Meet Holly!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 12 weeks (DOB 10/6/17)
Weight: growing everyday!

Hi there! I'm the darling and fabulous Holly who will charm you with my sweetness and make you laugh at all of my silly puppy antics. I'm an approximately 12 week old Golden Retriever and as you can see am just adorable. My DOB is 10/6/17.

Everyone tells me that I'm quite the love bug and also a little ball of playful puppy energy. I'm a social butterfly that greets everyone with enthusiasm and love. I enjoy snuggling with you and my stuffy toy when I'm sleepy. I'm happy, bouncy and ready to play the moment I'm awake. I love everyone and everything. I'm a curious little girl who takes interest in everything around me. I'll be friends anyone who will play with me.

I'm perfecting my housetraining and crate training. I'm a very smart girl and learn quickly. I even know how to sit on command for a yummy treat and I come when you call me. I adore my stuffy toys and love to sleep on them. I play fetch like a champ and enjoy figuring out how to get treats out of toys. I have so much potential if you will work with me to maximize it.

The requirements for my adoption are specific since growing puppies require so much time and attention in order to become well mannered dogs. So, here we go:

1. Someone who is home often during the day because I eat three times a day and have to potty often

2. An active family who will give me lots of exercise as I grow older due to the high energy associated with young Golden mixes. Long daily walks to tire me out, weekend hikes, swimming, etc.

3. A family who is willing to do obedience training classes with me, starting with puppy class; advancing to basic obedience and as far as you'll continue with me. If you'll dedicate at least one full year of obedience training with me, you'll have a lifetime of a well mannered gentleman.

4. Older children as I have very sharp puppy teeth and my natural instinct is to chew on anything and everything, including fingers and toes. I do love children very much like every typical Golden!

5. A fenced in backyard so that I don't get lost when I'm out to potty; playing with the family or running and playing with a doggy friend

6. Optional is another dog in the family. As long as I have doggy friends and get socialization and training with other dogs, I would be happy as an only dog or with a doggy sibling. If I have a doggy sibling, it needs to be a dog that will be gentle with me and tolerate my silly and sometimes annoying puppy behaviors.

So, if you're looking for a great puppy to mold into a wonderful adult dog, I have the potential and foundation you're looking for. I'll bring you laughter, exhaustion, frustration and joy that you'll look back on when I get older and realize how fast it went by. I'd love to build a lifetime of memories with you. So if you're ready to take on the journey with me and have lots of stuffy toys for me to play with, I'll be waiting for you.

Luv, puppy Holly

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots