Meet Redford!

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Breed: Retriever mix
Age: 4-5 years old
Gender: male
Weight: 66 lbs
Altered: Yes

Loving, laid back gentleman who enjoys outdoor adventures looking for a best friend to cherish life with! Hi, I'm Redford. My friends call me "Red". I'm an approximately 4-5 year old Retriever mix. I likely have Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in me, possibly mixed with Lab/Golden, but AGN cannot confirm. No matter what my breed mix is, I'm absolutely stunning! My gorgeous coat and markings always draw attention. I weigh 66 pounds and every pound is full of sweetness.

I was surrendered to AGN when my caretaker moved out of state. The adjustment was challenging for me as I've gone from being an outside country dog to an inside city dog. I'm enjoying life and being cherished in my foster home. I'm ready to find my forever family who wants the ultimate companion.

Personality Traits: I'm an incredibly sweet velcro shadow who wants to be with my people at all times. Easy going sweetheart who craves love and affection. Laid back, happy and friendly. Great with all people. I'm content to be with my humans in whatever you're doing...whether that be snuggling on the couch, going for walks or hikes, running errands or following you from room to room. Perfect companion to be by your side and cherish life together.

Status with People: I never meet a stranger. I'm friendly and social with all people and love to be with my humans.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs. I'm neutral in temperament with a peaceful confidence. I used to roam free in the country so I never seek conflict, but will defend myself if needed. I've been known to put my hackles up around a dominant male, but then we sniff and I walk away. I have two furry foster siblings in my foster home to play with. They are both female Labs. I co-exist perfectly with them, enjoy their companionship and follow them around, but haven't quite mastered the art of playing and wresting...yet!

Status with Cats: I'm great with cats and enjoy hanging out with them.

Favorite Toys:I don't know how to play with toys yet. Occasionally I'll pick one up, but then foster mom gets excited and I drop it to go join in the fun with her excitement.

Energy Level: I lean on the lower to moderate side. I'm really laid-back and mellow in temperament, but I need consistent exercise throughout the day.

House Trained:Yes, but I prefer that you leash walk me. I'm not the biggest fan of going potty in my backyard. I'd rather go potty when I'm on my walks..and I go on lots of walks.

Crate Trained: Crates make me panic! I don't need a crate as I'm great in the house with free roam

House Manners: I'm a perfect gentleman with excellent house manners. Don't bother a thing. I'm a couch dog and have started getting in the recliner with my foster dad to snuggle. I sleep in the bedroom with foster mom and snooze all night long.

Leash Manners: Good on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness and oh how I LOVE my walks!

Exercise: I get four 20 minute walks per day, plus multiple play times with my furry foster sisters in the backyard. I also love to go on hikes, enjoy the creek and enjoy all outdoor activities with you by my side. I really want to explore outdoors so the more you get me out and about, the happier I am.

Car Rides: I was anxious at first, but now I hope right in with my furry foster sisters and I'm ready to go on a fun adventure.

Basic Commands: I'm great at "Sit" and I know my name. I respond wonderfully to my name indoors, but can get distracted outside as there are so many fun things that get my attention.

Special/Medical Needs: I lived as an outside country dog my entire life where everyone in the community loved me. I'm used to having no physical boundaries, but now learning how to enjoy being an inside, city dog. I'm not looking to run away from you because I love my humans so much, but I still have the desire to enjoy the outdoors exploring, so you MUST make sure I do not get out of doors or gates. I have anxiety when you leave that will likely dissipate over time. I want to be with you at all times so when you leave I'm concerned that you won't come back. I am NOT destructive when you leave, I just pace and whine and then settle down with my furry foster sisters. They seem fine, so I'm learning that I'm fine and you're coming back. I cannot be confined in crates or small spaces, although I was fine at the vet clinic as I knew I was at the vet. Confinement is scary for me. There is no reason to confine me inside because I have perfect house manners.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who understands that I'm taking on an entirely new way of living and is committed to helping me continue my great progress
-Need someone who enjoys spending time outdoors with their furry companion. We can exercise, lounge on the patio, garden, etc.
-I'd be the perfect match for a lower key family that wants a loving velcro shadow and enjoys daily exercise. Even though I'm laid back, I need consistent exercise outside. I especially love hikes and any outdoor adventures with you.
-Need a home where you're not gone long hours due to my current anxiety when you leave. I would not do well in a home where you're gone most of the day. I crave human interaction and cherish affection.
- Would do best with another dog in the home so that I have companionship when you're away. The companionship of my furry foster sisters is a calming element for me when you're gone. I do what they do and know I'm not alone.

I'm simply a delightful, love of a dog! So if you're looking for a loving, mild mannered, beautiful gentleman and you're committed to my needs as I transition, I'm you're perfect companion. I'm ready to share life with my new family if you have lots of snuggling to give and enjoy fun adventures outside. I don't ask for much, just your love, kindness, outdoor fun and devotion. I promise to bless your life with so much happiness and joy. Will you share your love with me? I'll give you all of mine!

Luv, Redford

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots