Additional Giving to Save Golden Lives

Estate Planning

Adopt a Golden Nashville would be honored for you to consider a bequest to our program. Your attorney or legal advisor should provide you guidance and direction. Should you establish such a gift with AGN as beneficiary, please let us know so that we may properly acknowledge your intentions. For many of us, making a gift through our estate is the most realistic way to provide a substantial contribution to Adopt A Golden Nashville. At the same time, a carefully planned estate gift can reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes, depending upon the size of your estate. Although you will want to consult with your attorney when making or revising your will, the following are suggestions for making various types of bequests:

Workplace Giving

Matching Gift Program

Thousands of companies encourage their employees’ philanthropy through a matching gift program whereby your employer will match your individual donations. Many employers will match an employee’s donation to a charitable organization up to 100%. Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to Adopt a Golden Nashville.

AGN gladly accepts donations from other charitable foundations and trusts. If you know of such an agency and can help us make it happen, please contact us at