Meet Lucy!

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Breed: Golden Retriever-Labrador (mix)
Age: almost 3 months (DOB is 3/31/18)
Gender: female
Weight: growing daily!
Altered: Yes


CUTENESS ALERT!!! Hi, I'm puppy Lucy and I'm the cutest puppy EVER! I mean just look at me...I could be the cover of one those puppy calendars! Are you looking to adopt an adorable bundle of puppy energy with sharp little puppy teeth to go with puppy breath? Yes...I'm all puppy and all the fun, happiness, frustration and exhaustion that cones with it. I'm a "Goldador". My mom was an English Cream Golden Retriever and my dad was an American yellow Lab. My DOB is 3/31/18. I'm growing like a weed.

I was surrendered to AGN because my family did not have the time needed to dedicate to a puppy. They were sad as they loved me, but they knew that AGN would find me the perfect forever home who had the time and energy required for a puppy. They purchased me from a breeding kennel up north that specifically breeds English Cream Golden Retrievers and American Labrador Retrievers. Both of my parents have their OFA certifications and AGN has the information and parent photos. My breed cross is desirable for service dogs and therapy dogs due to stability in temperament with wonderful dispositions. You get the best of both breeds with me! I would be great to train as a therapy dog to go into children's hospitals, nursing homes etc. to bring comfort and joy. I'm staying with an AGN foster right now who is a professional Service Dog trainer. She put me through some fun and exciting evaluations. She said that I'm quite impressive. I guess that makes me really special!

I'm a happy, sweet, funny, bouncy, high energy little girl. I'm a total cuddle bug when I'm sleepy and a little pistol when I'm awake :-) I'm already very lovey and want to be with my person when I'm not running, romping and playing. I'm a confident puppy with a great temperament. I'm hilarious because I have no fear and will boldly take on the world with my tiny self. Since I'm such a baby, my personality will continue to develop and be influenced by everything around me. It will be important to constantly work with me to create a strong foundation to maximize my potential as I grow up.

I love everyone and everything. I'm a total social butterfly. The entire world is my friend and I want to explore every ounce of it. My foster brother is a 1 year old Golden and he is so much fun to play with. We wrestle, chase each other, play tug with toys and chewies. I'm even brave enough to take a chewy right out of his mouth and I'm usually crawling all over him while doing it. I try to do everything he does. I even lead the way sometimes because I'm such a brave little girl. He adores me and enjoys my silly puppy antics, but not all dogs would as puppies can annoy older dogs. I love stuffies, squeaky toys, buffalo horns, Himalayan chews and balls. I sometimes find a tennis shoe and carry it through the house until my foster mom or dad switches it for a stuffy, which is just as fun. I'm just an all around joyful puppy so simple things make me happy, especially your love and attention as I crave affection. Oh, and I like to be held when I'm sleepy :-)

I'm just a baby so I'm working on my housetraining and crate training. Like any puppy, I'm not a fan of my crate, but will settle down when I'm sleepy after I cry for a bit. I'm a good puppy and have not destroyed my crate bedding. I like to snuggle up in it. Foster mom puts a Himalayan cheese bone, which is safe and crate appropriate, in my crate for me. But really..if I'm awake I just want to be where you are verses my crate.

The requirements for my adoption are specific since growing puppies require so much time and attention in order to become well mannered dogs. So, here we go:

1. Someone who is home often during the day because I eat three times a day and have to potty often

2. An active family who will give me lots of exercise as I grow older due to the high energy associated with young Goldens/Labs and I have LOTS of energy! Long daily walks to tire me out, weekend hikes, swimming, etc. A tired puppy is a good puppy!

3. A family who is willing to do formal obedience training with me, starting with puppy class; advancing to basic obedience and as far as you'll continue with me. I'd also be great at agility as I can run like the wind. If you'll dedicate at least one full year of obedience training with me, you'll have a lifetime of a well mannered gentleman. Formal, positive reinforcement obedience classes are REQUIRED for my adoption.

4. Older children as I have sharp puppy teeth and my natural instinct is to chew on anything and everything, including fingers and toes. I do LOVE children very much like every typical Golden/Lab!

5. A fenced in backyard so that I don't get lost when I'm out to potty; playing with the family or running and playing with a doggy friend. No invisible fences.

6. Optional is another dog in the family. I LOVE playing with other dogs. As long as I have doggy friends and get socialization and training with other dogs, I would be happy as an only dog or with a doggy sibling. If I have a doggy sibling, it needs to be a younger dog that will tolerate my silly and sometimes annoying puppy behaviors. I like to run, romp, wrestle and play tug with toys so it needs to be a dog who will share toys with me and enjoy playtime with me. I would drive a senior dog crazy.

I'm really one AWESOME and ACTIVE puppy with amazing potential, but it's up to you to maximize that potential. My temperament is fantastic as a puppy so the time, training and commitment you put into me can maximize my potential and make me into the wonderful dog that I'm meant to be. So...Do you have the energy, time and commitment for me? If so, are you ready to start the journey with me? It will be a lot of work, but worth it! The pitter patter of my puppy paws will bring you happiness, joy, unconditional love and a lifetime of beautiful memories!

Luv, Lucy

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots