Meet Luca!

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Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 67lbs
Altered: Yes

LOVE BUG ALERT...WE LOVE LUCA!!! Sweet, loving, energetic, velcro shadow who worships his humans! I'm Luca and there are not enough adjectives to describe what a wonderful fella I am and how much I love my humans. I'm an approximately 3 year old yellow Labrador Retriever. I weigh 67 pounds.

I was rescued by AGN out of the shelter. I had been found wandering alone and no one claimed me at the shelter. The shelter staff were shocked because I was their favorite pup. I've completed my heartworm treatments as I was heartworm positive because no one gave me heartworm preventative. I'm enjoying a life full of love, fun and play in my foster home, but I'm ready to start my journey with my forever family. Could it be you?

Personality Traits: I'm the ultimate velcro shadow who is a big ole love bug. Cherish my family and bond deeply with them. Want to be with my humans at all times. I'm a sweetheart who is loving, silly, energetic and fun, but also settle down nicely for snuggles. Can be anxious with the unknown or random noises and look to my human for security. Super smart with major potential if training is maximized. Eager to please and crave human affection. Social and friendly. Great in a crowd of people and like to get attention from everyone. Good with other dogs. Cuddly lap dog who will snuggle in a chair or in the bed with you. Happy toy and ball player.

Status with People:Good with people and children. Friendly and social. Cherish attention and affection and want to be with my humans at all times.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs and co-exist great with them. Neutral in temperament. I'm learning to play and play with my furry foster brother. We make really scary noises when we play, all in fun. We sound like grizzly bears, LOL! I have two furry foster siblings that are about my size, one male and one female. Although good with other dogs and enjoy playtime, I'll choose my humans to snuggle with first.

Status with Cats: History of chasing cats

Favorite Toys:I LOVE LOVE LOVE toys! Toys are fun and I run around in excitement in the backyard with my toys. I love stuffy toys and balls. I'm all about chasing the ball (as you can see in my photos), but I don't always bring it back. It's more fun if I run and play with it, drop it and wait for you to come and get it.

Energy Level: Active and energetic outside running, romping and playing. I love to run in the backyard with my toys and playing ball (as long as you are outside with me as I want to be where you are).

House Trained:Yes, but you must walk outside with me. I'm one of those dogs that want you to accompany me when I go outside. And I promise to follow you to the restroom in return :-)

Crate Trained:No, have free roam in my foster home.

House Manners:Good manners in the house. Don't bother anything. Love to be wherever my humans are as I love my humans so much. Even with I get anxious, I do not bother anything. I just pant and pace. Sleep in the bed with my foster family a portion of the night.

Leash Manners:I'm strong and can pull so I need positive reinforcement training and continued leash practice. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key. I need lots of exercise and lots of walks/runs.

Exercise: Active young fella so must get significant daily exercise and playtime... power walking/jogging, hiking. I get about 3-4 miles per day.

Car Rides:IGood in the car and love to ride!

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (Lie Down) Watch Me (attention) and so eager to please, especially for a yummy treat. So much potential as I'm super smart.

Luca "Quirks": I will not eat in the kitchen so my food bowl will need to be in another location. I likely was punished for being in the kitchen at some point in life and I remember that. I can be anxious with random things and noises. I may pace and pant until I get used to them, but I'm never destructive with my anxiousness. I seem to be learning some things for the first time in life in the city is a new thing for me.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks/runs, hikes and fun outdoor adventures
-Someone who is home with me more often than not as I'm anxious if separated from my humans too long. Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time as I'm used to my foster family being home with me and my furry siblings often. My foster dad works from home and I thrive in this environment.
-Routine and consistency are important for me as the unknown creates anxiety - I do best on a schedule
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are highly recommended as I have so much potential and am so smart. This will help us bond and build our relationship and it's so much fun.
-I'd do great with a dog companion, but would do fine as an only dog as long as you are with me most of the time
-I am a flight risk in the beginning to bolt out of doors if I think you are going out the door so it's important to take extra safety precautions when doors are opened to non-fenced areas.
-Because I love to run like crazy in the backyard with my toys, I need a yard that I can run in.

So if you're looking for a super snuggly pup that radiates with love for his humans, good with other dogs and adores affection, I'm your fella. You won't find a sweeter more fun, happy, adoring dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love....I'm one AWESOME Labrador Retriever who you'll fall in love with in an instant! Let's start life together as I'm your ultimate companion you've been waiting for.

Luv, Luca

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots