Meet Jack!

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Breed: Golden Retriever mix
Age: 8 years
Weight: 60 lbs
Altered: Yes

Fluff Ball Alert! Gentle, loving, sweetheart who's reserved charm will bring happiness to your life! Hi, I'm Jack. I'm an 8 year old cutie pie. AGN was told that I'm a Golden Retriever/Corgi mix, but cannot confirm. I have a daring, purplish tongue. There are a list of breeds with purplish and spotted tongues (including Goldens). No matter my mix, I'm special all the way around. I weigh 60 pounds and every pound of me is pure sweetness that wants to be your ultimate companion. My center back is only 27 inches tall so I'm a short fella, but sturdy. And have you seen my little nub tail?

I was surrendered to AGN when my "mom" had to be put into a nursing home. I was heartbroken and confused. But now, I'm cherishing love and kindness in my foster home and dreaming of the day that I can call someone my own.

Personality Traits: Ultimate companion! I love my person and am the typical velcro shadow. Sweet as can be. Snuggle bug who gives random "kisses". Shy and hesitant with new things and new people initially. Gentle, calm, low maintenance (except for my coat care) and happy. Easy going, companion to be by your side and cherish life together. Lived a sheltered life so learning some things for the first time.

Status with People: Shy at first and look to my human for guidance, then friendly when I know the stranger is deemed okay by my person. Apprehensive of men at first, but warm up after initially barking at them. Remember...I was the furbaby to an elderly woman my entire life so I'm learning the fellas. Enjoy pets from the neighborhood children on walks, but have not lived around children. Belly rubs are my favorite from anyone who will give them!

Status with Dogs: Have been an only dog my entire life until now. Good with other dogs of both genders that I have encountered. Have a furry foster sister who I get along well with and learn from. Respectful of other dogs and neutral in temperament.

Status with Cats: : Unknown in foster home, but reported to be okay with cats from previous owner's family.

Favorite Toys: I haven't quite figured out squeaky toys or chewies, but I LOVE to play ball.

Energy Level: Low to moderate, easy going and laid back overall. Quite mellow and calm inside and getting more energetic outside as I become comfortable with my surroundings.

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: I don't need a crate and don't like one, but I do prefer a "safe place" of some type. I'm perfect in the house with free roam. I do whimper when foster mom and dad leave, but I get a special treat and settle down nicely.

House Manners: Perfect gentleman with excellent house manners. I don't bother a thing. **I slept in the bed and snuggled on the couch with my previous owner. This was a big part of my life so would love someone to cuddle up with in my forever home.

Storm Phobia: None witnessed, but previous owner's family states I'm afraid of thunderstorms, but not destructive. I seek my human for comfort.

Leash Manners: A little wobbly on leash, but progressing nicely. Like to follow my foster sister and sniff the fun things around me.

Exercise:: Love my daily walks. Get two walks per day at about 1-2 miles each time. I also enjoy time roaming in the backyard with my furry foster sibling and foster family.

Car Rides: I love to go and hop right in. Pant, but probably out of excitement. l stay in back and look out the window.

Coat Care: I have a beautiful, thick coat that will need daily brushing and regular grooming. I shed a lot with this gorgeous coat so get your vacuum ready and plan on lots and lots of brushing.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Calm, laid back household to match my personality.
-Someone that wants a gentle best friend...the ultimate companion to love on, read a book with on the patio on a beautiful day and take strolls with. Someone who will cuddle up on the couch with me and welcome a furry bed buddy.
-I'd do best in a home where you are home more often than not. I've always been with someone who is home with me all day. was just me and my elderly owner for my entire life until now. My foster family is also home with me. I've only been left for 2-3 hours. Companionship is key for me.
-I would be fine as an only dog as that's what I'm used to until now. I'd also be fine with a nice, gentle dog companion.
-Someone who is patient and kind who will understand that my world has been turned upside down. I'm learning new things in life and need lots of positive encouragement and love.

So if you are looking for a true best friend, the ultimate companion dog, I'm your pup! It will take me some time to adjust as I've been through a lot of change, so be patient with me. Once I settle in, I have a heart full of love to share with you if you have lots of kindness and time to share with me! Oh and balls, there must be balls to chase! Let's make a lifetime of memories together!

Luv, Jack

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots