Meet Henry!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 1 year old
Gender: male
Weight: 59lbs
Altered: Yes

SWEETEST PUP IN THE WORLD! Hi, I'm Henry. I'm a bundle of shy, adorable sweetness with the most soulful eyes that will melt your heart. I'm an approximately 1 year old Golden mix. I weigh 59 pounds. There's something special about me that touches your heart and soul. It's like I have a story to tell each time I look at you. I long deeply to connect with you and once I do connect with you through trust...I'll love you with all my furry heart. To know me is to love me!

AGN volunteers rescued me from the shelter. I've been through a lot of sadness in my short life as the PTSD is evident. It's obvious that people have been unkind to me. I show it with the submissive fear in my eyes and cautious body posture. Only feel heartbroken for me for a moment because, although I have a sad past, the volunteers of AGN have saved me and my new life is starting. I'm experiencing love, happiness and fun for the first time. I'm slowing learning how to be a dog. It's just going to take love, kindness, time and patience for me to blossom into the awesome pup that I'm meant to be.

Personality Traits: : There are no words to describe how sweet I am and how I truly touch the lives of those who know me. Everyone falls in love with me. Their hearts fill with joy as they watch me learn to trust them and experience the love I share. Super shy at first, but you can see and feel me wanting to engage and trust. Then once I do...I become your "love bug" who adores and cherishes you. You then see a happy, loving pup who leans into you for all the love you can share. I even become playful and start radiating with happiness. You then have the very best friend and companion you can dream of! Very sweet natured and do not have an aggressive bone in my body.

Status with People:Shy of all new situations and strangers (especially men) at first. Takes me time to trust and you must be patient with me. Yummy treats typically are the trick. Gentle and sweet with all people once I know them. Love my humans very much. Will stand politely for petting with older children who are calm and gentle. Loud, sudden movements from anyone scare me.

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs! Get along with every dog I meet. A bit unsure at first and lean on the submissive side, but want to be friends. Don't want conflict with any dog or human. Most animated with other dogs and initiate play. Adore my furry foster siblings and we enjoy playing together. Enjoy gentle play, but can get overwhelmed with an overly assertive or dominant dog. Good with both genders.

Status with Cats: Fine with cats and co-exist nicely. The cat I've been exposed to is laid back and doesn't run.

Favorite Toys:: Learning to play with toys and "murder" stuffy toys. Rope toys are fun for me and I will pull one out of the toy box to play with. I'm a "chewy bone" kind of fella. Enjoy elk antlers, buffalo horns, nylabones and himalayan chews. No resource guarding, but will sometimes collect them on my bed and enjoy them. It's quite hilarious!

Energy Level:Moderate energy and enjoy the outdoors with you by my side. Enjoy lounging in the shade with my furry foster siblings while foster mom gets things done in the yard. As I gain confidence my energy level may increase since I'm so young.

House Trained:yes

Crate Trained:No, I do not need a crate if you puppy-proof. Free roam of most of the house without issue for short periods of time, but if the home is not puppy-proofed....I likely will get into something.

House Manners:Puppy proofing is key! Foster mom does a good job at puppy-proofing and does not leave tempting things on the counter as I will counter surf. I also once chewed the end of a feather filled dog bed. Guess what...yep, feathers, feathers and more feathers everywhere!

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: :Excellent on leash, especially for such a young age. Do not pull with my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness. Be alert though because if something scares me, I may try to run away so my collar and harness should always be secure.

Exercise:Get quite a bit of exercise walking, hiking and playing outside. A tired pup is a good pup so significant daily exercise is important for me. In time, this should help with my confidence building. Agility would be wonderful for me to build confidence and get exercise.

Car Rides:Good in the car and enjoy the ride as I just want to be where my person is.

Basic Commands:Sit, working on Down (Lie Down), work on Come and I know my name.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who understands that I'm a special "project" and is fully committed to the time, patience and love needed, along with confidence building and socialization. Simple things for some dogs need to be broken down and taught in small steps with me. The progress I've made is remarkable, but I'm a long-term work in progress as I continue to learn and blossom.
-Someone who believes in 100% positive reinforcement training. Any type of correction causes me to shut down in fear so I need gentle, positive training.
-Someone committed to focusing on my positive socialization. I need to associate the world with positive experiences. Someone who understands that I'm hesitant of new people and things and help me build confidence.
-Moderately active family that enjoys the outdoors and is committed to my daily exercise. I'm only 1 year old so significant exercise is needed.
-Calm household where random people are not in and out often. I need a "zen" type environment with a daily routine so I'm not fearful of what's coming next.
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time is best as I'm still learning each day. I can't continue to progress unless someone has the time to work with me on a daily basis. I need the human interaction.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes would be beneficial. This will help us bond and build our relationship...and it's so much fun. Agility would be great for me as it would help build my confidence with new things.
-I'd do best in a household with gentle, calm, older children or no children. I do well with children, but active children would scare me, especially with their friends coming and going.
-I need another nice, gentle and confident dog to serve as my mentor. One that will teach me to keep finding my inner puppy, play with me and guide me. That is the quickest way for me to learn. I'm a follower and learn by watching other dogs. Another dog will help me build confidence.

There's a whole new world ahead of me and all of it is new for me. I'm putting on my "brave britches" and putting the past behind...slowly letting go of the scary memories. The time, training and commitment you put into me can maximize my potential and make me into the wonderful dog that I'm meant to be. I'm a special project that's going to take time, love and nurturing. Are you ready to start the journey with me? We both will have a lot of work to do, but I know we can conquer this together. I have a lifetime ahead of me and I can't wait to find my forever family to create wonderful memories with. I want to show the world that I'm the true symbol of survival and hope!

Luv, Henry

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

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