Meet Greta!

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Breed: Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees (mix)
Age: 3 years old
Gender: female
Weight: 85lbs
Altered: Yes

Are you looking for a young beauty that is calm, easy going, polite, cuddly, cheerful and loyal? You hit the jackpot...I'm Greta and I'm that pup! Young and calm...that's rare so that means I'm extra special. My name means "pearl" which is perfect for me since I'm a beautiful creamy white color. I'm an approximately 3 year old Great Pyrenees and Retriever mix. I weigh approximately 85 pounds. I have the characteristics of both my breeds (leaning on the Pyr side), but I'm not a big, white Golden Retriever.

I was found by a Good Samaritan along the road side, likely I was dumped there after I had my litter of puppies or I wandered away (as Pyrenees are apt to do) and got lost. The kind person that found me already had several dogs and a newborn baby, so after no one claimed me, he contacted AGN for help. I'm currently enjoying life with my foster family and waiting for my "meant to be" special someone.

Personality Traits: : I'm one of the most docile dogs you'll ever meet. It's hard to believe I'm only 3 years old as I don’t get excited and animated often. Mellow, well behaved and poised. Blending the best of both the Pyrenees and Retriever breeds, I'm politely friendly with every stranger I meet, and much calmer than most Goldens. Enjoy affection but am not the "in your face" or "velcro" type. Lots of love to give but still learning how to be physically close. Recently snuggled up with foster mom for the first time. I climbed into her lap to snuggle...I might be a "lap dog" after all :-) Intelligent and watch foster mom for cues. Seem to understand what she's saying most of the time. And I even "talk" to her when I'm ready for me dinner. I'm the cutest thing ever when I "talk"! (See my video below)

Status with People:I'm good with all people. Friendly and mild, still/stoic overall, but not in a cold way. Sweet with my foster family and enjoy affection anytime it's offered, occasionally seek it out. Calm and well behaved around small children and the elderly. Gentle and polite with all people.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs and live with two male furry foster siblings, both my size. Dominant female who prefers to be the "girl in charge" of the pack. Best in a male dog home only as only one girl can be in! I like to run, play and wrestle with other dogs, but don't insist on playing all the time. Not a dog park kind of girl.

Status with Cats: Curious about the cat in my foster home. Follow the cat around, but don't chase as she's a laid back cat that doesn't run from me. If she did, I'd chase her, as I'm interested in chasing after squirrels and bunnies, or any other critter that may run.

Favorite Toys:: I have access to a variety of toys and don't play with most of them. Occasionally, I will play with a "ring" in the yard (see video of me on my back playing with it). Love to chew bones like Nylabones and elk antlers. Lie down with my dog friends and we chew on our "bones" side by side.

Energy Level:Overall, lower energy except when I see a squirrel or am playing with my dog buddies.

House Trained: yes

Crate Trained:Do not need it and do not like it - not used in my foster home.

House Manners:I'm the perfect lady. Excellent house manners. Free roam and not destructive. I don't get on the furniture and I don't have any interest in trying. Sleep in the bedroom on the floor or doggie bed. Sometimes I seek out a cooler spot in the hallway.

Storm Phobia: Not at all...neither fireworks or storms phase me. Can you believe that? Pretty amazing, right?!?

Leash Manners: : Great on leash using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness UNTIL I see another dog that is excited to meet me or barking at me. I will then pull strongly on the leash to meet that dog. I'm NOT SUITED to living in an urban or busy neighborhood where I'll meet lots of dogs on every walk. I'd become over-stimulated with passing a high volume of dogs which could result in "leash reactivity". Leash reactivity means I become excited, over-stimulated, territorial and then bark at other dogs who are reacting to me. Also pull strongly on the leash if I see a bunny or squirrel so you need to be prepared for that. Learning the command "Leave It" and making progress. I will need positive reinforcement management of this long term.

Exercise:Young dog who, although lower energy overall, is still active at times. Need a large, securely fenced yard to play in, "perimeter check" and "guard". Need lots of time to run and play outside. Get exercise in foster home by taking walks in areas where there are not a lot of dogs. Also, playing and romping with foster siblings in a large backyard. Do not enjoy swimming and do not play fetch.

Car Rides:Love to ride in the car. Love to sit and watch out the window for several minutes. Relaxed and well behaved while riding. Will snooze on a long ride. Great travel companion.

Basic Commands:Working on Sit, Shake, Down (Lie Down), Leave It, Here (Come Here)

Things I need in my forever home:
-A family with Great Pyrenees knowledge/experience who understands the unique characteristics and needs of flock guardian dogs - We are not big, white Golden Retrievers!
-Moderately active family that enjoys spending time outside in a fenced backyard and likes to exercise daily by taking walks and hikes. **Someone who will take the extra effort to walk me in locations where I will not encounter a lot of other dogs**
-A working home is fine as long as I have a doggie sibling.
-If no doggie sibling, I would need someone who doesn't work, works part time or works from home as I'm "pack" focused and used to companionship.
-Children would be fine as I'm gentle with them. I stayed with a 5 year old girl in a temporary foster home and did excellent with her. I'd be a good family dog, but an adult must walk me. I'm way too strong for children while on leash and I must have an experienced handler while walking.
-I'd be good with another dog as long as that dog is NOT dominant as I'm an alpha female and like to be in charge. I'm good with other dogs, but am the leader of the pack. Like to play with other dogs of both genders, but need a home with MALE dogs only.
-I'd be fine as an only dog where I can soak up all the love and attention as long as I get enough exercise and you're not gone long hours.
-A home that is not in an urban/city type area is needed. I would not do well in neighborhoods where homes are on "postage stamp" type lots. I need some room.... a suburban home with large yard or country setting with a fence.
-6 foot, secure fence REQUIRED. I enjoy the fun of playing in a big, fenced backyard with my dog friends, perimeter checking and guarding my territory. My breed is prone to roam trying to expand territory so extra precautions must be in place that I don’t accidently wander off. **A big, secure backyard is a must for me so I can fulfill my natural instincts to be happy**.

So if you're seeking a young, but calm and well behaved young beauty...I need a wonderful family! If you're okay with the fact that I'm sometimes overly excited if I see other dogs while on leash and you're completely committed to managing my leash reactivity so it doesn’t become an issue, I'm right here waiting to start my life with you! I'm working on my excitability when I see other dogs while walking, but it will be something that will be a long term project as it's natural for my breed. Using appropriate positive reinforcement management techniques is key. A big, secure backyard is a must for me so I can fulfill my natural instincts. Foster mom says I am very well behaved, sweet and easy to have around! My foster family adores me and so will you!

Luv, Greta

Photos by Mandy Garvin Photography and Greta's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots