Meet Granger!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 6 years
Gender: female
Weight: 68 lbs
Altered: Yes

Miss Personality Plus! Happy, Bouncy, Loving, "Talkative", Cuddle Bug! I'm the fabulous Granger. I'm a 6 year old female Golden Retriever. My DOB is 4/15/11. I weigh 68 pounds and every pound of me is pure sweetness! I act much younger than my age and I'm very agile. I'm active, playful and the ultimate family dog so get ready for lots of fun adventures with me by your side. And most of all I'm ready to snuggle anytime you are!

I had been with my family since a puppy and I was the responsibility of the teenager in the home. He became distracted and I was not getting the love and attention I needed, so the family surrendered me to the kind volunteers of AGN. I'm having a blast in my foster home with the ultimate foster family. They have several older kids and a dog for me to play with. There's always something fun to do. Foster mom says I'm her favorite AGN orphan so that makes me special! As much as I love them, I'm ready to find my true forever family.

Personality Traits: Super sweet and live to snuggle with someone; silly and goofy with quirky habits that will make you laugh; I'm "chatty" and will talk to you a lot - I'll "preach" at you when you come home because you've been gone too long (even if it's only been 10 minutes); I'll growl at my toys for not submitting and grumble in happiness when you rub my belly; I snore and am a couch hog and even enjoy hogging the couch more if you're curled up with me; I'm just an all around loving sweetheart who's funny, fun and a great family dog

Status with People: Great with all people; friendly and excited with vocal happiness when new friends come to the home then I settle down for belly rubs; love children and migrate to the teenagers in my foster home; friendly to everyone and typically like to "chat" with them for a bit

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs; love to play tug of war with my furry foster brother who's a Golden; neutral temperament

Status with Cats: Cats are a challenge for me - sometimes I'm fine with them, but other times I get overly focused on them in an unhealthy way and want to chase; I do have a prey drive and like to chase critters so some days I'm just up for chasing the cats in my foster home if there are no bunnies or squirrels around; I would do better in a home without cats as I'm just unpredictable with them

Favorite Toys: TOYS TOYS....I LOVE THEM ALL! And...I LOVE sticks! I'll fetch a ball or I'll fetch a stick, either is fun!

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall, but act much younger than my age; I can be quite active and playful outside with my dog friends and while playing fetch...and I LOVE to play fetch! And watch out if a squirrel runs by as I'll be hot on it's trail; I can also leap over couches...impressive, right?

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: : Yes and go right in, but I have free roam unless my foster parents are gone - I'm only crated when they are away because I might chase the cats

House Manners: Great manners in the house and not destructive; will sometimes leap over the couch in fun and excitement (I have dreams of being a champion agility dog!); typically snuggle up with someone at night or sleep on the couch; I'm all about cuddling up in bed with someone

Storm Phobia: None seen

Leash Manners: : Pull if not on my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness, but it works wonders

Exercise:Love my walks; get lots of exercise playing in the yard with my furry friends and playing ball; I also enjoy critter chasing - I will dig after those ground critters so pay attention to me if you do not want me digging as I will dig under a fence in no time - I mean there are lots of moles under the ground that I could have a blast chasing if I could dig them up

Car Rides:Good in the car so I'm ready for all adventures

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (lie down), Shake, Off

Special Needs:

I'm a picky eater; I'm thriving on my holistic kibble mixed with a small bit of holistic canned food; I don't like to eat dry kibble only...would you?

Things I need in my forever home:
-A fun family that enjoys snuggling up on the couch or in the bed with their Golden; loves the outdoors and laughs at my silly antics; someone looking for a great family dog to include in their daily activities, vacations, etc. - If you do not enjoy a Golden on your couch/bed who loves to snuggle up with you, then I'm NOT your dog! I'm a lovey, snuggly girl who hangs out on the couch a lot
-Moderately active family that likes to engage in daily exercise such as walks through the neighborhood and park, hikes through the trails, etc.; I enjoy being outside and doing fun things with the family so let's have some great adventures
-I've always been with another dog in the home, but I'd be fine as an only dog as long as you are home most of the time
-I'd be fine in a working home if I had another dog companion to hang out with during the day
-I really LOVE the teenagers in my foster home so I'd enjoy older children who would play with me and even let me sleep in their bed
-I will try to dig under a fence in a heartbeat after a critter that I see in the distance, so I must be monitored while outside or I'll dig out and get lost - and I can dig faster than you can imagine

So if you're looking for a great family dog who's one awesome Golden...sweet, loving, snuggly, fun, silly, "chatty" and playful...I'm your perfect Golden! If you enjoy fun adventures with your dog by your side, I'm ready to take on those adventures with you. If you have older children for me to play with and snuggle with, I'll be the happiest pup in the world! Everyone who meets me adores me and to be my foster family's favorite AGN orphan means I'm a very special girl! I'm here waiting for you!

Luv, Granger

Photos by Elaine Sears Photography and Granger's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots