Meet Gracie!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 11 years
Gender: female
Weight: 50lbs
Altered: Yes

Gentle, loving, sweetheart whose reserved elegance and charm will bring happiness to your life! Hi, I'm Gracie. I'm a graceful and beautiful Golden who is just at 11 years old. My DOB is 2/2/08. Don't let that fool you as I've got quite the pep in my step with a tail that goes a mile a minute in happiness. I'm a petite sweetheart at 50 pounds. You're heart will melt when you meet me. Everyone adores me!

I was surrendered to AGN by a breeder. I've lived in multiple breeding kennels throughout my life producing beautiful puppies. The breeder felt it was time for me to enjoy my "Golden years" in a loving home where I would know unconditional love and kindness. And oh I'm cherishing that love and kindness in my foster home. They treat me like a queen. I'm dreaming of the day that I can call a family my very own. Could it be you?

Personality Traits: : I'm just as sweet and kind as can be. A bit reserved with new things as I'm learning the world. I'm blossoming each day and becoming the Golden that I'm meant to be. Gentle, calm, low maintenance and happy. LOVE comfy, orthopedic dog beds to lounge on. Friendly with everyone and enjoy the simple things in life. I can "sing" when I hear's so funny to hear me howl. I "talk" a lot with cute growly noises when I first greet you in the morning. I'm an easy going, perfect companion to be by your side and cherish life together.

Status with People:I'm gentle and friendly with all people and love to be with my humans. I put my paw on you to let you know I'm there for petting. I might be a little shy at first with strangers, but soon will be your best friend. My foster mom is my BFF and I feel safe with her. Although I'm in a home with younger children, their sudden movements and loud noises can startle me.

Status with Dogs:I'm good with other dogs. Will put them in their place if they get up in my face and push me around. I've been a "mom" to many puppies so I give appropriate corrections when needed. Have two furry foster siblings. We all get along great. I've learned to play with one of's fun!

Status with Cats: Unknown, but I do chase critters in the yard. I likely wouldn't hurt even a flea, though.

Favorite Toys:: I haven't quite figured out toys, but I'm interested and learning. I've taken interest in a Kong. I've likely never had toys so all a part of learning new things.

Energy Level:Low, easy going and laid back overall with bursts of spunk and playfulness with my furry foster brother.

House Trained:Yes

Crate Trained:I don't need a crate as I'm perfect in the house with free roam.

Storm Phobia: None witnessed, but loud noises can make me nervous.

House Manners:Perfect lady with excellent house manners. I don't bother a thing. I LOVE orthopedic dog beds so lounge around on them all over the house, with the occasional nap on the sofa.

Leash Manners: Although I haven't exercised on leash much, I spend fun times outside with my foster family and furry foster siblings. I need daily walks to keep me healthy as I age. You know the saying...a body in motion stays in motion.

Exercise:I haven't walked much on a leash yet due to weather in my part of town, but I do well so far when on a leash. It's just something I need to do on a daily basis to get the hang of it.

Car Rides:I haven't ridden in the car much, but have done well when I have. Again, new things are a little scary at first, but the more I do them, the more comfortable I become. I just need to associate all things with fun. How about a trip to Starbuck's for a "pupachino"?

Basic Commands:Sit, Paw, Down (Lie Down)

Special Needs: Although I do not show signs of arthritis, I likely have mild arthritis due to my age so I'm on a glucosamine supplement. I can do stairs, but I do not go up the stairs in my foster home, but I do outside. It's likely that I just haven't figured out the inside stairs as they are new to me. Minimal stairs are advised as I age, so need a home where the master bedroom is on the main floor so I can sleep in the room with my family. Also, I'm a picky eater. I will not eat dry kibble alone so foster mom adds canned food in with my dry kibble. This will need to be continued.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately calm, laid back household to match my personality
-Someone that wants a gentle best friend...the ultimate companion to love on, read a book with on the patio on a beautiful day and take leisurely strolls with
-I'd do best in a home where you're not gone long hours. I thrive on human interaction and cherish affection
-I would be fine with another nice dog who does not get pushy with me. I do like to play gently with other dogs and can be quite spunky at times
-I would be fine as an only dog if you spend lots of time with me as I truly want to be your ultimate companion
-I would be fine with older children who are dog experienced and gentle with me. Loud, rambunctious children make me a bit nervous.
-Someone who is patient and kind who will understand that I'm learning new things in life and just need lots of positive encouragement and love

So if you are looking for a sweet, loving, gentle, calm, laid back Golden girl to enjoy life with, I'm your perfect companion! I'm one of those special dogs that settles into your life like I've always been a part of it and you can't imagine life without me. My precious, gentle spirit will bless your life. I have a heart full of love to share with you if you have lots of kindness and time to share with me! Let's make a lifetime of memories together!

Luv, Gracie

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots