Meet Max!

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Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 7 years
Weight: 50lbs
Altered: Yes

A wonderful Golden treasure...that's me, Max! Super sweet and happy, toy loving, velcro shadow who you'll fall in love with in an instant! I'm a 7 year old Golden Retriever. My DOB is 1/15/10. I weigh 50 pounds and could put on 5 pounds or so to be at my ideal weight. I have food allergies to common proteins such as chicken and beef. I'm on holistic food with exotic proteins and I'm thriving. It's no big deal as food allergies are common in dogs so my dog food can be found at any holistic pet store.

I was surrendered to AGN when my family had a baby and no longer had the time to devote to me. I was used to being the "baby" of the family so I was missing all of the attention that I was accustomed to. They loved me enough to give me up and allow AGN to find my true "meant to be" family. Whoever adopts me is going to be blessed. My foster family just adores me.

Personality Traits: Typical "velcro shadow" who cherishes attention and just wants to be with my humans; sweetheart who is loving, laid back and loves loves loves toys, carrying multiple in my mouth at once; overall laid back temperament with bursts of excitement; social and friendly

Status with People: Good with all people and wonderful with children; gentle with children and used to living with children in previous home and foster home

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs and plays well with them; currently has two furry foster siblings, a young male Golden and a small male mixed breed; likes to run and play with young Golden in backyard and play tug-o-war

Status with Cats: Good with cats according to previous owner

Favorite Toys: LOVES TOYS, ALL TOYS!!! MUST HAVE TOYS, TOYS AND MORE TOYS!!! Favorite toy is a stuffed Llama that I carry around like a security blanket; loves to carry 2-3 toys around and collect as many as possible from the toy box; Go Dog or HuggleHound brands are recommended or stuffing will decorate your home; working on fetch with a tennis ball

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall and laid back inside; active and energetic outside with my furry foster sibling, but will settle down for snuggles inside

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes; only in crate when no one home; goes in well with a treat and snuggles up with Llama and Nylabone; will bark briefly if can hear you, but stops when you leave; free roam otherwise; sleeps on dog bed in master bedroom at night

House Manners: Excellent house manners; free roam while humans home and not destructive

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: Pretty good with Walk Your Dog With Love harness; excited to go on walks at first, but settles down quickly; sometimes with bark in excitement at strangers while walking, but it's all in fun

Exercise: Daily walks, hikes, etc. are needed; gets significant exercise in foster home playing with furry foster sibling; also likes to swim

Car Rides: Good in the car, but gets restless if car is stopped for a long period

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (Lie Down), Off, Drop

Things I need in my forever home:
- Moderately active family that likes to exercise daily by taking walks, hikes, swimming and fun adventures
- Someone who has lots of time to spend with me...I can be in a working home as long as someone comes home for lunch and spends time with me before and after work; but a part-time o, working from home or someone who doesn't work is ideal - I crave attention so I need you to spend lots of time with me! If you work 8-5 and have things to do outside of those work hours other than spend time with me, then I'm NOT the right dog for you.
- Children would be great to play with - I love kids!
- I'd do well with another nice dog that would play or just hang out with me
- I'd be fine as an only dog if I had doggy friends to socialize with on regular basis - I've been an only dog my entire life until my foster home
- TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!!!! Must have lots of toys to play with in the home!

Look no further if you want a wonderful Golden in your life...I'm a true treasure! I'm a super sweet, velcro shadow who is great with children and LOVES TOYS, lots of toys! I want nothing more that your affection and to be with you. I'm the ultimate companion dog. So, if you have lots of love and lots of toys to share, then I'm the fabulous furry friend you've been waiting for!

Luv, Max

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots