult decision to surrender us to AGN. My two half sisters were bonded littermates and could not be separated. The reality of someone wanting to adopt a trio of young Goldens was unlikely, so I was separated to find my own forever home. It broke the hearts of everyone with AGN, but they knew it was best. It was really hard at first, but now I’m truly thriving. The key is me having multiple other Goldens in my home to guide me and help me feel secure.


Personality Traits

I’m a total sweetheart, full of happiness and unconditional love to share!  I’m the typical Golden “Velcro shadow” who wants to be with my humans. I’m also happy when spending time with my foster brother and sisters. I love to rough-house with my “Golden pack”, and I need lots of exercise during the day. Foster dad is outside a lot in our huge backyard in a country type setting so we run, romp and play. In the evening, I’m content to lie beside my foster parents and snuggle.  I’m really smart, observant and learn quickly, but I get anxious if I don’t have a Golden fur-buddy or two to show me how things work. I’m truly a “county girl”. I’ve always lived in a rural setting with a large fenced in yard to run and play. I exhibit some fear in suburban environments as I’m not used to all the traffic, random noises, etc. 

Status with People

I’m friendly and enjoy attention from everyone.  Sometimes, I’m a little shy of strangers, but warm up almost immediately when I see my Golden foster siblings engaging with them. If they’re okay, I’m okay.   Other times, I’m confident in my surroundings and seek out strangers to  pet me. I’ve been around children as young as 9 years old, and I do fine with them. (Though I like to invite my humans to play by “mouthing” their wrist, which might scare tiny humans a bit.) I’m learning that I need to limit the play mouthing to my doggy friends, but a happy Goldens are sometimes “mouthy” even as older dogs. My foster parents think I would be fine with younger kids, as long as they are experienced with big dogs, are not afraid or fragile if I put my mouth on their wrist in excitement and there is adult supervision. I jump in excitement when meeting people. so children should be sturdy on their feet.

Status with Dogs

GREAT with other GOLDENS and love them, but I typically do not engage with other breeds. I’m prone to ignore them. I MUST have one or more energetic GOLDENS in my forever home that will run, wrestle, snuggle and serve as mentors for me. I thrive with Golden companionship. I was strongly bonded to my Golden sisters in my previous home and am highly bonded with my Golden siblings in my foster home.  I’m neutral in temperament and not at all shy with my Golden siblings. I appropriately let them know with good dog communication if they are being too intrusive. I have three Golden foster sisters and one Golden foster brother. I migrate toward the girls, but love my foster brother and play with him, also. I do a great job at “customizing” the way I interact with my Golden pack.  I can be pushy when I want to play, but I usually respect their wishes when they show me they are through playing for the moment. I eat my meals in the same room with my sisters, and we never argue about food.  I wait my turn when accepting treats, and when I do have a toy, I don’t feel that I need to guard it from the other pups. I always loved a game of tug with my two sisters in my previous home.

Status with Cats

I’m very good with cats and do not chase them.

Favorite Toys

I love hard chew toys, balls and stuffies and would love lots of them in my forever home!  Unfortunately, I don’t get to experience toys as much as I’d like because my foster brother can get possessive with toys for dogs that aren’t full-time members of the pack, so my humans have to limit our access to toys. (But I love ‘em anyway!!) I love to chase the ball, and I’m really good at returning it so you can throw it again! I’m even good at taking turns fetching if a fur-sibling is joining in on the game.

Energy Level

Moderately high energy overall. I’m active and energetic, an athletic Golden that requires a lot of exercise, but settle down nicely to snuggle on the couch with my foster mom and furry foster siblings when tired.  I do get lots of exercise during the day so without that major exercise, my energy level will increase.

House Trained

I’m very well house trained. When I need to go outside, I will typically pace around near the humans until I draw their attention.

**AGN always recommends training to “Poochie Bells” to give a clear method of communication to signal the need to potty**

Crate Trained

I WILL PANIC IN A CRATE!!!  I was crate abused and truly panicked to the point of destruction in a crate in my temporary foster home. I need Goldens, not a crate!  I have free roam of the house with my foster siblings. I sleep at the foot of my foster parent’s bed. If I get warm I may move to the dog bed or cool floor.

House Manners

Although I may run some “zoomies” inside, I’m usually well behaved overall. If I’m bored, not exercised enough or anxious, I can be mischievous in the home. I’m good with the “power of the pack”. The answer is the role of the Golden pack to keep me exercised, entertained and feeling secure. I need to be physically tired and mentally stimulated as a young, active older pup. This also helps me feel safe. The Golden pack provides all of this, and I follow their guidance. I was initially prone to counter-surf when I arrived at my foster home, but I’m getting better about that every day. Don’t leave things out on the counter that are tempting. I do need lots of toys to chew on and play with.

Leash Manners

I’m learning to enjoy walking on leash, but I’m scared to walk in suburban/urban areas with lots of cars, noises etc. I will pull to go back home. I get excited when the Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses comes out and can’t wait for my harness and leash to be snapped on as it usually means a fun outing to Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.


I’m a country girl with a huge, fenced yard, and my previous home had the same. Foster dad spends most of his day outside doing projects so I play a majority of the day outside (weather permitting) with my furry foster siblings.  We run, wrestle and play while he works on his outside projects with us “helping” him. My GPS Collar typically reports 20,000 to 40,000 steps per day (and I need that). A tired pup is a good pup, so significant daily exercise with my Golden pack is important for me.  Once tired, I’m quite settled in the house.  Just picture me running and romping with 4 other Goldens…I need that level of exercise!

Car Rides

I enjoy riding in the car, and I’m happy to find a comfy spot and snooze or just watch the world pass by.

Basic Commands

I know Sit, Paw (Shake). No. Come. Also, I recognize lots of words and phrases: Bedtime,  Go Outside, Treat (Cookie).

**I know my name well and to change it would be confusing for me. AGN requires that my name remain “Bonnie” to help me feel safe, secure and stable.**

Storm Phobia

I do not have storm phobia, but I sometimes have a “sympathetic” reaction, so if one of my foster sisters gets nervous during a storm then I try to comfort her.  (I’m not concerned about the vacuum cleaner or even a big lawn mower, by the way!)

Separation Anxiety

My foster parents have not noticed any sign of separation anxiety as long as I am with my Golden pack. (However, my previous temporary foster home had no other pups. and I would exhibit destructive anxiety while in my crate!)

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • A “country” type living situation with a large yard and minimal cars, etc. This is all I know and suburban/urban settings are scary for me
  • Someone who is committed to working with me in a force free/positive manner. Someone who understands that the “power of the Golden pack” is life changing for me…it’s critical for my well-being. Without the Golden pack, I’m anxious and insecure.
  • Active family that enjoys the outdoors, is committed to my daily exercise and socialization.
  • Someone who doesn’t work, works from home or works part time is best as I’m still learning each day. I can’t continue to progress unless someone has the time to work with me on a daily basis.  I need the human interaction.  I’m fine with my Golden pack (free roam in the house) for approximately 4-5 hours without humans.
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training classes would be beneficial. This will help me build confidence, help us bond and build our relationship…and it’s so much fun. All training should be force free/positive or I will shut down.
  • Children are fine for me, but they must be sturdy on their feet due to my jumping in excitement and used to the puppy mouthing of a big dog (I’m not biting…I’m a Golden being “mouthy” in communicating!)
  • Backyard must be large as I’ve been raised in rural areas with huge I need this to run and play with my dog companions. I am not comfortable in urban areas (AGN witnessed this).
  • I MUST have at least one, but preferably two, energetic and well-adjusted GOLDENS to serve as my companions, mentors and playmates…Goldens that will embrace me so that I feel safe and secure. I learn by watching my furry siblings.  I cannot function as an only dog, and I do not engage with breeds other than Goldens so…MUST BE GOLDEN COMPANIONS FOR MY WELL-BEING!

I’m a wonderful Golden who’s had a rough start in life, but I’m thriving in my foster home because my specific needs are being met. AGN is committed to making sure those needs are met in my forever home.  AGN saw what happened when my needs were not being met, so it’s all about what’s best for ME!  I’m definitely a sweetheart who you’ll fall in love with. I’m a very special pup who will make you wonder how you ever lived life without me in it…yes, I’m that wonderful! 

Luv, Bonnie

Photos by Elaine Sears and foster family.