Meet Banner

 Hi, I’m Banner.  I’m a 7 year old, male Golden Retriever.  My DOB is 1/16/17.  I weigh approximately 80-85 pounds so there’s lots of me to love.


I was surrendered to AGN because I was not getting along with the male Labrador in the home.  I ignored the senior female, but just could not work it out with the Lab. I’d been rehomed to my surrendering family. They loved me and wanted me to thrive as an only dog where I could cherish all the love and attention I deserve.


Personality Traits

No one is perfect, but I’m quite close!  I’m the ultimate “people dog”, but there’s one thing… I’m not a fan of other dogs. Otherwise, I’m as perfect as it gets! I’m a ball-obsessed sweetheart who’s smart, social, happy and the most handsome “velcro shadow”. I’m the typical, loving Golden who adores all humans and craves affection. I’m all about cuddling up next to my people and playing ball as much as you’ll play with me. I’m one of those dogs that everyone falls in love with because I just have that “special something” about me. 

Status with People

LOVE all people! Friendly and social with everyone. I assume that everyone I see has come to love on me, so I greet them happily. Good with children and lived with two younger children in my previous home. 

Status with Dogs

Confident male who wants to be in charge and will show dominance to other dogs, which can result in an altercation.  I was likely never socialized with other dogs at a young age, so I’m reactive due to over-stimulation and possibly some insecurity at the foundation of my reactions. Whatever the case, I’m best an only dog. When I see other dogs through the fence, I’ll bite my tennis ball so hard that my jaws “chatter” while barking at the same time…impressive, right!?!  I’m fine on walks passing other dogs across the street as long as there is plenty of distance to separate us.

Status with Cats

My previous owner stated that I ignored the cat when I went to the groomer on a regular basis, but AGN cannot confirm.  

Favorite Toys

BALLS! BALLS!  BALLS! Did I say I LOVE BALLS!  I chew on them like gum, so they can’t be cheap tennis balls or I’ll destroy them. I need real tennis balls, Kong tennis balls, tough chewer balls, etc. I’m a great retriever and will drop it for you to throw it again…and again.  I’ll play fetch all day long if you’ll throw it for me. So, get a Chuck It and let’s play fetch!  I love my ball so much that I carry it around the house and even sleep with it.  Just surround me with lots and lots of balls of all kinds to enjoy!  I’ll also carry around stuffy toys, but balls are my favorite.

Energy Level

Moderate energy overall, but will play ball anytime you’ll throw it for me. I take a lot of steps just following around my foster mom during the day. I also get 2-3 daily walks. I”m not a lie around all day Golden. I’m quite active for a 7 year old.

House Trained

Yes and I tinkle like a girl dog. I don’t hike my leg.

Crate Trained

Yes, but I do NOT need a crate. I have free roam of the house at all times.

House Manners

Perfect gentleman. I’m not destructive in any.  I get a lick mat with peanut butter when my foster family leaves and then take a nap (they can see me on the camera). I only chew on my balls and stuffies. I like to snuggle on the couch with my humans, so be ready for a couch dog. At night I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in the master bedroom, but I’m known to seek out the cool floor or couch. I’m a good security system as I bark when strangers walk by the home.

Leash Manners

Great on leash and love to go for my daily walks. I do great on my Walk Your Dog with Love harness and sit nicely for it to be put on and taken off. If a dog is on the sidewalk across the street, I’m non-reactive to it, but I do react if the dog is on my walking path.


I get quite a bit of exercise.  I go on 2-3 daily walks daily at about 1 mile each.  And of course…play fetch multiple times per day! My previous owner said I love to swim, so let’s give it a try!

Car Rides

Good in the car and enjoy car rides.  I jump right in and lie down in the backseat. As I get older, loading into the car with car steps into the backseat would be best for my knees/joints.

Basic Commands

I also know “Sit”, “Lie Down”, “Drop It” (for my ball). I know my name and it’s important NOT to change it.   

Things I need in my Forever Home

  • Moderately active family that likes to engage in multiple daily walks, hikes and LOTS of games of daily fetch. Maybe we could even try swimming as my previous owner said it’s one of my favorite things!
  • Someone who has a good throwing arm with a Chuck It, etc. as ball is life for me!
  • Someone who’s home more often than not to take me on multiple daily walks, play games of fetch, etc. I adore my humans and would be lonely if all alone for long hours each day.  
  • Children would be fine, but I’m a big boy so could accidently knock down small children.
  • I need to be an only dog in the home
  • A home where there’s never-ending BALLS!

If you’re looking for a ball- loving, snuggle bug who’s practically perfect, you’ve found me! If you have LOTS and LOTS of tennis balls to share, we’ll be best buddies.  I’m really a special fella and everyone that meets me falls in love with me.  I’m a Golden SWEETHEART who’s looking for a family to give all my love to.  Could it be you?

Luv, Banner

Photos by Pawzitively Purrfect and foster family.