Meet Ivy!

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Breed: Great Pyrenees & Retriever Mix
Age: Approx 1yr
Gender: Female
Weight: 50 lbs
Altered: Yes

My name is Ivy, and AGN was told I'm a Great Pyrenees and Retriever mix. I'm sweet, calm, easy going, polite, obedient, cuddly, cheerful, loyal and sometimes a little bit silly! Very little is known about my background… I was found by a Good Samaritan and turned in at the local shelter. Likely, I was dumped or I wandered away (as Pyrenees are apt to do) and got lost. I was emaciated when I was found, so I may have been wandering stray for awhile. The shelter could see what a sweet girl I am, so they asked AGN to find me a great home, and here we are! I'm approximately 1 year old with an estimated DOB of 2/14/19. I'm 50 pounds of well-mannered sweetness and beauty.

When I came into the AGN program, it was obvious that I had a serious injury involving my left hind leg. X-rays revealed a broken hip and related trauma. Nonetheless, I get around remarkably well, using all four legs regularly and limping occasionally. This doesn’t stop me from running, jumping and playing. AGN consulted with three different veterinarians, including an orthopedic specialist. It was concluded that I likely suffered this injury as a young puppy, and have adapted to the injury with resilience, as I grew up with it. Given the age of the injury and the fact that I demonstrate no pain related to it, surgical intervention is not recommended. Supplements are necessary for me, to keep my bones and joints strong.

Personality Traits: I'm docile and sweet. So well behaved it's hard for people to believe I'm only 1 year old. I'm poised with quite perfect manners, except when you first get home...then boy oh boy, I'm so happy to see you! I have a habit of puppy mouthing when excited or feeling playful, which is a typical behavior for a young dog. I respond very well to positive redirection. I have lots of love to give and will happily sit next to you and cuddle. I'm a velcro shadow, love hugs, pets and grooming. I'm cordial when meeting strangers. I'm an EXCELLENT watch dog and hear noises outside that the other dogs in the house don’t. I bark at noises I hear, but I don’t bark incessantly. If barking, you can rest assured there is a legitimate noise I'm hearing. We are working on the “No Bark” command, but part of my breed is to be loyal to my "pack" so it's my job to "alert" you.

Special Needs: I need an adopter who understands that I have special needs due to my lame leg. (**Please watch my video to see how amazing I function**)
- I need joint supplements that can be bought over the counter, but they are quite expensive.
- There may be times when I need to be assisted, as I cannot jump as high as some dogs.
- It's essential that I remain slim and do not gain too much weight . This is very important!
- I need several short walks. I'm not suited for someone what wants a dog for long walks/hikes, jogging, rough play, or games of fetch.

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Status with People: Mild and polite. I don’t jump on strangers and will cautiously approach. I bark at strangers but do not charge. I'm sweet with my foster family and their friends. Once I get to know you, I frequently seek out affection and love to cuddle on the sofa if you invite me. I've not been around children in my foster home, though my foster mom thinks I would be fine with older children. I'm not well suited to small children due to the lameness in my leg (a small child may accidently pull or lay on it). I'd be okay with older children if they understand my disability and special needs.

Status with Dogs: I currently live with one female and one male Golden Retriever. I'm a confident female and sometimes get mildly fractious with the other female about who is top dog. I've met lots of other dogs, older and younger, male and female, and have gotten along with them all. I enjoy being part of the pack. I only wrestle and play a little bit, as my lame leg makes it challenging and so I bow out of wrestling matches quickly. I would do just fine as an only dog or with an older dog not really into wrestling.

Status with Cats: My foster family does not have cats, so we are unsure. However, I have a strong prey drive, and enjoy chasing squirrels, so I am likely not well suited to being around cats.

Favorite Toys: I love to chew bones like Nylabones and elk antlers. There are no plush toys in the house because the other dogs in my foster home destroy them.

Energy Level: Overall, medium/low energy except when I see a squirrel...then I run like the wind so watch out squirrel!

House Trained: Yes.

Crate Trained: Do not need it - not used in my foster home.

House Manners: Excellent house manners. Free roam and am not destructive. I have stayed alone for 5 hours and had no issues. I sleep in the bedroom on a dog bed. I get on/off the sofa by myself. I'm your velcro shadow and follow you room to room.

Storm Phobia: Not at all. Fireworks, gun fire and storms do not phase me. My temperament is solid.

Leash Manners: Needs work. I have minimal experience walking on leash. I'm a fast learner and can adapt quickly when using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Exercise:: I'm a young dog that benefits from short walks (due to my lame leg) and lots of yard time. My leg prevents me from hiking long distances or walking for long periods of time without resting. I'd be ideally suited to a large yard with a very secure fence, as I will definitely try and get out to chase critters or wander. If there is a hole in the fence, I will try to push through it. I do not play fetch. My foster home hasn’t taken me swimming yet, so that is an unknown.

Car Rides: I enjoy riding in the car and can get in/out by myself. I'm relaxed and well behaved while riding.

Basic Commands: Working on Sit, Down (Lie Down), Leave It, Here (recall), and No Bark. My recall is excellent unless I am spying a squirrel or deer, then I don’t listen.

Things I need in my forever home:
- An owner who understands that I have special needs due to my lame leg.
- A family with Great Pyrenees knowledge/experience who understands the unique characteristics and needs of flock guardian dogs - We are not big, white Golden Retrievers! For instance, I absolutely LOVE to be outside, surveying the yard. Being cooped up indoors most of the time would make me sad. Also, I have strong guard dog instincts in me that will alert you to random noises, strangers, etc. This is my "job" and I'm genetically predisposed to do so.
- I'm still quite young, so cannot be left more than 4-5 hours daily. Someone that works from home or works part time would be ideal.
- Given my loyalty, I'm the ideal companion for a single person or a couple. My foster mom thinks that a busy family with lots of coming and going may not be the best fit for me, as I need companionship and my laid back personality would not suit a high energy family.
- I would be okay in a home with other dogs. If there are other females, it would be better if they are more submissive, since I'm a confident female that leans dominant with other females. I'd also be great as the only dog where I can soak up all the attention.
- 6 foot, secure fence required as I enjoy the fun of lounging in a big, fenced backyard, perimeter checking and guarding my territory. My breed is prone to roam trying to expand territory so extra precautions must be in place that I don’t accidently wander off. Secure gate and minimum 6 foot on all parts of the fence is required.

So if you're seeking an amazing, calm and well behaved young beauty, I need a wonderful home! I need someone understanding about my lame leg, but as you will see in the attached videos, it really doesn’t hold me back. I climb stairs, get into and out of the car on my own, and run and play. My foster mom says I'm a polite and well mannered sweetheart who's easy to have around! Young, loving, laid back and loyal...yes, I'm AWESOME!!!

Luv, Ivy

Photos by Ivy's Foster Family Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots