Meet Dexter!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 1 year
Weight: 70lbs
Altered: Yes

Are you looking for a high energy, older puppy to be active with and have fun adventures with? Are you up for the silly antics and energy of an adolescent puppy? Happiest, high energy, playful, sweetheart that you can dream of! Hi, I'm Dexter. I'm full of joyful puppy exuberance and just waiting to be your best friend! I'm right at 1 year old. My DOB is 1/16/17. I weigh 70 pounds. I'm lean and fast as lightening and love to run like the wind!

I came to AGN because my family works long hours and didn't have time to invest the training and exercise in me that I need. I was crated too many hours. I needed someone with enough time and energy to commit to me as I'm an active older puppy. I'm having a blast with my foster family and especially with my best dog friend who visits who is a 6 month old ball of energy like me. Now I'm ready to start my life with my true forever family. So if you're ready for an energetic youngster to keep you on your on!

Personality Traits: Sweetheart of a pup who is loving, very energetic and fun; super smart with major potential if training is maximized; would be a great agility or fly ball dog or anything fun and active; social and friendly with everyone; eager to please; still puppy mouthy and jumpy; even temperament with lovely personality

Status with People: Social; Likes all people and children, but too much of a high energy pup for young children; loves affection and a typical Golden velcro shadow

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and loves to play; has been with multiple furry foster siblings of both genders; currently my best buddy and playmate is a 6 month old foster pup who visits often; was just introduced to the dog park and once I figured it out, found it to be great fun; I like to run like the wind with other dogs in a game of chase

Status with Cats: cats unknown

Favorite Toys: Enjoy squeaky toys, chew bones and balls to fetch; working on my retrieving skills...and LOVE to play with socks, even when they're on your feet or in the laundry basket

Energy Level: Very high energy and in constant puppy motion; very active and energetic outside with other dogs; without a high level of exercise and playtime, my energy level will increase and you will go crazy so LOTS of exercise and positive training is key for me

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes, but not the biggest fan of my crate as I was over-crated in my previous home; without the crate, I will chew on things when you're gone so it's highly recommended during puppyhood; do best when given a Kong with peanut butter to go in

House Manners: I'm a typical high energy older puppy with the tendency to chew on things when you're not watching me, I'm alone, have pent up energy or bored; Still puppy mouthy and jumpy; MUST get enough exercise to keep from becoming bored and destructive; still does silly puppy things like stealing clothes, putting my mouth on everything to check it out (but I'm learning to trade for treats), occasionally "murdering" toys, etc. All part of being an older puppy as I'm still just a baby at heart and just learning boundaries

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: I'm a puller and excited to go, go, go; I bounce in happiness on my leash; need positive reinforcement training and my Walk Your Dog With Love harness is a must to decrease pulling; the more we walk the better I will get

Exercise:Older pup with LOTS of high energy so must get significant daily exercise and playtime; enjoys power walking/jogging, hiking and swimming; runs and playing with other dogs

Car Rides: Good in the car, but need work on getting in the car; I just need more practice getting in and out

Basic Commands: Sit, Off and working on Come; very eager to please and food motivated; have major potential with formal positive reinforcement obedience training

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who wants and understands a high energy, older puppy and all the fun and frustration that comes with it
-Very active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of power walks/runs, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures; would be a great running partner, agility dog, fly ball, etc.; If you only walk 2-3 miles a day, I'm too much of an energetic puppy for you; I need a family that loves exercise and fun outdoor activities and wants a doggy companion by their side
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time because I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training
-Training Requirement: Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED - this will help us bond and build our relationship and it's so much fun
-MUST HAVE a young, active dog that will run and play with me as I love to play with other dogs
-No townhomes/condos as a fence is required

So if you're active, enjoy exercise and are looking for a great companion who's an energetic older pup and everything that comes with it, you won't find a sweeter more fun, happy dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love....and lots of toys and balls to endlessly play with. I'm a lot of work and energy, but if you invest the time, exercise and training into me that I need, you will get a lifetime of an incredible Golden.

Luv, Dexter

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots