Meet Paxton!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 7 years
Gender: male
Weight: 98 lbs
Altered: Yes

Gorgeous, gentle giant with a heart full of love and kindness to share! Hi, I’m Paxton. I’m an approximately 7 year old Golden Retriever. I came into AGN weighing 118 pounds and am currently down to about 98 pounds. I’m eating holistic dog food, supplemented with green veggies and getting daily walks and playtime. I need my family to stay committed to keeping me on a healthy eating plan and getting daily exercise so I can continue to shed some weight.

I was surrendered to AGN due my family having financial difficulties. They contacted AGN to find me a wonderful forever family. I had a male dog buddy who went to another rescue, but I'm great friends with my furry foster sister who's a Golden exactly my age. I'm doing great and looking forward to starting life with my true "meant to be" family.

Personality Traits: Gentle, laid back sweetheart who wants to be near my "pack" at all times; Easy going, quiet, go with the flow, big ole teddy bear that lives in peace and harmony with everyone

Status with People: Good with all people and enjoy affection with a bit of shyness when I first meet someone; friendly, pleasant and slightly reserved with strangers and then I become more animated and want belly rubs when we become friends; I even smile when I get belly rubs (it's so cute!); Good with children and lived with them in my previous home, but nervous if they are loud and rambunctious

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs of both genders; try to engage in play with my furry foster sister but she tends to shy away from me because I’m bigger than she is; lived with a 5 year old male beagle in my previous home and we enjoyed playing together

Status with Cats: cats unknown

Favorite Toys: LOVE LOVE LOVE squeaky tennis balls! They’re my favorite! I carry them around with me and sometimes take them when I go potty; happily chase after a ball, but working on retrieving; enjoy chewing on my Nylabone

Energy Level: : Lower to moderate energy overall with a laid back, easy going temperament; love my walks and playtime with my family in the backyard, but also enjoy lounging on the couch with my furry foster sister

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: No; I have free roam of the house without issue

House Manners: Great house manners and the perfect gentleman; have free roam and not destructive; I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in my foster parents' room at night and lounge on dog beds or the couch during the day snuggled up with the couch pillows

Storm Phobia: None seen in foster home

Leash Manners: Walk well with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness, but like to "stop and smell the roses" along the way; Yes...I'm a sniff everything along the way kind of gentleman as it tells me so much about the world around me; curious to meet other dogs on walks; will pull to get to them if on opposite side of street and will greet them nicely if close

Exercise:Get so excited about my walks! Enjoy multiple, daily walks totaling 2-3.5 miles per day; also enjoy time playing in the backyard or just hanging outside with my family; daily exercise is critical for me to continue my weight loss, increase mobility and reduce stiffness due to some arthritis...a body in motion stays in motion so walking is key

Car Rides: Need a ramp to get into the SUV as jumping is difficult with my size and arthritis; enjoy car rides as they are fun adventures

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (lie down) and working on Come

Special Needs:: Need to lose approximately 20-25 pounds to be at my ideal weight so holistic dog food, green veggies and daily walking is key; I have some arthritis in either my hips or back legs; Arthritis/Glucosamine supplement for mild arthritis is needed; Need a home with no stairs or minimal stairs as I do not take on stairs in my foster home; I have a beautiful, but heavy Golden coat that will require daily brushing and regular professional grooming

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone committed and focused on my weight loss and exercise to maximize my health
-I would be the perfect match for a retired couple that wants a laid back, easy going companion to love on and take leisurely strolls with at the park, through the neighborhood, etc.
-A home with no stairs or very minimal stairs
-I prefer a calm, laid back household that matches my personality
-I'd do best in a home where you're not gone long hours; I enjoy human interaction and cherish affection, but a working home is fine if I have a dog companion to lounge around with
-I'd do fine as an only dog if you spend most of your time with me and I would also do fine with another nice, calm dog like me who likes to engage in gentle play - no energetic young dogs please!
-soft orthopedic beds for me to lounge on are a must as sleep on them and they protect my joints

I'm simply a delightful, love of a dog! So if you're looking for a mild mannered, beautiful gentleman and you're committed to my weight loss journey with daily walks to keep us both healthy, I'm you're perfect companion. I'm ready to share life with my new family if you have lots of belly rubs to give. I don't ask for much, just your love, kindness and devotion. I promise to bless your life with so much happiness and joy. Will you share your love with me? I will give you all of mine!

Luv, Paxton

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots