Meet Piper!

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Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 4 years
Weight: 66 lbs
Altered: Yes


Hi, I'm Piper. I'm a beautiful, sweet and loving girl, but a little shy at first. I'm an active, 4 year old Golden Retriever (DOB 3/2/16). I weigh 66 pounds. I'm a work in progress so will need someone who truly has a heart for rescue dogs.

I was surrendered from a home environment where I was treated inappropriately by multiple young children. This has created some PTSD with resource guarding of toys and random objects such as socks, etc. (Resource guarding is the displaying of behavior to convince others to stay away from a particular "resource" that is found as high value to the dog.) If I get something in my mouth that I'm not supposed to have there is a specific way to handle me. It's called "TRADE FOR A TREAT". It's not hard, but you must do it each and every time or I may snap at you or "nip" you if you try to forcefully take it from me. This is a fear reaction and has to do with my past. I must have someone with rescue dog experience who fully understands that this may remain throughout my life or it could become almost non-existent in time. Either way, I must have someone committed to following the behavior modification protocol that works. I've made incredible progress since being with my foster family.

Personality Traits:
-Loving and loyal
-Sweet and seek affection once I know you; Tentative with strangers at first, especially men
-Moderately energetic, love to play outdoors, chase birds and any reflections, shadows, etc
-Enjoy lounging on the porch with my humans
-Prone to bolt out of doors in previous home so safety should be maximized

Status with People:
- Friendly and loving once comfortable
-Enjoy lounging around with my humans
-Shy of strangers at first and warm up to women more quickly than men
-Upon meeting strangers, I typically bark, retreat, then I'm happy and engaging
-Fearful of younger children

Status with Dogs:
-Good with other dogs, female and male
-Lived with large dog in previous home and two Goldens (one male, one female) in foster home
-Enjoy running and playing with furry foster siblings
-Neutral in temperament with foster siblings

Status with Cats: : Good with cats according to surrendering owner and ignores cat in foster home

Favorite Toys: Stuffies, but will guard such toys so should only be given if able to appropriately manage the situation No ball retrieving yet, but like to run with my furry foster siblings while they chase the ball

**RESOURCE GUARDING PROTOCOL: I guard toys and items, not food. IF I GET SOMETHING THAT I CONSIDER IS A TOY (stuffy, sock, item of clothing, etc.), I KNOW HOW TO "TRADE FOR A TREAT". This should be a high value treat that I prefer over whatever it is that I have that's I'm not supposed to. Just act like it's no big deal when you see me with the item, go to get the special treat and say "LET'S TRADE FOR A TREAT" and give me one treat (I'll drop the item) then toss another special treat away from the item. When I go and get the treat, pick up the item (if you don't follow this protocol, I'll beat you back to the item because I'm fast). Then give me another treat once you've picked up the item to show me that the treat is better than the item. If you try to take something away from me without this protocol and grab for it, I will air snap or "nip" you. I fixate first and then react.

**PLEASE NOTE: My forever family is encouraged to read the book "Mine: A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs" by Jean Donaldson

Energy Level:
- Moderate energy
-Run, romp and play with my furry foster siblings
-Settle down nicely inside or when lounging on the porch with my foster family

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: No and I don't need one

House Manners:
-Wonderful manners and not destructive
-Free roam when humans are away
-Sleeps next to bed of my foster family

Leash Manners: Walk well on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness

- Run, wrestle and play with furry foster siblings
-Chase birds, shadows and reflections - will sometimes dig where the reflection disappears
-Enjoy walks
-My previous family stated that I enjoy swimming

Car Rides:
- Good on shorter car rides
-Occasionally get a bit car sick on longer car rides (a couple of hours) - need to associate car rides with fun things verses just going to the vet.
-Putting treats in the backseat for me to randomly find and going fun places is a great idea.

Storm Phobia: Mild fear of storms, but not destructive

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who fully understands that I'm a wonderful pup with a fantastic temperament the majority of the time, but my PTSD reaction if I get something I'm not supposed to have will show up occasionally and it's all about how you handle it. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to follow the behavior modification works!
-Someone with rescue dog experience. Someone who has dealt with dog behavior challenges and positive reinforcement behavior modification
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks/runs, hikes, playing in the creek, swimming and fun outdoor adventures.
-Someone who is not gone long hours. My foster family is home with me during the day. I thrive in this environment and have made wonderful progress. I need someone with the time to commit to daily exercise and positive reinforcement training.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are highly recommended with Kat Martin at This will help us bond and build our relationship and it's so much fun.
-Would do great with another dog who is stable in temperament and enjoys playing. I could benefit from a nice dog companion.
-I should not be around young children due to my resource guarding. Teenagers must be 15 and older with dog experience and ability to appropriately handle my behavior modification protocol. NO EXCEPTIONS DUE TO HISTORY WITH CHILDREN IN PREVIOUS HOME.

So if you are rescue dog experienced, active, enjoy exercise, are committed to my positive reinforcement training/behavior modification protocol and looking for a great companion, you won't find a sweeter dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love. I'm a wonderful, joyful Golden that will bless your life. So, just ask for me....Piper! When you look into my soulful eyes, you'll fall in love!

Luv, Piper

Photos by Elaine Sears Photography Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots