Meet Presley!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 10 years
Gender: female
Weight: 58 lbs
Altered: Yes

Elegant and graceful lady who will melt your heart with one look from my soulful eyes! The sweetest, most gentle and wonderfully wise Golden you could ever imagine. Hello, my name is Presley! I'm an approximately 10 year old Golden Retriever and I'm quite lovely and lean at 58 pounds.

No one knows what my early life was like, but recently my owners moved away and abandoned me on their property to fend for myself. At some point I had been chained as I wore my teeth down trying to chew off of it. Neighbors fed me and found rescue locally for me, but then I was really blessed when AGN took me into their program. I'm like the Velveteen Rabbit...a little worn, wise and older, but I'm the symbol of real's ups and downs: it's tragedies and triumphs. I deserve all the good that life has to offer and I'm waiting on my forever family to find me. I'm ready for the love of a true forever family!

Personality Traits: Sweetest dog you can dream of; typical "velcro shadow"; peaceful Golden who gets along with everyone; never meet a stranger and greet everyone with a friendly wag of the tail; sweetheart who's loving, gentle and adores affection; low key and laid back; just a precious girl who is appreciative of all the love and kindness you will share

Status with People: Wonderful and friendly with all people and children; gentle with children, but will seek a quiet place if they get too loud and rambunctious; everyone who meets me falls in love with me; seek out affection, but not demanding for attention

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs of both genders; peaceful and co-exist nicely; neutral temperament with a bit of submission with other dogs; currently has three furry foster siblings to lounge around with; not one to play much with other dogs, but enjoy being with them for companionship

Status with Cats: status unknown

Favorite Toys: Love my stuffy toys, but the other dogs usually take them from me - I don't mind, but I sure do enjoy them when I can sneak one away by myself; will carry them to my bed to play with and snuggle with

Energy Level: Lower energy overall; laid back and mellow inside and enjoy some outside time rolling in the grass on a beautiful, sunny day; love to lounge around on my comfy, orthopedic beds

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: No, I do not need a crate; I have free roam of the home with perfect manners

House Manners: Perfect house guest! Great house manners; have free roam and not destructive; I LOVE my orthopedic dog bed to sleep, nap or just lounge around on...the softness is so comforting!

Storm Phobia: None seen

Leash Manners: : Great on leash with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness and enjoy my walks; I walk right beside you

Exercise:Daily walks are essential for me to stay healthy - a body in motion stays in motion! I have some arthritis so it's important that I stay flexible and keep moving forward on a daily basis with nice walks through the neighborhood, park, gentle trails, etc.

Car Rides:Ride well in the car

Basic Commands: Sit (sometimes)

Special/Medical Needs:

Because my front teeth are worn down, I need canned food mixed in with my holistic kibble so it's easier for me to eat; have some arthritis so a glucosamine supplement is a must, along with daily walking to keep my joints fluid; no stairs or minimal stairs; hardwoods can sometimes cause me to slip so carpeting or lots of throw rugs are best (most likely hardwoods are new to me)

Things I need in my forever home:
-Calm, quiet, laid-back household to match my personality
-Moderately active family that likes to engage in daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, etc.
-Someone who enjoys spending lots of time with their furbaby...I'm a "hang out with you" kind of girl that loves to just chill out and watch movies with you, lie beside you when you read a book on the patio, hang out with you while you garden and nap next to you while you work on your computer
-Because I so love human affection and thrive with my foster family home with me and most likely spent most of my life isolated, I need someone who is home more often than not; someone who works part time; works from home or doesn't work
-I'd be fine as an only dog if you spend lots and lots of time with me
-I'd also be fine with another nice and gentle dog companion to hang out with
-I need orthopedic dog beds to protect my joints and bring me comfort when I nap and sleep.
-Older children would be fine as long as they are respectful and gentle with me as I age

I have so much life and love to give. I'm just a low-key and easy going sweetheart who is really as perfect as you can get. I'm full of unconditional love to share with you as the pitter patter of my paws follow you around each day. So, if you are looking for a wonderful Golden girl to bring you joy and happiness, let's cherish life together. They just don't come any sweeter than me! I'm just absolutely PRECIOUS in every way!

Luv, Presley

Photos by April Watson

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots