Meet Laurel and Logan!

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Laurel and Logan (bonded pair!)

Breed: Laurel-Lab/Golden mix
Breed: Logan-Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: Both approximately 8 years old
Gender:female and male
Weight: Both weigh 71 lbs
Altered: Yes

****Laurel and Logan are a bonded pair. We will NOT separate. Adoption fee for both is $500.

DOUBLE LOVE AND DOUBLE SWEETNESS!!! Please meet the dazzling duo, Laurel and Logan. Laurel is a Lab/Golden mix. Logan is a purebred Golden Retriever. Laurel is approximately 8 years old and weighs 71 pounds and Logan is also approximately 8 years old and weighs 71 pounds. Every pound of both of these darling dogs is pure sweetness. They are WONDERFUL with hearts full of love to share! They came to us from another rescue who took them in after being stray for weeks on the interstate. Laurel had given birth to puppies at some point prior, but puppies were not found after being searched for. The owner was never located after much effort. They knew that AGN, being a Golden breed specific rescue, would find them loving forever families. Someone is going to hit the jackpot with these two love bugs!

Here is precious Laurel:

Here is handsome Logan:

Laurel and Logan and super sweet, affectionate, social and gentle. They are velcro shadows that want to be with their humans as they adore attention. They are friendly and happy to meet everyone and act like they're your best buddies in no time. They are nice, laid back and well behaved dogs who are easy-going and happy-go-lucky, with a some spunk. They enjoy the simple things in life...lounging close to their foster mom while she gardens, getting chin rubs, leisurely walks to sniff, etc. They really are GREAT dogs!

Laurel and Logan are quite bonded and enjoy being with each other. They do well with other dogs. They both are quite neutral in temperament and are not looking for conflict with anyone. They do well with both genders. Cats are unknown, but they likely would chase them as they get excited and run the fence line when they see the cat next door.

Laurel and Logan are housetrained, but go out to potty often. They do not need crates. They have lovely manners, but will give you those sad puppy eyes for a bite of what you're eating. Logan will occasionally grab something out of the garbage if given a chance. That's an easy fix...make sure the garbage has a lid and it's secure. They sleep on their dog beds or enjoy the hardwoods on a hot day when the air is coming out of the vent. Logan loves to play with his stuffy toys...especially "Lamb Chop" and "Chicken". He enjoys shaking his toys to the point of accidental "murder", but does not destroy them intentionally. He likes to bring them to you so you'll join in the fun. Logan also enjoys playing ball. Laurel has zero interest in toys or balls, she just wants love.

Laurel and Logan are anxious with loud noises. Laurel will howl ("sing") when she hears a's actually adorable and her foster mom "sings" with her! Logan does not like storms and will sometimes hide in the bathtub. He pants and paces otherwise until the storm passes. Neither dogs like fireworks or the vacuum. Logan has some arthritis so glucosamine supplements and consistent exercise are key for him. Laurel has successfully completed heartworm treatments and is happy and healthy.

Things we need in our forever home:
-Although social and outgoing dogs, we thrive in a more calm environment. We love lots of people around us, but prefer them to be laid back like us.
-Moderately active family who enjoys daily walks, gentle hikes, leisurely time in the yard, etc. We take two walks per day at about 15-30 minutes per walk.
-A working home is okay if you have flexibility and able to spend most of your non-working hours with us. We go out to potty often so would need to be let out more often than a normal 8-5 work day. We currently have someone home most of the time to let us out to potty. We enjoy human companionship so the more time you spend with us, the better.
-Minimal steps as we can do steps, but are not a big fan. They likely are new to us, but we're getting it with some encouragement from foster mom. As we age we'll need rugs or carpet like any senior dogs.

If you're looking for the perfect pair to compliment you're family...we're not perfect as no one is perfect...but we're about as AWESOME as it gets. We are easy going and happy dogs who love affection. We just want to spend our days with someone who will adore us as much as we will adore them! So, if you're looking for double the sweetness, double the snuggles and double the love...we're your precious pair!

Luv, Laurel and Logan

Photos by Angel

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots