Meet Louis!

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Louis L'Amour (Courtesy Post)

Breed: Lab/Basset Hound mix
Gender: male
Age: 4-6 years old
Altered: Yes

PLEASE NOTE Louis IS A COURTESY POST, meaning he is not in an AGN foster home and not part of our rescue. We are posting his bio to help his Belly Rubs Bassett Rescue find a great forever family match, so if you are interested in adopting him, please email Daphne Evans at

Have you ever seen a cuter face? This is Louis (pronounced Louie!) a 4-6 year old Basset Hound/Lab mix. He was rescued by some nice people at Belly Rubs Bassett Rescue and now he is looking for his forever family!

Personality Traits: He is described as sweet, shy, laid back, quiet, happy

Status with People: Louis is loving, a little lost by this misplacement from his original family, and a little slow to warm up. He is under socialized, but fairly amenable to new situations. He is good with adults, slow to warm up with men, but he does warm up, and he's easy with women. We believe a man has mistreated him in the past and with some men he will cower and refuse to engage. He did bite a man in our foster home when he tried to grab his collar. This was the first day he was away from his family, and we believe his former owner dragged him by his collar at times. Our trainer believes this was completely out of fear. His status with children is not known at this time.

Status with Dogs: He is neutral with other dogs and plays regularly with dachshunds, a dutch shepherd, a border collie, and a malinois. He is in a training facility boarding now and has supervised interaction and play with others.

Status with Cats: Unknown

Favorite Toys: Likes balls and will retrieve! He does not resource that we have observed. The original owner told us he sometimes was possessive of things inside his kennel.

Energy Level: Moderate energy

House Trained: He appears to be in our training facility but may need reinforcement once he gets in his forever home

Crate Trained: Because the owner told us Louis has crate issues, our trainer has just offered Louis an open crate and he uses it to rest and decompress. We think a crate would be fine as long as an owner didn't force him out of it and let him come out on his own, but maybe better if he’s in a home where he may not have to be crated.

House Manners: believed to be very good, no destructive behavior observed.

Storm Phobia: Not observed

Leash Manners: He is strong and does pull. We recommend a gentle leader or Walk Your Dog with Love harness

Car Rides: Believed to be good

Basic Commands: Sit and Down

Louis needs a moderately active family and needs someone with patience willing to let him settle in and adjust to new folks without forcing him. He's a very sweet, loving boy. But he is a little scared of new situations we think. Someone who is home more often would be better, and we think if a crate is used it should just be left open for him to come in and out. He came from a home where both adults worked and he was outside all day. We don't think he liked that. Also beneficial would be another young to middle aged playful, easygoing dog for Louis to play with. Also a home with a fenced yard, at least 4 ft. So, if you're looking to adopt a sweetie pie who is active and loveable, look no further! Please email Daphne Evans at if you're interested in making Louis part of your family!

Luv, Louis