Meet Terry!

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Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 12 years
Weight: 82lbs
Altered: Yes

Hi my name is Terry, but it should be "Terry the Teddy Bear". I'm a super sweet, happy, lovable and laid back gentleman who'll brighten your world each day! I'm estimated to be about 12 years old, but I have quite a bit of pep in my step so I'm really 12 years young. I weigh 82 pounds and I'm always smiling while I take every step with you.

I lived in a garage on a tether all of my life so I'm having a blast learning the world for the first time. I went from boredom and isolation to all the fun of living with a fantastic foster family and four furry foster siblings. Talk about your instant family...oh boy! Now, I'm waiting for my meant to be family to read this so that we can start our lives together. I'm smiling just thinking about it!

Personality Traits: Ultimate "velcro shadow" who'd rather be with my human that anything else; really great Golden oldie who is spry and happy; loves attention and affection so very much; super sweet and a complete LOVE BUG

Status with People: Loves people and lives to be with his human

Status with Dogs: Co-exists fine with older, calm dogs; do not like dogs to bump me as it startles me and compromises my balance; although fine with other dogs of both genders, I'm much more interested in being with my humans than interacting with other dogs

Status with Cats: Cats unknown

Favorite Toys: Tennis Balls...I love to carry a tennis ball around with me

Energy Level: Moderate to low; moderate energy outside when on walks and enjoying the sunshine while foster mom's in the backyard, but really laid back and mellow inside; I also love to wade and soak in the kiddie pool on warm days while playing outside with my furry foster siblings

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: No and crate is not needed; free roam and doesn't bother a thing

House Manners: Perfect gentleman with excellent house manners; doesn't bother a thing ; sleeps on an orthopedic dog bed in foster mom's bedroom

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: Good on leash with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness

Exercise: Love my 1/2 mile to 1 mile daily walks and they are important for me; a dog in motion stays in motion and I need to keep moving every day to stay healthy; I also run around in the backyard with my furry foster siblings

Car Rides: Good in the car

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (Lie Down)

Special/Medical Needs: Arthritis supplement for mild arthritis and thyroid medication for low thyroid; best to be in a home with no stairs or minimal stairs - although fine with minimal stairs now, I will get older and become more again, walking is key for me; eyesight is a bit dull at night, but keen during the day

Things I need in my forever home:
-I would be the perfect match for a retired couple that wants the ultimate companion to love on and take leisurely strolls with
-I need a calm, laid back household that matches my personality
-A home with minimal stairs
-Although I co-exist fine with other dogs (except it startles me when they bump into me and I don't like it), I'd prefer to be an only dog to soak up all the attention because I love my human so much
-A working home is acceptable as long as you're not gone long hours and can come home during lunch; I've spent my life by myself in a garage so I crave human interaction and cherish affection
-I'd prefer to have someone who has lots of time to spend with me as I have a lot of life to live that I've missed out on over the years
-Someone with lots of tennis balls for me to carry and soft orthopedic beds for me to lounge on

So I'm here waiting for you if you have extra love and attention that you could share. I so enjoy life and have so much unconditional love to give. I don't ask for much, just your love, kindness and devotion. I promise to bless your life with so much happiness and joy. Will you share your love with me? I will give you all of mine!

Luv, Terry

Photos by Elaine Sears Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots