Meet Samson!

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Breed: Labrador (purebred)
Age: 5 years old
Gender: male
Weight: 77 lbs
Altered: Yes

SWEET, SNUGGLY, WATER-LOVING, VELCRO SHADOW WITH A BIT OF "PUPPYNESS" looking for a lifetime of love, fun and adventures with my forever family by my side. That's me...Samson! My soulful eyes will melt your heart. My silly antics will make you laugh. I'm a 5 year old purebred Labrador Retriever. I was surrendered to the shelter by a breeder. He said I was an AKC registered Lab. I'm believed to be a Red Fox Labrador Retriever. I'm stunning! I weigh 77 pounds.

The breeder surrendered me to the shelter because he said that "I would not breed". The kind volunteers of AGN rushed to get me. So, here I am looking for a family that will love and cherish me. Could it be you?

Personality Traits: I'm a snuggly sweetheart who is a happy, bouncy, loving, velcro shadow. I'm that dog who wants to be your ultimate best friend. I adore my humans and furry friends. Good with dogs. Love to swim and will even jump off the side into the pool. Love toys and learning fetch. And I've got a streak of mischievousness in me every now and then. I'm a super sweet, GREAT dog!

Status with People:I'm a friendly fella and get along nicely with everyone I meet. I love the ladies, but I'm slightly cautious of men until I get to know them. Once I know them, they're my buddy. I adore my foster dad. I snuggle up in the recliner with him. It will just take me a bit of time to learn a new "dad". Patience is important as I'll eventually be your best friend and big ole lap dog...yes, I will get in your lap. I approach men in public at Lowe's, etc. for petting. I do best with men who are gentle and not loud or overbearing.

Status with Dogs: I'm great with other dogs and enjoy being with them, but will choose my humans over dogs. Neutral in temperament and avoid conflict. Have five foster siblings, both genders and varying ages and temperaments. I do well with all of them. I don't really know how to "play" with other dogs yet, but I co-exist well, share toys well and am learning how to be a part of the doggy pack. I recently went to an AGN doggy pool party and got along with every dog I met.

Status with Cats: unknown

Favorite Toys:I love toys and enjoy carrying them around. I like squeaky toys, stuffies, Kong, rope toys and tennis balls. I'm learning to play fetch. I love my kiddie pool...not a toy, but still love it!

Energy Level:Moderate energy overall

House Trained:Yes, but prefer that you step out with me and then typically run right back to the door. It seems obvious that I have a fear of being left outside.

Crate Trained: Yes. Stay in crate when no one is home and will sometimes go in randomly on my own. Vocal when you get home as I'm ready to get out and see you. Sleep at night in my foster family's room on a dog bed and sometimes snuggled up in bed with them.

House Manners:I must have been an interior decorator in my previous life because I sometime will re-arrange things in the house...foster mom's purse in my crate, foster dad's shorts in the kitchen, move pillows around and occasionally furniture. I don't bother a thing...I just move it around. It's really funny! Enjoy lounging on the recliner and bed with my foster family. I don't jump on people, but get bouncy on my front legs in excitement. Will softly mouth your fingers or hand when greeting, no teeth or pressure and very gentle. Gentle taking treats.

Storm Phobia:I don't react in the house to storms, BUT I will not go out to potty if it's raining or if it smells like it's going to rain/storm. If it thunders while I'm outside, I bolt back to the door and want to be inside. I'm fine once inside. I don't like loud noises in general.

Leash Manners:: Good on leash and use a fabric martingale collar as I will back out of a normal buckle collar if I think it's going to rain. Extra safety precautions should be taken when walking in rain, storms and around loud noises to avoid me getting away from you.

Exercise: Need daily exercise through walks in the neighborhood and parks, hiking, swimming, etc. I LOVE to swim!!!

Car Rides:Good in the car. Jump right in and ready to go. Enjoy getting pets along the way.

Basic Commands:I know my name, Kennel, Off, Wait. I'm super smart and eager to please so can you teach me more fun things?

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who wants a true best furry friend to hang out with and snuggle up with. I want to take every step you do so I love being a part of your daily routine. I'm a cuddle bug so I like lounging around with you.
-A moderately active family that likes to engage in daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, etc....and of course, playing ball and swimming. Did I say I LOVE to swim!
-I'd do fine in a working home as long as you're not gone long hours as I want to be with you. I would also need a dog buddy. Currently in a foster home where my foster mom works from home
-I'd do best in a home with another nice dog that will play gently with me and share toys
-Older children would be fine. No children in my foster home, but have been good with them in public.
-Someone with lots and lots of tennis balls and toys!
-A household that is not too noisy as I'm not a fan of loud noises.
- A townhome/condo would be fine for me if you plan to walk me a lot. I don't need a large yard as I prefer to be inside except for some playtime outside and potty time.

If you're looking for the ultimate companion to enjoy life with, and you enjoy the pitter patter of paws taking each step with you...look no further. I'm a wonderful fella who will melt your heart each day with love, happiness and laughter. I'm truly the SWEETEST, CUDDLE BUG EVER!

Luv, Samson

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and Samson's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots