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Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 80lbs lbs
Altered: Yes

DARLING DOODLE SEEKING FUN AND SNUGGLY FAMILY TO LOVE! I'm Roman, an adorable Goldendoodle, and I'll charm my way into your heart! I'm 3 years old. My DOB is 3/17/16. I'm a big and tall fella at 80 pounds. I have those long and lean standard poodle legs. I look like a doggie supermodel. Every pound of me is full of sweetness! I'm really just a human with fur :-) Speaking of fur....I had to be groomed quite short due the poor condition of my coat when I came into AGN. The groomer fell in love with me just like everyone else. I'm just a big ole "teddy bear" to snuggle with who radiates with love and joy!

I was surrendered to AGN as my family did not have enough time for the needs of a young Goldendoodle due to work and children. They rescued me when I was abandoned in a backyard as a puppy. They loved me enough to realize that AGN could find a forever family for me that's the perfect match. Now, I'm enjoying being pampered in my foster home and waiting on my meant to be family to read my bio.

Personality Traits: I'm a super sweet, affectionate, social, polite, mild-mannered, laid back and yet active young doodle. I have bursts of bouncy doodle energy and can be goofy and puppyish, but I'm more of a laid back Goldendoodle that will settle down and chill out with my foster family after enough exercise. Still puppy mouthy and that needs to be re-directed in with positive reinforcement training. Everyone falls in love with me. I'm just so sweet and look straight into your soul. There's just something about me that captures your heart instantly. I'm very loving and will be your ultimate companion.

Status with People:Love and adore my humans....very loving and snuggly. I sometimes will stand up on you for "hugs" and I'm a big boy, so be prepared for my "doodle hugs". Social, friendly and polite with strangers. Happy to meet everyone. Good with children and gentle with them. Lived with children ages 8 and 5 in my previous home. Even though I'm a big fella and will jump on adults in joyful exuberance, I'm gentle with children and seem to understand they are tiny humans.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs of all sizes. Neutral to submissive in temperament. Love to run and play with my dog friends. Lived with a dog in my previous home and with a female Goldendoodle in my foster home. She's my best friend. Thrive with other dogs. Have been bullied by a dominant male dog so need a dog companion that will play nicely with me due to my neutral to submissive temperament.

Status with Cats: Good with cats according to past owner, but AGN cannot confirm

Favorite Toys: I haven't really learned to play with toys quite yet so I'm hoping you can teach me. A good way to redirect my puppy mouthing is to redirect me to a toy. This will help me learn not to be mouthy and to put my mouth on the toy, which is the first step in playing with a toy. I do like to chew on elk antlers so I'll get there in time.

Energy Level: Moderate overall. Active, playful, and sometimes puppyish, because I'm young...but not hyper. With lots of daily exercise playing with my dog friends and walking, I'm content to just chill with you on the front porch or lounge with you inside. I'm quite easy going most of the time, but still young and active so I need my daily exercise.

House Trained:Yes

Crate Trained: Yes. Sleep in my crate at night.

House Manners:I'm excellent in the house and haven't bothered anything. As tall as I am, I haven't tried to counter surf, jump on things, etc. I'm quite the gentleman.

Storm Phobia:None seen so far

Leash Manners:Good on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. I'm strong and walk fast so you need to be a somewhat fast walker to keep up with my natural pace. I love to take my walks and do so in areas where there are lots of people to greet me. I'm a hit wherever I go.

Exercise:I'm young, active and need significant daily exercise and playtime. I get a lot of exercise playing with my furry dog friend and walking with my humans. My previous states that I enjoy swimming so I'm all about a hike and swim now the weather is warming up.

Car Rides:I enjoy car rides and jump right it. If you're looking for a great car companion, I'm your guy!

Basic Commands: Sit, Stay

Special Needs: Occasionally, I can be a little nervous and anxious, but it's only typically if left alone without another dog friend. I was left for long hours in my previous home so I just get lonely. Also, let's talk grooming....I require significant professional grooming. I need to be brushed/combed out several times a week and will need to go to the groomers at least every 4-6 weeks.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes, and fun outdoor adventures.
-Someone who's home more often than not because I still need guidance and crave human interaction. I'm not a fan of being left alone too long. I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise, socialization and training.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes recommended. This will help us bond and build our relationship and it so much fun.
-I'd do best with a doggie playmate. I love other dogs and would enjoy a doggy friend that will play with me. A female that will play nicely with me is the best fit for me or a non-dominant male that is used to being with other male dogs. Because I was bullied by another male dog recently, AGN will make sure I'm compatible with a dog companion in my forever home.
-Children who are not intimidated by my tall stature would be great as I adore children and am great with them.

So, if you're looking for a great Goldendoodle who has a beautiful temperament, one with lots of love to share and wants to be your best friend... look no further. The pitter patter of my paws will follow you everywhere so that you'll never be lonely as we take on life's adventures together. I'm ready to be your lifelong companion if you have endless cuddles to share. I'm a true sweetheart who's ready for a lifetime of love with my forever family. I'm a special fella who will steal your heart!

Luv, Roman

Photos by Tom Thomson Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots