Meet Sandi and Sonia!

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Sandi and Sonia (bonded pair!)

Breed: Golden Retrievers (purebred)
Age: 1.5 years old (DOB 10/31/17)
Weight: Sandi-57lbs, Sonia-47lbs
Altered: Yes

**Sandi and Sonia are a bonded pair. They are purebred Golden Retriever sisters. We will NOT separate. Adoption fee for both is $700.

DOUBLE SWEETNESS! DOUBLE CUTENESS! DOUBLE SNUGGLES! What’s better than ONE Golden...TWO GOLDEN SIBLINGS!!! Please meet the darling duo and SISTERS, Sandi and Sonia. DOB is 10/31/17. Sandi weighs 57 pounds and Sonia weighs 47 pounds. These precious young Goldens are quite petite. Both girls need to gain some weight, but every pound of both of these darling pups is pure sweetness. They are stunning Golden Retrievers with hearts full of love to share!

Sandi and Sonia have sad backgrounds. We will share the details with their adopter. They are leaving their pasts behind and learning unconditional love and kindness with their foster family. They are experiencing being pampered pups for the first time. They are blossoming each day and will continue to do so. Sandi and Sonia are ready to find a loving family to call their own.

These sisters are super sweet and loving, while also shy right now as they learn the world a little more each day. They have made great progress and continue to come out of their shells. Positive reinforcement training, confidence building and soft guidance is key for them. Everything must be positive training as they shut down with loud voices. They are soft, gentle dogs and need kind, positive direction. Sandi and Sonia are like tiny puppies in older puppy bodies. They are basically learning everything for the first time. Both girls are SWEET, SWEET, SWEET! They are friendly with all strangers, but shy at first. They are good with other dogs. Cats are unknown, but they will chase chickens assertively. Housetrained for the most part, but have had a couple of accidents with so much change in their lives, plus having to be housetrained. Consistency and positive training must be continued. They both need to go out often, especially Sonia. They are learning crates, but Sonia can escape one if she decides to. They sleep in their crates at night just fine and go right in them, but are not happy about the crate when you're gone. This is getting better as they learn they are safe. Crates must be side by side so they can touch each other. They love toys. They love walks, but need work on their leash manners. They are learning the car and doing well. They are learning basic commands and doing well with "sit". They are cuddly pups...the best snuggle buddies ever and enjoy laying in one big puppy pile with you in the middle. We just cannot say enough about these two...They are GREAT Golden pups with so much potential!!!


Sandi is an angel and as sweet as they come. She always wants to be with you and is the ultimate velcro shadow. The pitter patter of her paws take every step with you. Sandi is quite shy and startles easy. She's fearful of loud voices, sudden noises and large hand movements such as throwing the ball or shaking out clothes. She lacks confidence and shows nervousness, but is blossoming more each day. Sandi has a more laid-back temperament, but can be a silly and occasionally a mischievous puppy. She craves affection and loves to cuddle up with you on the couch, very snuggly. She loves her stuffy toys, occasionally de-stuffing them, but mostly plays with them or lays her head on them. She will play with the ball with her sister and furry foster sister, but is scared right now if you throw the ball due to your hand motion. Sandi is polite and friendly with every human, but a bit reserved at first. She adores children and is gentle with them. She looks to her sister for direction most of the time.

Here is precious Sandi:


Sonia is a sweet, spunky, happy, cuddler who is shy, but not as shy as Sandi. Sonia has more confidence and is a little more outgoing, but still a bit timid with new things and new people. Sonia does not like loud voices, sudden loud noises and is not a fan of the vacuum. She loves to run and romp with her sister and furry foster sister. She plays a game of chase with Sandi each morning. Sonia is a stuffy "murderer" so supervise her as she will eat the stuffy. She can be the most puppy mischievous of the pair. Sonia's been known to chew on a few things if bored or unsupervised. PUPPY PROOF! She loves to play ball and a good game of fetch. Sonia loves everyone. She adores children and is gentle with them.

Here is precious Sonia:

One 17 month old Golden puppy is a handful, but TWO can be overwhelming! If you do not have a lifestyle with time and commitment to positive training, confidence building and exercise, Sandi and Sonia are not the right fit for you. Your life needs to revolve around these adolescent pups at this age as they are blossoming and learning each day. Sandi and Sonia are a lot of love and a lot of work. Their potential is endless if you'll maximize it and they are SO WORTH IT!

Things we need in our forever home:
-Dog experienced family who understands that we're learning much of the world for the first time. We're often like puppies in adult bodies. We must have someone who is fully committed to giving us attention, socialization, guidance and confidence building with positive reinforcement training. We must have a patient person and not someone who gets frustrated and raises their voice.
-Moderately active family that enjoys spending time walking, hiking, etc. as we're accustomed to multiple walks daily, along with playtime in the yard, outings with the family, etc.
-We need someone who is home more often than not. We've been through a lot and lived isolated, so human companionship is important for us as we are thriving on it
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are highly recommended. This will help us strengthen our relationship and it's fun!
- We LOVE children and are gentle with them. We would love to have them to play with and snuggle in bed or on the couch with, but this is not required.

We are a lot of Golden love to snuggle with and enjoy life with. You will not find two more AMAZING Golden pups than us. We are finding our "inner Golden" and blossoming more each day. We radiate with love, sweetness, happiness and fun! So, if you have the time for two, energetic older puppies in your life and you're committed to our exercise, socialization and training, you've hit the jackpot with us. Everyone falls in love with us... and you will, too, in an instant! We will melt your heart with our snuggly sweetness!

Luv, Sandi and Sonia

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and Sandi and Sonia's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots