Meet Lola!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 4 years
Gender: female
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes

LOVELY LOLA...super sweet, happy, incredibly loving, slightly shy and gentle girl who wants nothing more than to be by your side at all times! Active, playful and energetic outside, but content and laid back inside. I'm an approximately 4 year old Golden Retriever. I weigh approximately 55 pounds.

I've had a rough start in life. I've been bounced from home to home, through no fault of my own. AGN will give details about each situation to my adopter. Because of lack of stability and fear of abandonment, I've developed some anxiety, but nothing that cannot be appropriately managed. And with those management techniques, I have minimal anxiety. I was recently surrendered to AGN after being adopted a year ago. My family had a baby and didn't have time for me. I'm now in my foster home and doing fantastic. It's time for me to find my true forever family who will understand what I've been through and commit to meeting my needs. If you do that, you won't find a more wonderful sweetheart than me!

Personality Traits: I'm an absolute sweetheart who is adorable, happy, playful, loving, energetic, but also easy going , gentle and eager to please. Polite and friendly with everyone, but a little shy when I first meet someone. Most of all I cherish my humans and want nothing more than to be where you are. The pitter patter of my paws will take every step you do. I'm the ultimate companion.

Status with People: I'm sweet and friendly with all people and children, but small children are a bit much for me. A little tentative at first with strangers, but I warm up quickly. I'm more confident meeting new people and in new surroundings with another dog by my side to mentor me and give me confidence.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs and gain confidence around my trusted dog friends. I love to play with other dogs. I lean toward the neutral/submissive side. Currently have three furry foster siblings who are all Goldens. I also have a blast playing with a young Corgi. I love to run, romp and wrestle with my dog friends.

Status with Cats: I like to chase cats with my furry friends for fun...other critters, too.

Favorite Toys: If it's a toy, it's typically my friend. I do "murder" stuffies if left unattended too long with one. I need the Go Dog, Tuff or Huggle Hound brand of stuffies. I also like to play ball and will even fetch. I've been known to be a fan of Elk antlers and Himalayan chews, along with a Kong with peanut butter.

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall with bursts of higher energy, but an easy going temperament who settles down nicely.

House Trained: Yes. I go to the door and bark softly to let you know I need to go out.

Crate Trained: No, I panic in a crate, try to bust out and have injured myself. I have free roam of the house without issue. I've only been left 4-5 hours at a time and do fine with the companionship of my furry foster siblings. I'm anxious if I can see you outside, but once you leave I hang with my dog friends and do fine.

House Manners:I have good house manners. Have free roam and not destructive, but I will counter surf for food and paper so keep those temptations out of my reach. Sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in my foster parent's room.

Storm Phobia: I have moderate storm phobia and benefit from a Thundershirt or calming treats. Storms, high wind, heavy rain, lightning and thunder all upset me. I want to be as close to you as possible, pawing at you for comfort. Those storms are scary! Leash Manners: AMAZING!!! I'm just about as perfect as it gets on a leash. Walks like a perfect lady on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness and get so excited when I see it come out. I'm ready to go!

Exercise: I'm a young girl and love to get my exercise. Daily walks multiple times per day plus playtime outside with my dogs friends. Sometimes I just run like the wind in my huge yard. I also like to lounge in the yard in the sunshine while my humans hang outside with me. Foster dad "pittles" around outside and I enjoy just being a part of whatever he's doing.

Car Rides:The car currently creates significant anxiety for me, but I'm slowly improving. I drool significantly when in the car as a sign of my anxiety. You see the car has meant abandonment for me in the past or at the bare minimum a change of homes. So, you can see why it makes me anxious. The key is desensitizing me to car rides by always making them positive. Finding yummy treats as a surprise in the backseat, going fun places with you, etc. I'll get better with time, but if you are not okay with Golden drool...then I'm NOT your pup! I do better if a dog companion is with me, but I need continued work on this.

Basic Commands: I know my name well. I'm good with "sit", "shake", and "come". I'm improving with "stay", "wait", "lay down", and "leave it".

Special Needs: I have some underlying anxiety from all I've been through in my life. That anxiety is well-managed with simple companionship, confidence building and the right home environment. I need my humans around me most of the time and another dog with me at all times. I excel in my foster home because it's a calm environment where my foster dad is retired and home with me most of the time. I have 3 Goldens as furry companions. A dog mentor is important for me, one with a stable and confident, but neutral temperament. I can NEVER be left outside unattended as I am a known escape artist. I'm not trying to run away; I'm trying to find you. Nor can I be crated due to past panic and injury escaping a crate.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Experienced dog owner who understands the trauma I've experienced and is fully committed to maintaining the protocols used to manage my anxiety...socialization, positive training, confidence building.
-Low key family inside and moderately active outside that likes to exercise daily by taking walks/runs through the neighborhood, strolls in the park and hikes. I could be a good running partner with the right conditioning as I love to run. Would love to hang outside with you while you garden or read on nice days
- Due to my anxiety, I must have someone who is home with me most of the time.
- Older children who are mature enough to play gently would be fine as I like children, but rambunctious children make me nervous
- I need a nice dog companion to serve as a mentor for me. That dog should have a stable temperament that I can gain confidence from by watching and learning. It should be a dog companion that will run, play and wrestle with me as that makes me happy and has helped me blossom
-Someone who will not crate me as it makes me panic and I injure myself trying to escape
-Someone who will NEVER leave me unattended in a backyard as I will escape

I come with some baggage, but that makes me special. It means that I've experienced more life than most dogs my age. I'm a work in progress and I'm willing to take on life's journey with you by my side to guide me. I have so much love to give and am the ultimate companion. I just need a family that understands what I've been through and is willing to put the time, patience and commitment into progressing me forward. I'm ready to create great memories with my new family. So, take a chance on me because I'm worth it!

Luv, Lola

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots