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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 1 year
Gender: male
Weight: 75 lbs
Altered: Yes


BIG OLE GOOFY, HAPPY, BOUNCY PUP! Sweet, energetic, social butterfly who never meets a stranger...that's me, Weston! I'll charm my way right into your heart with my silly puppy antics and bring you love and laughter...and some occasional puppy frustration as I'm just 1 year old. My DOB is 6/1/17. I'm a adolescent Golden Retriever who weighs 75 pounds and I'm one stunningly handsome pup. I'm full of puppy exuberance and I just want to be your best friend, fun adventure companion and snuggle buddy! I'm a normal pup 99% of the time, but due to severe abuse have some PTSD that shows up occasionally. It's almost impossible to believe when you meet me that I've been abused because I'm so amazing, but it's under the surface and I'm a survivor.

I came to AGN after being surrendered by my family to the shelter. I had a sad puppy life with abuse that AGN will go in great detail with my adopter about. Due to my past abuse, my PTSD has known triggers with proven ways to manage me during this time. If I get something in my mouth that I'm not supposed to have there is a specific way to handle me. It's called "TRADE FOR A TREAT". It's not hard, but you must do it each and every time or I will show my teeth and may snap at you if you try to forcefully take it from me. This is a fear reaction and has to do with my abuse. Once I trust you and you puppy proof, it rarely happens, but I must have someone who fully understands that this may remain throughout my life or it could become almost non-existent in time. Either way, I must have someone committed to following the behavior modification protocol that works. I've made incredible progress since being with my foster family. I'm the luckiest pup ever to end up rescued by AGN. I'm having a blast with my foster family and now ready to start my life with my true forever family. I'm the total package so keep reading....

Personality Traits: : I'm a sweetheart of a pup who is loving, energetic , happy, curious and fun. Affectionate velcro shadow who enjoys lying on your feet. Super smart with major potential if training is maximized. Social and friendly with everyone. Still puppy mouthy and jumpy when excited or over stimulated, but overall very well mannered for such a young age. Everyone is quite impressed with me and tell me what a special pup I am!

Status with People: I'm a social butterfly who never meets a stranger, everyone is my friend. Love all people and children. Have always lived with older children, but too much of a high energy pup for young children. In the home, I'm joyful and excited to meet new people so often jumpy in happiness (all part of being an older puppy), but outside of the home or on leash, I'm mannerly when meeting people in dog friendly locations such as the pet store, hardware store, etc. I sit politely for petting and lean into people for affection. I'm basically a silly, bouncy pup if meeting people off leash and a mannerly gentleman when calm and meeting people on leash. Because of my love of people and my already great manners and stability in temperament in public, I most likely would be a wonderful therapy dog when I get older to go into hospitals, nursing homes, etc. to bring joy and comfort.

Status with Dogs: I LOVE playing with other dogs! I was never socialized with other dogs as a puppy so I'm now a big puppy learning dogs for the first time. I'm doing great and really enjoy playing with other dogs. I'm learning dog to read dogs' body language and signals, how to recognize their boundaries, how to respond to their communication, etc. While on leash I'm cautious and observant of other dogs. I wait for your guidance to see if the dog is "safe". Off leash, I'm quick to initiate play and assume all dogs want to play with me as I love to play with them. If I play too rough and they correct me, I take that correction well. I'm still just figuring it all out each time I have a "play date" with another dog. Continued socialization with other nice, stable dogs is going to be important for me as I learn something from each dog I encounter. Those encounters should be positive so make sure you know the dog I'm playing with.

Status with Cats: I've been in a home with cats briefly and was respectful of their boundaries at first because the hissing was scary, but then I wanted to chase and play. The cats did not think it's as much fun as I did.

Favorite Toys: : Everything and anything is a toy for me right, PUPPY PROOF! I love to chew on nylabones, buffalo horns, elk antlers, himalayan chews. I enjoy my frozen kong with peanut butter/pumpkin. Rope toys and stuffy toys...if it's a toy, it's my friend. I do have a confession...I "murder" stuffy toys so the Huggle Hound and Go Dog brands are recommended. In the kiddie pool, I like to play with my doggie skipping stones. Dog puzzles are great mental stimulation and my favorite is my "Bob-A-Lot" that dispenses goodies. I like to play with ice and will toss it in the air before I eat it. I also LOVE to play ball...inside, outside...wherever you can throw a ball for me. Most of the time I bring it back. I'm learning to "drop it" to release the ball. IMPORTANT....IF I GET SOMETHING THAT I CONSIDER IS A TOY THAT IS NOT, I KNOW HOW TO "TRADE FOR A TREAT". This should be a high value treat that I prefer over whatever it is that I have that's I'm not supposed to. Just act like it's no big deal when you see me with the item, go to get the special treat and say "LET'S TRADE FOR A TREAT" and give me one treat (I'll drop the item) then toss another special treat away from the item. When I go and get the treat, pick up the item (if you don't follow this protocol, I'll beat you back to the item because I'm fast). Then give me another treat once you've picked up the item to show me that the treat is better than the item.

Energy Level:High energy as I'm an older puppy. Active and energetic, but settle down for snuggles when tired. A tired puppy is a good puppy so your objective each day should be to wear me out. I need physical and mental stimulation...walking/running, hiking, playing ball, playing with dog "puzzles", etc.

House Trained:Yes, I know I'm let out the back door to potty so I stand by it and wait to go out or bark once by the door if I need someone to notice.

Crate Trained:Yes and will willing go into my crate with the command "Go to your bed".

House Manners:Puppy Proof!!! Still puppy mouthy, jumpy and mischevious. MUST get enough exercise to not become bored and destructive since an older puppy and energetic. Once when bored I started to nibble on the area rug. Foster mom tells me "No, Leave It" and redirects me to my nylabone with praise when I take the nylabone. This works great! I still do silly puppy things. My favorite is stealing socks out of the hamper when the laundry room door is open and stealing dryer sheets and shredding them. You just have to watch me like a toddler because I'm always looking for something to play with. I will create my own toys, like every older puppy, if you don't watch me. All part of being an older puppy as I'm still just a baby at heart! Just teach me in a positive manner as I'm eager to please and smart as they come.

Storm Phobia: No storm phobia. Thunder does startle me as loud noises tend to startle me in general. I've improved since coming to live with my foster family. My favorite place to hang out when resting is between the couch and ottoman at my family's feet. During any storm, I just peacefully lie in my favorite spot and do fine.

Leash Manners: : I walk very well on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness and do not pull. It's really impressive since I'm so young. When you put on my harness, I'm ready to go. My harness is for walking only and should be removed after the walk is over as I will chew on it. Also, if you know you have several guests coming to the home, if you put on my harness and leash for the initial greeting, it has a calming effect on me. My joyful exuberance settles down and you can remove it. This should be done only for the initial greeting so that I can then socialize with everyone since I love people so much.

Exercise:I'm an older pup with high energy so must get significant daily exercise and playtime. I need 2 power walks per day plus lots of playing ball, puzzle games, etc. Although I don't currently jog with my foster family, I'd be a good jogging partner. I love my daily walks and would also enjoy hiking. I also run errands with my foster mom to all dog friendly places with her. I love to go!

Car Rides:Great in the car and love to go. I typically sit or lie down in the back seat. I like to stick my head out the window, but make sure it's NOT all the way down for safety reasons. I go lots of places with foster mom. I'd be a great travel companion if you're up for a road trip to the lake, beach, etc. I'm also a great car companion just to take on joy rides around town.

Basic Commands:Sit, Down (Lie Down), Come, Stay, Out (Exit an area), Shake, High Five, No Leave It, Trade for a Treat, Go to your Bed and I continue to work on Drop It and Off ....Yes, I'm super smart!

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who fully understands that I'm a wonderful pup with a fantastic temperament the majority of the time, but my PTSD reaction if I get something I'm not supposed to have will show up occasionally and it's all about how you handle it. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to follow the behavior modification protocol that the professional dog trainer for AGN has works!
-Someone dog experienced who wants and understands a high energy, older puppy and all the fun and frustration that comes with it
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of power walks/runs, hikes, playing in the creek, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. If you only walk 2 miles a day at a leisurely pace, I'm too much of an energetic puppy for you. I need a family that loves exercise and fun activities and wants a doggy companion by their side.
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time as I'm used to my family being home with me. I thrive in this environment and have made wonderful progress. I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED - this will help us bond and build our relationship and it's so much fun.
-Would do great with another young or adult dog who is stable in temperament and enjoys playing. I could benefit from a nice dog companion to be my mentor.
-Older children would be fine, but they should be 14 and over due to my "puppyness" and to appropriately handle my behavior modification protocol.

So if you're dog experienced, active, enjoy exercise, are committed to my positive reinforcement training/behavior modification protocol and looking for a great companion who's an energetic older pup and everything that comes with it, you won't find a sweeter more fun, goofy, happy dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love....and lots of toys to endlessly play with. I'm a silly, loving, joyful older puppy that will bless your life and keep you on your toes with all the fun we'll have! Just ask for me....Weston! When you look into my soulful eyes, you'll fall in love!

Luv, Weston

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

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