Meet Reba!

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Breed:Golden Retriever
Age: 6 years old
DOB: 4/20/13
Weight: 58 lbs
Altered: Yes

Hi, I'm Reba and I'm as fabulous as the country music star that I'm named after! SWEET, GENTLE, LAID BACK, HAPPY and BLOSSOMING EVERY DAY...that's me! I'm a gorgeous 6 year old Golden Retriever. My DOB is 4/20/13. I weigh 58 pounds.

I came to AGN from a breeder who wanted me to find a wonderful forever family. I've created many puppies and now it's time for me to retire, relax and be pampered. I'm thriving in my AGN foster home and living the life of a queen. I'm ready to find a family to call my own...are you my special someone?

Personality Traits: I'm a sweet, loving, laid back, gentle Golden girl who's the perfect balance of dependence and independence. I crave your affection and attention, but I'm not demanding for it. My personality is really starting to shine through and I'm blossoming every day. I'm learning the world a little at a time outside of the breeding kennel. I'm polite, social and friendly with everyone. You'll fall in love with me in an instant!

Status with People: I'm sweet and friendly with all people. I've only been around older children, but I'm such a gentle girl that I'd likely be fine with all children.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs. I lived with a young female Golden in the same breeding kennel. I have two male furry foster siblings and my best buddy is the young German Shepherd. He and I run and play a lot. At first, I didn't like his silly puppy antics, but now he's my buddy. I do guard my stuffy bunny from my furry friends. I give them a little growl to them know it's my "baby".

Status with Cats: I've been around cats briefly and just tend to ignore them.

Favorite Toys: I love stuffy toys, especially my bunny. I carry it around with me non-stop like it's my puppy. I haven't learned to play ball yet, but maybe you can teach me.

Energy Level: I'm lower to moderate in energy overall. I'm a great "hang out with you" kind of gal. I just want to be where you are most of the time and then sometimes I'll go relax by myself.

House Trained: Yes and will do a little "two step" to let you know.

Crate Trained: I choose to go in my crate sometimes with an opened door. It's like my little "cave" with a comfy orthopedic bed, but I do not officially need me crate.

House Manners: Perfect lady that doesn't bother a thing. I'm either with you or I might hang out in foster mom's office looking out the window. Sometimes I lounge on the couch or bed. I like to take snooze on the guest bed.

Leash Manners: I'm excellent on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. I don't pull at all. I'm a good example of a nice leash walking dog. So if you like to walk, I'm ready to go!

Exercise: I enjoy daily walks a couple of times per day. It's so much fun to learn the world while out on a walk. I also play a lot with my furry foster siblings.

Car Rides: I'm good in the car. I load into the back floorboard and ride nicely. I usually lie down or look out the window.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Lower key family that likes to take walks through the neighborhood and strolls in the park.
-I've never been an only dog as I've had dogs around me my entire life in the breeding kennel. I'd likely do best with a nice companion dog unless you are home more often than not and I'd probably be fine.
-I'd be fine in a working home as long as you give me lots of attention and exercise while you're at home. I get so happy and do a little "dance" when you get home.
-I'm still learning stairs and they're not my favorite, but I'm getting there. I need someone to continue working with me.
-A townhome/condo is fine as long as I get the exercise I need.

I'm sweet, gentle and low maintenance! My lower key energy is perfect if you're someone who just enjoys life and takes advantage of each day with your loving companion by your side. Whatever you're doing, I'll be there with you or not too far away. I'm that great Golden who adores you, but I also take some time for myself when I know you'll always be close by. I'm one amazing Golden and excited about my life's next chapter.

Luv, Reba

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots