Meet Luke!

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Breed: Golden Retriever mix
Age: 7 years
Weight: 96 lbs
Altered: Yes

BIG OLE SWEETHEART ALERT...AND HAVE YOU SEEN MY ADORABLE EARS!?! My name is Luke, and while I am not a purebred Golden Retriever, I have most of the wonderful qualities of that breed. I am quite close to perfect... easy going, cuddly, cheerful, and sometimes a little bit silly! I'm 96 pounds of Golden fluffy love. I'm working to shed a few of those pounds to be at my ideal weight of about 83-85 pounds. I'm 7 years old. My DOB is 12/26/2012.

I was reluctantly surrendered to AGN by my family, but they knew AGN would find me a wonderful forever home. My family had me from a puppy, but a divorce caused a move into an apartment which had a weight limit that I exceeded. They were so very sad to give me up, and it's clear I was loved and cared for my entire life. I'm a bit out of sorts right now with all the change, but I'm ready for my new start.

Personality Traits: Sweet, loving and happy! I am laid back and want to be wherever you are. I don’t jump up, though I will lay my head on you and even try and climb into your lap, I have no idea I weigh 96lbs and I am a total couch potato! I get mildly excited when you come home, and if you look my way, I will immediately start wagging my tail. I am such a cheerful dog that I will brighten your day, all day long. I am well behaved all the time and do not require a crate. I am polite and friendly with every stranger I meet. I enjoy affection and will seek it out regularly, especially if I see other dogs getting affection. I am the typical “in your face” and “Velcro” type. I have lots of love to give and will happily sit next to you and get petted and cuddle as much as you like. I love hugs, pets, lounging on the sofa and grooming.

Status with People: Friendly, social and engaged, but I do not jump up. I am sweet with my foster family and enjoy affection anytime it is offered. I am well behaved around an 87 year old that I live with. She has a walker, and it does not phase me in the least. I'm good with children and grew up with older kids, now teenagers.

Status with Dogs: I am friendly with all dogs. I will defer to other dogs and don’t have to be in charge. I am confident and don’t exhibit any fears or instability. I enjoy a little bit of running and wrestling with the two younger dogs in my foster home, but I don’t want to play all the time. I have two foster siblings, a male and female Golden. Recently I spent a weekend with three other dogs, as well.

Status with Cats: : Love cats and excellent with them, but will chase them if they run as a fun game! My best friend in my previous home was my kitty sibling. We played and curled up on the couch together. See photo....

Favorite Toys: I love to chew bones like Nylabones and elk antlers. There are no plush toys in the house because the other dogs destroy them, but I play very nicely with all toys. I do not fetch a ball. I do like to nibble on a blanket. It seems to be a habitual soothing mechanism so a special "blanky" would be nice.

Energy Level: Overall, low/medium energy except when I see a squirrel or am playing with my dog buddies.

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Do not need it, not used to one. If you need to confine me, baby gates would be a better choice for me, but there is no reason to confine me daily.

House Manners: Perfect gentleman. Excellent house manners. I have free roam and am not destructive. I have stayed alone for 5 hours and have had no issues. I like to get on the furniture so it's important that you enjoy a big cuddle bug on the couch with you. I sleep in the bedroom on the floor or doggie bed. I would love to sleep in the bed with you, if you let me!

Storm Phobia: Not at all, neither fireworks or storms phase me. My temperament is solid.

Leash Manners: I pull quite hard on the leash so it is imperative that my new home use the Walk Your Dog With Love harness provided by AGN, which helps with the pulling. Someone will need to be quite strong to work with me on pulling and utilize positive reinforcement training. I get so excited when the leash comes out, and I love to go for walks.

Exercise:: I was overfed all my life with "free-feeding", and so I have packed on at least 10-15 extra pounds. I get winded easily, indicating that I never got as much exercise as I needed (and, sadly, I lived in a smoker’s home). My foster home is working on it, but it will take time to work up to longer walks (45+ minutes). For now, frequent shorter walks (30-40 minutes) is recommended. Please be cautious of the heat with me! My previous owner said I like to swim.

Car Rides: I LOVE to ride in the car. I am totally relaxed and well behaved while riding.

Basic Commands: I know Sit, Down (Lie Down) and Leave It. Working on “Come” when distracted, I don’t always come. Also, working on “Wait” as I love to go out the door as soon as it is opened. I am a jolly fellow and eager to please, so you can teach me more commands and I will readily respond to positive reinforcement.

**PLEASE NOTE: I will bolt out of doors or gates. My previous owner warned of this, so be mindful of opening doors around me to unfenced areas and continue to work on the "Wait" command with me through positive reinforcement training.

Things I need in my forever home:
-The ideal home would be one where I am going to get lots of attention/affection, grooming, couch cuddles and walks. I would be an excellent companion to someone that is home all day long and wants a loving companion.
-Someone who is strong enough and will take the extra effort with positive reinforcment to work with my leash pulling. It is mandatory that I receive daily walks… sometimes folks don’t walk a dog that pulls, since it is no fun, but that is not good for the dog. I am a dog that needs to be walked, in addition to having play time in the yard.
-While I could be left along for up to 7 hours, I would much prefer if someone were home with me more often than that.
-Children would be fine, as I grew up with them. But, an adult must walk me, I am way too strong for children to walk on leash.
-I'd be good with another dog(s) or as an only dog, either way would be fine. My current foster home has two Goldens, a 2 year old female, and a 3 year old male, and I get along well with them both. I get along well with cats.
-I love to bolt out of doors and gates. I will make for it, so I may be flight risk. I need a family that will be very careful with me, in case I decide to try and escape to explore. It is imperative that children, lawn service, etc. don’t accidently let me out into an unfenced area.
-Secure fence required as I enjoy the fun of lounging and playing in a fenced yard. I also perimeter check at my current home. I have found places in the fence where the aluminum slats are a bit bent, and I have tried to push through and get out (but was unsuccessful) so a chain link or privacy style fence may be best for me.

So if you're seeking an sweet, easy going, affectionate, and well behaved buddy, I need a wonderful home! I don’t have any major issues or baggage, which is unusual for a rescue dog. I do need someone that will help me get to a proper weight and work with me on leash pulling. My foster mom adores me and says... "someone will be very lucky to adopt Luke, the wonder dog that brightens every day!"

Luv, Luke

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and Luke's foster mom Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots