Meet Levi!

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Breed: Golden Retriever/Lab (mix)
Age: 8 years old
Gender: male
Weight: 64lbs
Altered: Yes

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... You've followed my journey on Facebook and been a part of my healing. Now, here I am...the ultimate survivor, LEVI! I'm as happy and healthy as can be! I'm believed to be a Lab/Golden mix with the dominant black gene. My brother, who passed away, was Golden. I'm approximately 8 years old. I'm proud to say that I now weigh 64 pounds, from the 45 pounds I tragically weighed when I came to AGN.

If you haven't followed my journey on Facebook, look me up. My brother and I survived almost all odds together. We were abandoned, almost shot and left to starve for months after our owner passed away. The details before our rescue are too tragic to share, but AGN will provide those details with my adopter. Only feel sad for me for a moment as I've left my past behind and I'm dreaming of finding my forever family!

Personality Traits: : I'm a happy, attention loving, laid back sweetheart who's the reason the term "velcro shadow" was created. Bond closely with my humans. Social and friendly with all people. Calm mostly with a streak of mischievous puppy . Likes to give kisses. Likes to watch the world by looking out the storm door. A true best friend and companion!

Status with People:I'm social and friendly with all people. Will bark if someone comes to the door or I see them through the storm door, but I greet them with wags and kisses. I'm one of those dogs that pretends to be a "watch dog", but would really welcome in the burglars and show them around. Good with children. Live with a 13 year old in my foster home. Ultimate velcro shadow who craves affection and bonds closely. Will always choose a human over a dog.

Status with Dogs:I'm good with most dogs, but need proper introductions. I do best with dogs who match my energy level and who simply want to co-exist with me. After losing my brother, who I had been with my entire life, I'm not really into playing with other dogs. Young, high energy dogs are not a good fit for me. I return the response of other dogs so if a dog shows assertiveness towards me, I'm going to do the same. If a dog is calm and neutral with me, we get along fine. I have furry foster brother who is calm, neutral in temperament and about my age. We had a couple of disagreements in the beginning, but get along great now. We co-exist perfectly together.

Status with Cats: Cats Unknown but not recommended

Favorite Toys:: I enjoy playing with my rope toy. And like most Goldens, I like to carry my rope toy around in my mouth. I'll play fetch if you throw it or I'll just toss it up in the air to entertain myself. I'll chase a ball, but I'm not great at bringing it back. I do have good recall, so you can call me and teach me to "drop". I'm a quick learner and this would be a fun game for us to play.

Energy Level:Moderate to lower energy

House Trained: yes

Crate Trained:No, I have free roam in the house and do great. It sounds odd for a senior, but you must puppy-proof because occasionally I get bored and will make my own toys...remote, eye glasses, toilet paper, etc. This is a rare occasion, but does happen sometimes if there are random things available for me to "play" with. The key is to make sure that I've had enough age-appropriate exercise.

House Manners:Good house manners, but I'm very food focused due to my past starvation. I stare at you with pitiful puppy eyes while you eat, hoping you will share with me. I enjoy lying in the chair and watching out the window while my foster family is gone. I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed.

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: : I'm good on leash on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness and like to sniff. I enjoy my walks and they're important for my arthritis. I get excited when I see other dogs and do what foster mom calls a "bunny hop" where I bounce up and down a bit on and off of my front paws. I typically bark at the same time.

Exercise:I'm still slowly building up my walks with distance and time. Because I came into AGN so emaciated and then had to undergo surgery, my exercise was limited. Now that I'm medically cleared, I'm focusing on my daily walks.

Car Rides:Good in the car

Basic Commands:I come when you call my name, Sit and Shake

Medical: I came into AGN at the beginning of August. I was on the brink of death...emaciated and had an obstruction that led to surgery. My recovery has been slow and steady. X-rays show arthritis in my spine and hips which affects the strength in my legs. I must take daily glucosamine supplements (Synovi chews) and an NSAID such as Rimadyl on an "as needed" basis. I would also benefit from Welactin Omega 3 Supplement to keep inflammation down. It's very important that someone is committed to walking me daily. This will keep my joints flexible and muscles strong. A body in motion, stays in motion so walking is important for me.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who wants a true best furry friend to hang out with. I want to take every step you do so I love being a part of your daily routine.
-A family that likes to engage in gentle daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, etc....and of course, tossing the rop and ball for me (just not for too long as I do NOT know my own limitations)
-I'm not a fan of being alone. I've always had my brother. I'd do best in a home where someone is not gone long hours as I crave attention from my humans. My foster mom works part time and I'm good with that. But remember, if I get bored...I become mischievous.
-If you're home with me a lot, then I'd be great as an only dog to soak up all of the love and attention.
-I'd be fine with another calm, gentle dog that will co-exist peacefully with me, but we'd need to make sure of our compatibility before adoption.
-Gentle and older children would be fine, but they must respect that I'm an older gentleman with arthritis
-Orthopedic beds for me to lounge on and take naps as I love to snooze on my comfy beds

If you're looking for a wonderful best friend to enjoy your days with and you embrace the pitter patter of paws behind your every step, I'm the perfect furbaby for you. I'm ready to enjoy the love and kindness from someone that I can call my own. I'm really a special fella and everyone that meets me just falls in love with me. I'm a total sweetheart and the ultimate survivor, which means I have a special purpose in life. I'll be here waiting on you so that we can start our journey together.

Luv, Levi

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots