Meet Nash!

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Breed: Golden Doodle (standard size)
Age: 7 months (DOB 1/2/18)
Gender: male
Weight: growing everyday!
Altered: Yes

DARLING DOODLE PUPPY SEEKING FUN, ACTIVE FAMILY TO LOVE! I'm Nash the Goldendoodle and I'll charm my way into your heart! My DOB is 1/2/18. I'm going to be a standard size Goldendoodle and am growing like a weed. I'm all puppy and all the energy, fun and silly puppy antics that come with it!

My family purchased me from a breeder as a tiny puppy, but soon realized how much work puppies are. They did not have time for my training, exercise and socialization so I was being crated excessively, which was unfair to me. I'm now having a blast with my foster family and furry foster brother, but now it's time for me to find my forever family. Could it be you?

Personality Traits: : Happy, bouncy, goofy, high energy puppy. I'll be your best buddy and cuddle bug once I get to know you, but I have "stranger danger" and will cower a bit and approach slowly to sniff or bark at strangers at first. My fear is slightly more toward men than women. But, I now crawl in my foster dad's lap for snuggles so my fear is just until I trust you. Once I sniff you and have a little time to warm up to you, I'm your friend for life and my entire body will wag in excitement to see you. Love to play with other dogs. Love toys. Have a blast at doggy day care, which helps with my socialization and exercise needs.

Status with People: World's best BFF with my humans. I'm fearful at first with strangers and will bark, but warm up quickly. Good with older children, but too much "puppyness" for young children as I'm jumpy and mouthy. Currently live with a 13 year old in my foster home who is dog experienced.

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and loves to play and wrestle. I'm submissive to other dogs and take direction well from them. I initiate play quickly. Great with both genders and go to doggy daycare. LOVE doggy daycare and it's great for me. My best buddy and playmate is my furry foster bother, a German Shorthaired Pointer. We play, chew on each other and nap on the couch together. He's a great mentor for me and I learn from him daily.

Status with Cats: I have not been exposed to cats, but would probably want to chase and play with them since I'm a puppy.

Favorite Toys:: LOVE TOYS...ALL TOYS!!! Like to fetch ball and rope toys. Also, like to play tug with my rope toys.

Energy Level:High energy puppy. I get A LOT of exercise as I'm running and playing most of the time with my best furry friend, Jack. I also go to doggy daycare and play all day. Without this high level of exercise and playtime, my energy level will increase so I need to have lots of exercise and fun each day.

House Trained:Perfecting my housetraining and doing great. I was not housetrained when I came to AGN. I'm a super fast learner. I need to go out often to reinforce my progress.

Crate Trained:Yes. Sleep in my crate at night and will rush in it for a treat. Fine in my crate, but will start whining when the sun comes up as I'm ready to get up and play. Crated if my foster family is away, but spend my days at doggy daycare.

House Manners:I'm a puppy so puppy-proofing is key! Counter surf if given the opportunity so don't leave tempting things on your counters. Get into the trash so secure the trash and this is not an issue. Mostly keep my chewing to my toys, but may seize an opportunity that presents itself....puppy -proof! If I'm quiet and you don't know where I am, come check on me. It all comes down to puppy-proofing!

Storm Phobia: No, but I was concerned about the fireworks on the July 4th.

Leash Manners: : I need work on a leash as I'm the typical puppy walker. Curious about everything and want to get there quickly. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key for going on walks to reduce pulling. I just need lots of practice so walk me often.

Exercise:LOTS of energy so must get significant daily exercise and playtime. I get a lot of exercise at doggy daycare, playing with my furry foster bother and my daily walks. Remember...a tired puppy is a good puppy so tire me out often.

Car Rides:Great in the car and love to go. Sit or lie down in the backseat and sniff the air from the partially open windows.

Basic Commands:Sit, Shake, Crate ...and I know my name well.

Special Needs: I am scared of having my collar grabbed so it's important that you do NOT do this! If I do not trust at you, I might snap at you. I've obviously had someone be unkind in the past. I can be desensitized to this with treats and time. My foster family is working on this with me.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Very active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of power walks/runs, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures. I'd be a great running partner for someone as I get older and my growth plates close.
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time as I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training. A working home would be considered if I went to doggy daycare daily. I'm a puppy and I need attention, training, exercise and socialization each day. My needs were not met in a working home before coming to AGN which is why I'm now fearful of strangers due to being crated excessively verses socialized. AGN wants to make sure this does not happen again.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED. This will help us bond and build our relationship and it so much fun. Agility would be great for me as I'm so fast and it would help build my confidence with strangers.
-Someone who'll continue to focus on my positive socialization with strangers. I need to associate strangers with positive experiences, like yummy treats from them when meeting.
-I love other dogs and would enjoy a doggy friend that will play with me and serve as a mentor. My furry foster brother plays with me, but also provides calm guidance that I learn from. I would need my dog friend to be medium to large in size as I'm going to be a standard size Goldendoodle.
-I'd be fine as an only dog if I get lots of socialization with other dogs through doggy daycare, dog park fun, doggy play dates, etc. I really need interaction with other dogs on a regular basis to be happy and learn.
-Older children who are dog experienced would be fine as long as they fully understand not to grab my collar and they are sturdy on their feet if I jump on them in joyful excitement.

So, if you're looking for a great puppy who has lots of fun energy and love to share, look no further. If you're willing to keep working with me on socialization with strangers and positive training, I'm ready for the task and can't wait to build confidence. The pitter patter of my paws will follow you everywhere so that you'll never be lonely as we take on life's adventures together. I'm ready to be your best friend and lifelong companion if you have endless tennis balls and ropes for me to fetch. I'm one fun Goldendoodle puppy who's ready for a lifetime of love with my forever family.

Luv, Nash

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Nash's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots