Adoption Saves Golden Lives

Adopt a Golden Nashville always has a list of approved adoption applications waiting to be matched with their new furry family member. Due to a high volume of applications and AGN being an all-volunteer rescue, it may take up to two weeks for your application process to begin. Thank you for your patience!

Please read all information and review AGN policies before applying.

Is a “Rescue Dog” right for you and your family?

The dogs in our program are rescue dogs. They are in rescue for a reason, some due to no fault of their own and others with challenges that require specific home environments, medical requirements or continued physical or behavioral rehabilitation. Many of our rescued Goldens are seniors with medical issues and young Goldens with behavioral or medical issues. Due to high demand and the nature of rescue, do not expect the “perfect” Golden.

The objective for AGN is matching the right dog with the right family for a successful adoption. It is not a “dog shopping” process. It is not a “first come first serve basis”. The adoption process takes time. Depending on your situation, the rescue dogs available in our program and our ability to schedule a home visit, this process may take weeks.

Is a Golden Retriever the right breed for you and your family?

Educate yourself on the breed and consider your lifestyle. Goldens are typically loveable, joyful, exuberant and shed a lot. They require much exercise and positive reinforcement/force free training when young. All life stages require mental stimulation, physical activity and regular grooming. Goldens are the ultimate companion dog, wanting to be with their humans most of the time. They are called “velcro shadows” and they like to be touching you with their paws, head and sometimes leaning their entire body on you. The typical Golden adores people and develops strong relationships. They thrive on companionship. love and attention. Goldens do not do well when left alone for long hours.

The typical Golden will love to carry things around… usually a ball or a stuffy toy, but sometimes it may be a shoe left out. A Golden’s wagging tail will clear your coffee table of knick knacks or magazines. He may shred papers, leave muddy paw prints on your floor, dig a hole in the yard, or steal a sock left lying around (a potentially fatal event if the dog swallows it). Goldens love to please their humans, so with consistent, positive reinforcement/force free training, your new furry family member will learn quickly. The behavior of your Golden results from how much time you invest in maximizing their potential through guidance and training.

Goldens are basically puppies until at least 2 years old and are high energy and excitable, often jumping on people with their exuberance. Young Goldens need positive reinforcement/force free training, with training classes recommended. Young Goldens require daily exercise – meaning long daily walks, active play with you and other furry family members and mental stimulation from training and fun activities. Older Goldens tend to be more calm and easy going. They require less high intensity daily exercise, although daily walks and gentle hikes are important for mobility. Mental stimulation through dog puzzles and games are recommended for all ages.

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Once the day comes to welcome your new furry family member into your home, you’ll review and sign the Adoption Contract. It is good to understand the terms prior to committing to the adoption, but there is no need to sign the document until you have reached that final step.

Adopt a Golden Nashville is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1998. AGN is dedicated to the rescue, care, evaluation and placement of abandoned or unwanted Golden Retrievers. Our mission is to promote the understanding, appreciation and care of canines among the general public through education about reponsible pet ownership. We endeavor to raise awareness regarding the extraordaniry unwanted pet population, and do our part to decrease it.