Meet Oliver!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 11 months old
Gender: male
Weight: 65 lbs
Altered: Yes

Big ole goofy pup to bring you love and laughter...that's me, Oliver! GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE! I'm a happy, lovable, playful, affectionate sweetheart who's laid back for my age. I'm just waiting to be the puppy of your dreams! I'm a stunning Golden/Pry mix (according to past owner). I have characteristics of both my breeds. I'm not even 1 year old yet. My DOB is 10/14/17. I weigh 65 pounds and still growing. I'm in that lanky puppy stage with big, clumsy puppy paws. To know me is to love me!

I was surrendered to AGN because my family didn't have time for the needs of a puppy so I was put in the backyard. I'm learning the world one puppy paw at a time. I love my foster family, but I'm ready to start life with my true forever family.

Personality Traits: I'm a sweetheart of a pup who is loving, playful, goofy and laid back in temperament. Super smart with major potential if training is maximized and still learning new things each day. Friendly with everyone. Typical Golden "velcro shadow", but with a streak of independence that likes to explore my yard and play with my dog friends...just don't leave me outside by myself as I want to be right with you. I'm one AWSOME pup!

Status with People:I'm great with all people and children. Enjoy meeting new people. Polite and friendly with everyone. Gentle nature so great with children. Lived with children in my previous home, ages 6 and 12, and LOVE THEM! Typical for the Great Pyrenees in me, I bark at strangers from my's just what we do. But, I'll gladly welcome them right on in after being vocal about it.

Status with Dogs: I'm GREAT with other dogs and love to play. Have 2 furry foster siblings, both genders, and take direction well from them. Neutral in temperament and enjoy the dog park. Good with both genders and all sizes of dogs. Love to wrestle, run and romp with my Golden foster siblings.

Status with Cats: unknown

Favorite Toys:Enjoy playing with my stuffy and squeaky toys. Ropes are fun to play tug with. Love to chase the ball and bring it back...sometimes :-)

Energy Level:Moderate energy overall. Active and likes to play, but laid back for a puppy my age. Get lots of playtime with my furry foster siblings and walks with my foster family.

House Trained:Perfecting my housetraining and making wonderful progress. Because I was never appropriately housetrained, I'm learning like a tiny puppy would for the first time. Positive reinforcement is key. I should be rewarded within three seconds when I potty outside so that I associate the treat with the good behavior of going potty outside. I would benefit by being trained to "poochie bells" so that I have a clear method of communication to tell you I need to go out. I'm a learning puppy and patience, consistency and positive reinforcement is required. **NEVER scold a dog for having an accident in the house!!! They have no clue why there are being scolded and scolding creates fear. Reward the positive and ignore or redirect the negative as it happens, not after the fact**

Crate Trained: I'm working on it. I'm not a fan of my crate, but do accept it once inside. I will enter reluctantly with a high value treat such as a peanut butter Kong and this helps to entertain me. I'm crated when my foster family is away from home and allowed free roam otherwise, but watch me and take me out on schedule to potty.

House Manners:PUPPY PROOF! I'm quite good for my age, but make sure that I have lots of toys to play with and things to chew on such as Himalayan chews, buffalo horns, elk antlers and nylabones. Will counter surf if something yummy on the counter. Make sure there are no tempting items left on the counters and this should not be an issue. I' m a puppy so do not expect me to not chew on things if given the opportunity. I will get into mischief if bored. A tired puppy is a good puppy so exercise is key!

Storm Phobia:None seen, but not the biggest fan of storms either...who is?

Leash Manners:: Great for such a young age on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. Slight pulling if I want to investigate something. Every pup needs to be able to sniff and I'll move right along afterwards.

Exercise: Active pup so must get significant daily exercise and playtime... walking, hiking, etc. Running and playing with other dogs is important for me to meet my social and exercise needs. I do great with dog buddies as I love to play. If I don't have furry siblings to play with, the dog park would be great for me.

Car Rides:Good in the car. I like to watch the cars, but eventually will lie down. I prefers to be in the backseat. I do not like the back of the SUV because I'm too far away from you. I'm a sweet boy that just wants to be as close to you as possible.

Basic Commands:Sit, Paw (I love to give you my paw like the typical Golden)

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes and fun outdoor adventures
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time. I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED as I'm you and still learning. This will help us bond, build our relationship and it's so much fun.
-I'd enjoy a dog companion that will play with me, share toys and snuggle as I love to run and play with other dogs
-I'd be fine in a home without another dog if I get to socialize with other active dogs on a regular basis and get lots of exercise. I could also meet furry friends in training classes and at the dog park
-I'd be great with children. I LOVE them and am sweet and gentle with them.

So, if you are looking for a LOVE BUG of a puppy who has a wonderful temperament and craves affection, I'm your perfect puppy! But I am an older puppy and everything that comes with that. My puppy brain is in a big, clumsy puppy body. I require lots of exercise and positive training. I just ooze with sweetness and love and I have all of that unconditional love just waiting for YOU! I'm a special pup who has touched the hearts of everyone who meets me. My precious face and sweet personality will bring joy and laughter to your life each day.

Luv, Oliver

Photos by Leslie Morrison and Oliver's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots