Meet Tipper!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 4 years
Gender: female
Weight: 60 lbs
Altered: Yes

LOVE BUG ALERT! All around GREAT GIRL! That's me, Tipper! Fun loving, happy, smart, sweet, super affectionate and cuddly once I get to know you! Does it get any better than that? I'm a 4 year old Golden mix. My DOB is 1/8/14. My mom was a Golden and my dad was a Lab mix (possibly with Greyhound or Whippet, but AGN cannot confirm). I weigh approximately 60 pounds. Every pound is lean and muscular so I can run like a gazelle...super fast and graceful! I was named Tipper as a puppy because I have a cute white tip on the end of my tail. I'm a stunning young lady!

I was surrendered to AGN in bad physical condition, but with the basic medical care I needed, holistic nutrition and lots of love, I look like a completely different dog. I'm healthy, happy and ready for my forever home. My foster parents say that I'm the "easiest foster they've ever had". I'm just one love bug of a pup that melts everyone's heart!

Personality Traits: : I'm incredibly sweet, affectionate, happy and fun. Higher energy outside and settle down inside to snuggle up with you and/or my furry foster siblings on the couch after exercise and playtime. I'm all about belly rubs and I snore when I sleep. Love to play ball and run, romp and wrestle with my furry foster siblings. Great companion!

Status with People: I'm very loving and affectionate with my family and once I know you. I cuddle up with you or put my head in your lap. At first I may bark at strangers in some situations, but not all situations. Then I'm friendly and social hoping everyone will pet me. I follow the dog pack and bark when you enter the home, but then run up to say "come on in and pet us as we know you came to see us". Enjoy meeting new friends on my outings to dog friendly locations such as the dog store, hardware store, etc. I do not bark at strangers when on my fun outings and am happy to greet everyone. Lived with three children in my previous home and did great with them.

Status with Dogs: I love having a dog buddy and have had one or more since a puppy, but I might bark at new dogs until we meet! Great with other dog friends and live to play, romp and wrestle. Then will cuddle up on the dog bed with my furry friends. Have three furry foster siblings of both genders. My best buddy and playmate is my 4 year old Golden foster sister. I've never shown an ounce of aggression toward any of my foster siblings. I just settled right into the pack when coming to my foster home.

Status with Cats: I lived with a cat in my previous home, but want to chase them in my foster home. I'd be best without a cat in the home.

Favorite Toys: : I love playing fetch with tennis balls and will play forever. Also like stuffy toys.

Energy Level:I'm active outside with my furry foster siblings, but settle down for snuggles when tired inside.

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained:No. Crate is not needed as I have free roam.

House Manners:I have good house manners with free roam in the house. I will get into the trash if given the opportunity so make sure your trash is put away and there will not be an issue. Enjoy a comfy dog bed in my foster parents room at night and enjoy a good nap snuggled up with my furry foster sister after playtime.

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners:: I have good leash manners with the Walk My Dog with Love harness, and I’m getting better all the time! I will sometimes pull or bark if I see another dog while on leash, but I love all dogs so this is just mild leash reactivity which is common for many dogs. I redirect easily with the guidance of my foster family. I'm eager to please and I’m smart, so typically I am compliant once I understand what they want from me.

Exercise:I need to get significant daily exercise and playtime. I enjoy the outdoors with my foster family. Running and playing outside with my furry foster siblings is a fun part of my day.

Car Rides:I'm great in the car and love to go

Basic Commands:Sit, Down (Lie Down), Stay, Wait, Up, Stop and I come when called by name or whistle

*Special Needs: I came into AGN with terrible skin issues. The flea & tick preventative Bravecto treats the skin condition so I will need to continue this specific product... 1 tasty pill every 3 months, and no need for other flea & tick remedies! (I barely had a coat when I came into AGN and now I'm looking like a super model!)

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately active family that enjoys the outdoors and likes to exercise daily by taking walks, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. My foster dad spends about 2 hours a day in the yard and I enjoy being outside with him and playing with my furry foster siblings. We have 2 fenced in acres so lots of room to run and play.
-I'm used to my family being home with me and my furry siblings. I thrive in this environment so I need someone who is not gone long hours each day.
-I love having a dog companion and have always had one, so a dog that will run, play and maybe even cuddle up with me is preferred. I would be lonely without a dog buddy.
- No townhomes/condos as I'm used to running and playing in a large fenced backyard
-Someone fully committed to the Bravecto flea/tick preventative for my skin

So, if you're looking for a LOVE BUG of a dog who has lots of fun energy and love to share, look no further. The pitter patter of my paws will brighten your days and you'll never be lonely as we take on life's adventures together. I'm ready to be your best friend and lifelong companion if you have endless tennis balls for me to fetch and enjoy a snuggly dog to curl up with. I'm a wonderful dog who's ready for a lifetime of love with my forever family.

Luv, Tipper

Photos by Elaine Sears and foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots