Meet Gordie!

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Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 9 years
Weight: 71 lbs
Altered: Yes


TEDDY BEAR ALERT!!! You'll just want to snuggle me! Sweet, soulful, southern gentleman looking for a lifetime of love and kindness! I'll charm my way into your heart and light up your world with joy and happiness. I'm Gordie, an approximately 9 year old Golden Retriever mix that's a loveable teddy bear! I weigh 71 pounds.

I was found as a stray and the shelter staff was shocked that no one claimed me, as sweet as I am. I quickly became the shelter favorite and they contacted AGN to come and rescue me. I'm now being pampered like a king in my foster home, but ready to find my forever family.

Personality Traits: All around gentle sweetheart who is the typical loving Golden, velcro shadow, gentle, laid back, easy going and adore just being with my humans. Friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends. Want to please my humans and be loved. Super chill and not phased by hardly anything. Just happy!

Status with People:Love all people and gentle with children. Friendly and eager to greet everyone with my tail wagging. Just want to be loved.

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs I've met. Neutral in temperament. Welcoming to them if they visit my home.

Status with Cats: : Good with cats. Have two cat siblings. Don't chase them and not bothered by their silly kitty antics. Will "kiss" them and move on.

Favorite Toys: Not really into toys yet, but like my Kong toy stuffed with yummy treats like peanut butter, pumkin, etc.

Energy Level: Lower energy, laid back, super chill kind of fella, but love doing "zoomies". Napping, following you room to room, going for short walks, snuggling with you...that's my kind of happiness.

House Trained:Yes. When I needs to go out, I will either go to the back door and wait or will come up to you slightly trying to get your attention.

Crate Trained:No and not needed. I have free roam in the house.

House Manners:Wonderful manners in the house and not destructive in any way. Perfect gentleman and don't bother anything. I'm really as close to perfect as it gets. Enjoy snuggle time on the couch, but then might choose a cooler surface when I get hot. Same thing with my orthopedic dog bed...on and off based on the temperature.

Leaving the home routine: I do not have true separation anxiety as defined, but get a little anxious when you first leave. Foster mom uses a specific routine when they leave the home to keep it from developing. It's important that you follow it!!! Upon leaving, they give me a kong filled with peanut butter and then I'm happy as a clam without issue. If I don't have my kong, I'll stand at the door watching you leave, jumping up on the walls and doors scratching at them. Foster mom plays with her keys for a while before heading out, leaves the TV on for me, fills my kong up and leaves without it being a big deal. She makes leaving and going calm and non-exciting. This routine is perfect for me and MUST be continued as it works.

Exercise:I take short walks and they are important for me as I age. I'm not one for long walks and will stop and lie down, but multiple short walks are the key. I run "zoomies" in the home and yard, but I'm not yet as comfortable out on my walks.

Car Rides:My foster family has a truck so I need a boost up. Once in, I like to ride, but will come up front with you so I need a doggie seatbelt to secure me. I just want to be as close as possible to my humans.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately active family that likes to engage in daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, etc. I don't need someone who's going to push my limits, just gentle exercise.
-Someone who enjoys spending lots of time with their furbaby...I'm a "hang out with you" kind of fella that loves to just chill out and watch movies with you, lie beside you when you read a book on the patio, hang out with you while you garden, nap next to you while you work on your computer....and of course, roll in the grass (one of my favorites!)
-Because I crave human affection, I need someone who is home more often than not; someone who works part time; works from home or doesn't work, even someone who can take me to work with them. I just would not do well home alone for the day.
-I'd be fine as an only dog or good with a dog companion. If a dog companion, it should not be a young dog that pounces on me. I'd do best with a nice, gentle furry friend.
-I need orthopedic dog beds to protect my joints and bring me comfort when I nap and sleep.
-Children would be just fine as I'm gentle and do not jump, but I'm an older fella and children must be respectful of that
-Fine with stairs at this time, but should not have a home with lots of stairs as I age
-Need glucosamine supplements to keep my joints in good condition as I age

If you're looking for an "as close to perfect as it gets", super sweet, gentle, loving soul to make your family complete, look no further! You'll wonder how you spent a day without me in your life because I'll bring you so much love and joy. I'm a super chill, older Golden who wants nothing more in life that to be by your side, showing you unconditional love and getting snuggles from you. I'm an easy going love bug who makes each day a little more special just because I'm a part of it!

Luv, Gordie

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Gordie's foster mom Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots