Meet Hope!

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Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: almost 2 years old
Gender: female
Weight: 42 lbs
Altered: Yes

DARLING DOODLE SEEKING FUN, ACTIVE, SNUGGLY FAMILY TO LOVE! I'm Hope the beautiful F1b Goldendoodle and I'll charm my way into your heart! I'm almost 2 years old. My DOB is 11/14/16. I weigh 42 pounds. Every pound of me is full of sweetness! I'm really just a human with fur :-)

My family purchased me from a breeder as a tiny puppy, but had to surrender me when one of their human children became chronically ill. They knew they would not have the time for me that I needed. I'm having a blast with my foster family and furry foster brothers, but now it's time for me to find my forever family. Could it be you?

Personality Traits: I'm a happy, bouncy sweetheart that loves to snuggle and nuzzle my head into you for affection. More of a laid back Goldendoodle that, although active and playful, will settle down and chill out in my home. "Vecro shadow" that will follow you everywhere. I'll be your cuddle bug once I get to know you, but I have a bit of "stranger danger" and bark at strangers at first. Once I have a little time to warm up to you, I'm your friend for life. Speaking of barking....I'm quite vocal and tend to be a barker in general. Love to play with other dogs. Love children. Love toys.

Status with People:Love and adore my humans. I'm standoffish at first with strangers and will bark, but warm up quickly. Great with children. Have always lived with younger children. Love to play with my human foster brothers.

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs. Love to run, play, wrestle and "box" with my two furry foster brothers.

Status with Cats: My previous owner states that I'm good with cats, but AGN cannot confirm.

Favorite Toys:LOVE TOYS! Some of my favorites are chasing the ball; playing with Kongs and chewing on Nylabones.

Energy Level:Moderate overall. I get a lot of exercise as I'm running and playing most of the time with either my furry foster brothers or my human foster brothers. After all the fun, I love to snuggle on the couch.

House Trained:Yes

Crate Trained: Yes. I'm crated when my foster family is away, which is minimal as they're both home during the day. I'm crated at night, but would most likely be fine out of my crate at night.

House Manners:I'm good in the house. Occasionally counter surf if given the opportunity so don't leave tempting things on your counters. Once I chewed on a pillow. I'm still young, so puppy-proofing is a great idea.

Storm Phobia:No

Leash Manners:: I need some leash work. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key for going on walks to reduce pulling. I just need lots of practice so walk me often.

Exercise: I'm young, active and need significant daily exercise and playtime. I get a lot of exercise playing with my furry foster bothers, human foster brothers and my daily walks.

Car Rides:I enjoy riding in the car.

Basic Commands:Sit, Come, Dance

Special Needs: I have times of "submissive urination". If for any reason I'm fearful of your actions or think you might scold me, I will release a small amount of urine. It's critical that you do NOT scold me and only use positive reinforcement training methods with me. My foster family is working on this and hopefully it will stop in time once I fully trust that you will not be harsh with me. Also, let's talk grooming....I require significant grooming. I need to be brushed/combed out several times a week and will need to go to the groomers at least every 4-6 weeks. I also have some eye drainage so my eyes need to be wiped out each morning or anytime needed.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures.
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time as I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise, socialization and training. My socialization needs were not met in a working home before coming to AGN which is why I'm now fearful of strangers. AGN wants to make sure this does not happen again.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes recommended. This will help us bond and build our relationship and it so much fun. Agility would be great for me as I'm so fast and it would help build my confidence with strangers.
-Someone who'll continue to focus on my positive socialization with strangers. I need to associate strangers with positive experiences, like yummy treats from them when meeting.
-I love other dogs and would enjoy a doggy friend that will play with me.
- I'd be fine as an only dog if I get lots of socialization with other dogs through dog park fun, doggy play dates, etc. I really need interaction with other dogs on a regular basis to be happy and flourish.
-Children would be great as I love them and am gentle with them. I'm also a great playmate for children.

So, if you're looking for a great Goldendoodle who has lots of love to share, wonderful with dogs, cats and kids... look no further. If you're willing to keep working with me on socialization with strangers and positive training, I'm ready for the task and can't wait to start the journey with you. The pitter patter of my paws will follow you everywhere so that you'll never be lonely as we take on life's adventures together. I'm ready to be your best friend and lifelong companion if you have endless cuddles to share. I'm a true sweetheart who's ready for a lifetime of love with my forever family.

Luv, Hope

Photos by April Watson Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots